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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ACTIVE LISTENINGAttentiveness Can Turn Into Vocation (Ear 'Lent' In Silence), Therapist Ensures Noninterruption Into Narrative Gabbling Tony McCoy O'Grady (who has no idea was "active listening' is, but assumes it is Jargon from Psychotherapists)
APROPOSA Pertinent Response Or, Perhaps, Opening Statement Tony McCoy O'Grady
A QUESTIONAngela Quite Usually Enquires, "Support This Idea, Or Not?" Angela Brett, as the subject of an email asking whether to implement an idea in the ALTSCAPE software.
ASKAquire Some Knowledge Bruce Siegel -- apronym came to me in a dream - really
BEEBBig 'Eaded Establishment Broadcaster Mick Bridgstock, referring to the BBC
BENBoings Evoke Newstime Tony McCoy O'Grady (Big Ben's chimes are used for the introduction to a UK TV news bulletin)
BRIEFSBasic Requirement Is Explanation For Solicitor Tony McCoy O'Grady
BYLINEBy Your Leave I Need Exposure! Rico Leffanta
CABIRCells Affected By Internet Rage Sean Lamb (Cabir is the name of the first worm to infect cell phones)
CABIR (2)Creating Another Bluetooth Infection Readily Sean Lamb (Cabir is the name of the first worm to infect cell phones via their bluetooth capabilities)
CALLING TREECommunication Ala Land Line In Necessary Goings To Reach Everyone Eventually Jan Morgan -- many organizations use this system so one person doesn't have to make 50 or so phone calls
CAROLINECreated A Radio Offshore, Living In Nautical Environment Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Radio Caroline, a 1960s pirate radio station based off the coast of England and the forerunner of modern rock stations
CELL PHONECarrying Enables Listening Luxury, Please Have One Near Ears Jan Morgan
CELL SITEChildren Exhibit Lack-Lustre Scores In Their Exams Steve Keate, thinking about the effect of cell sites being near schools.
CENSORSHIPCan Expect No Submissions On Rude Subjects Have Immediate Placement Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
CHEERSConvivial Host Enjoys EverybodyĆ­s Rousing Salutation Tony McCoy O'Grady
CHRISTMAS HAMPERSCustomer Hasn't Received IPod! Says The Mail Authority: Scheduled Hampers Are Making Parcels Evaporate. Retrieval Soon." Angela Brett, because Christmas HAMPERS the delivery of her iPod. (said hampers are coming from a company which allows people to overpay for the hamper over the year and then receive it around Christmas time, so it was a scheduled influx of hamper deliveries.)
Time:Special Occasions:Christmas
CODE (2)Confusingly Ordered Diatribe, Enigma Gavin Lambert
CODE (3)Condensation Of Data. Extraction Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
CODER(Condenser Of Data) = (Expert - Recorder) Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
COHERENT (2)Consistently Orderly, He Evinces Rationally Expressed Neat Thinking Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Thoughts
COMMUNICATEConveying One's Meaning - Maybe Using Notepaper - Is Considered A Talent, Evidently Tony McCoy O'Grady
CRICKETCellular Reasons/Restrictions In Connecting Kinfolk, Excessive Talk Jan Morgan - name of cheap but frequently dropped calls cell phone company
CURSEDCompletely Uncouth Ruffian Swore, Execrating Deity! TMcCO'G
CUSSCreatively Utter Some Sw**rw*rds Tony McCoy O'Grady
CUSS (2)Can't Understand Such Swearing Angela Brett
DECADICDials Elegantly Click - Actually Digital, If Countermodern Jeff Anonymous, referring to pulse telephone dialing, a digital system, and the rotary dial phones that implement it. I keep a Western Electric 500-type rotary phone next to my iBook to remind me that while newer isn't always better, elegance is timeless. Or more practically, it doesn't fall off the desk.
DIAGRAMDrawings (Incorporating Artistic Graphs?) Reinforce Article's Message Tony McCoy O'Grady
DO NOT YELLDearest One, No-One Thinks You Endearing, Less Loud! Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Advice
ECHO (3)Enough! Content Heard Overmuch Gavin Lambert, when BIAS (2) was mentioned twice in THE ACRONYM TIMES
EMERSONEnjoy Massachusetts Education Regarding Science Of Notification Angela Brett (according to Emerson College is the USA's only four-year college devoted exclusively to the study of communication and performing arts)
FASTPHONEFunds Are Speedily Transferred, Particularly Handy On Near-Empty. Angela Brett, who often uses her bank's Fastphone service to transfer funds from her savings account to her EFTPOS one.
FAXForward A Xerograph Tony McCoy O'Grady
FIATFascist Is A Tyrant Tony McCoy O'Grady - "fiat" is Latin for "let it be done" and means a formal or solemn command (Star-Trek-speak is "make it so"!)
FILES (2)Frequently Issued Letters Ensure Satiation. Tony McCoy O'Grady
FINE!Fine! In Next Encounter ...! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
FLAMESForum Language And Manners Explode Spectaucularly Sean Lamb (who tries to stay out of 'net flame wars)
FLIRTINGFeel Like I'm Ready To Investigate New Guys/Girls Angela Brett, while pondering the difference between flirting and ordinary conversation.
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
FLYERFrightful "Literature" You Eternally Refuse TMcCO'G referring to the handbills handed out on streets to passers-by
FORAFriendly Objection: Really "A" Jeff Anonymous, who prefers the term 'fora' to 'forums'
GET A DANG PDAGreatly Expand Technological Abilities; Disregard Ancient Newtons' Greatness, Palms Do Admirably. Jeff Anonymous, after MISSING MOBILE PHONE - MY LIFE'S RUINED, explaining: Then it'll be harder to lose your phone book. With all due respect to the Newton, I seem to recall you having a USB Mac and I understand adapters can be a bit messy, especially with OS X. My Palm Tungsten C is pretty good; a bit pricey, but they make ones that are more economical, without Wi-Fi and whatnot.
GOSSIPGabbling Openly, Some Spicy Information's Passed Tony McCoy O'Grady
HAMPERSHinder[s] Angela's MP3 Player's Expected Reception Speed Angela Brett, several days after her IPOD was supposed to arrive, on finding out that due to an influx of CHRISTMAS HAMPERS some smaller packages are getting lost.
Time:Special Occasions:Christmas
HEARINGHearing: Environment Aurally Receive / Interpret Navigate Grasp Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
HELP DESKHasn't Even Learnt Primary Data Everyone Should Know Angela Brett (see also HELPDESK)
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
HELPDESK (2)Has Everyone Left Phone Department? Emergency Service's Kiboshed Tony McCoy O'Grady
HOMOGRAPHYHelpful Orthographic Method - One Graphical Representation And Phoneme Homogeneously Yoked Angela Brett, who doesn't think Homogeneously is the best word for it.
IDEAInformation Does Electronically Advance. Angela Brett, after she'd said something about throwing ideas around and Tony replied 'I can't throw an idea out the hall door, never mind as far as New Zealand!'
People & Relationships:Thoughts
I DISAPROVEIts Disastress Incorect Speling, A Por Riter Ofers Vulger Elision Angela Brett (see APROVE)
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
IF ONLY YOU'D KEPT THE CONTACT DETAILS ON YOUR MAC AND USED ISYNC TO COPY THEM TO THE PHONE.It's Fortunate On New Links You Yuppies Only Use Desktop's Keyboard Entering People's Telephones To Have Everywhere -- Clie Or Nokia, They All Can Take Down (Electronically) Telephone/ Address Information. Lost Something? Only Need Your Other (Unaffected) Repository, Make A Copy And No Data's Unavailable. Synchronising Every Day Is Superfluous, Your Numerous Contacts' Telephones Only Change Once Per Year (That's Horrible Estimate, Maybe Their Own Treasured Handhelds Escaped!) Personal Humble Opinion: Not Essential. Angela Brett (who has been without a mobile phone for the past few years and hasn't missed it) in response to MISSING MOBILE PHONE - MY LIFE'S RUINED. An alternative to 'Clie Or Nokia' would be 'Cellphone or Notebook'.
INFORMATIONI'm Not Fond Of Reading Magazines About The Importance Of Nailcare. Angela Brett
INQUISITIONI Never Quite Understood It... So Is This It, Or Not? Angela Brett
ITALICSIndolent's Typographical Additive Littering Immeasurable Current Sentences Kenneth T. Davis -- giving back to an application I love -- no, distraction from present writing project
JOURNALISTJust One Unusual Reporter, News Announces Latest Incidents, Sharing Tales Jan Morgan
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
LATE BREAKING NEWSLook At This Emerging Bulletin Relating Events And Keeping Interesting Narration Going - National Events, Worldwide Stories TMcCO'G
LEADERLarge Editorial Arousing Deep Empathetic Responses Tony McCoy O'Grady
LETTERLittle Envelope Tries To Elicit Reading Tony McCoy O'Grady
LOGOLet Our Gays Observe! Logo, debuting in june 2005, was the first ever gay cable network
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:LGBTQIA
MAILMessages And Interesting Letters Edwin Hermann
MAIL (2)Maze Allocating Individual Letters Rico Leffanta
MESSAGEMainly Excessive Silly Stories About Ghastly Events Jon Barker
MESSENGERMy Errand's Successful Since Employee Never Goes Erring Route TMcCO'G
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
MISQUOTEMost Idiots Seldom Question Understanding Of The Eclipse Rico Leffanta
MISREADINGMaybe I Should Reread Everything, As Different Interpretations Never Gel. Tony McCoy O'Grady
MISSING MOBILE PHONE - MY LIFE'S RUINEDMan I'm Suddenly Speechless - It's Not Good. My Only Beloved Is Lost. Each Person's Home/ Office Numbers Escapes Me. Yet Loss Is Finite, Everything's (Slowly) Replaceable. Usefully Insured, New Equipment's Delivered Toneless Tony -- I have been at a great loss since last Thursday when my mobile phone went missing.
MORSE CODEMessages, Orders? Really Short Encoding, Common Organisation, Decryption Easy Gavin Lambert
NEWSNational Events, World Stories Angela Brett
NICETIESNot Interesting Comments, Essentially They're Insignificant, Empty Smalltalk. Angela Brett
NOKIA PHONENext Of Kin Is Alerted Promptly, Hearing Over Network Ethereal. Angela Brett
NOTATIONNun Of The Above Tests Idiotic Observations Neurotically Rico Leffanta, who explains: To pass exams, Americans don't need to know the subject, just randomly choose between A, B, C, D, or None of the above. Nun of the Above is my jeu des mots for "Lady Luck". A notation is representative signs or symbols.
PENPaper-Embellishing Nib Angela Brett
Household Objects
PENCILPlease Erase Non-Correct Illustrations/ Letters Angela Brett
Household Objects
PENCIL (2)Prudish Euphemistic Name Concerns Its Lead Patricia Rix
Household Objects
PENCIL (3)People Enjoy Nice Colours In 'Leads' Tony McCoy O'Grady
Household Objects
PENCIL (4)Printing Enabled. Notable Contribution Is Lead! Roger Williams
Household Objects
PENCIL (5)Plumbus's Excluded, Now Carbon's In Lieu Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to PENCIL (4). Pencils have never, ever contained lead. Carbon in the form of graphite has been misnamed for ages. (See PEDANTRY for a correction.)
Household Objects
PHILATELISTPerson Hoarding Interesting Letter Adornments To Examine & Lookup In Stamp Tomes Angela Brett
People & Relationships
PHOTONParticle Helps One Talk Over Networks Tony McCoy O'Grady - who sincerely hopes that photons operate in fiber-optics
PLUME (2)Pen Lacking Usual Metallic Element Patricia Rix
POSTAL SERVICEPeople Offering Service Transmitting All Letters Swiftly, Ensuring Registered Valuable Item's Carried Efficiently Tony McCoy O'Grady
POSTMAN (2)Parcel Operative - Scrunches The Mail Ad Nauseam Tony McCoy O'Grady, describing his POSTMAN as being somewhat different from Angela's.
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
POST OFFICEPurchase One's Stamps There, Or Forward 'Freight' In Cardboared Envelopes TMcCO'G
PRESSPublications Reporting Everyday Stories Sensationally Rico Leffanta
PROPOSALPaper Relating One's Purpose, Or Strategy, At Length Tony McCoy O'Grady
PROPOSALSPeople Readily Offer Personal Opinions Solving A Locked Situation Tony McCoy O'Grady
QUOTEQuotation Used On Thy Email Tony McCoy O'Grady
QYQuestioning You Jan Morgan (QY usually means 'query')
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
RADIORanting About Deity Is Omnipresent Angela Brett, while on a long car trip when her brother pointed out that the only radio station you can rely on getting just about everywhere in the country is a religious station.
RADIO (2)Relayed Across Distances - It's Omnipresent. Tony McCoy O'Grady
RADIO (3)Receives And Decodes Inaudible Oscillations Edwin Hermann
RADIO NEWSRegular Audio Dispatches Interrupt Other Noisy Entertainment With Stories. Angela Brett
RAMBLINGRanting About Marginally Bearable Little Insights - Nothing Great. Angela Brett, who is an expert on rambling.
RANSOM NOTEReally Awful Notice. Statement Of Malice. Not Often Tackled Easily. Eric Bridgstock
People & Relationships:Law & Order
RANTSRead As Notes To Self Angela Brett, as many rants are more like outlets for the ranters feelings with little thought of the person being ranted at.
RECAPRepeated Explanation Clarifies A Point. Angela Brett
RECORDS (2)Remarkable Events Contained On Registered Data System Tony McCoy O'Grady
REPORTSRegular Evaluation Procedure Often Reveals Torporific Staff Angela Brett
People & Relationships:The Workforce
REPORTS (2)Records Exhibiting Progress Of Regulars Towards "Satisfactory" Patricia Rix
REPORTS (3)Regular Evening Profiles On Regional Television Service Tony McCoy O'Grady
Entertainment:TV shows
RSVPReply Soon Via Phone/Post Angela Brett (RSVP usually stands for Respondez S'il Vous Plait)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
RSVP (2)Replying Seems Very Polite Tony McCoy O'Grady (see RSVP)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
RUBBISHRepeatedly Uttering 'Blah Blah' Is So Humdrum. Angela Brett
SAIDSmart Arses Inferiority Disorder John Richard Jones This is for those who can only say negative things against you but have no grounds for it. If it can only be said, then it has to be SAID.
People & Relationships:Abuse
SARCASTICSometimes Ambiguous Reverse Comments Aren't Sensed, Triggering Incorrect Conclusion. Angela Brett
Assorted Adjectives
SARCASTIC (2)Should Always Remain Calm - Anything Said's Tongue-In-Cheek. Angela Brett
Assorted Adjectives
SARCASTIC (3)Saying A Rude, Cutting And Silly Thing, In 'Comedy' Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Adjectives
SASSSibling's Argument; Snippy Speech Roger Williams
SEARCHSeek Every Available Resource Checking Hits Tony McCoy O'Grady
SILENCESomehow It's Like Expensive, Nicely-Coloured Element. Angela Brett
SOAP (2)Stand On A Platform Angela Brett, thinking of a soapbox but too lazy to think of an x word.
SQUABBLESome Quarrel Usually About Boys Being Loved Elsewhere Rico Leffanta
STAMPSend This Air-Mail Please. Angela Brett
STAMP (2)Shipping Trade Attracts Most Philatelists. Angela Brett
STDSee Telephone Directory Angela Brett (STD usually stands for Subscriber Trunk Dialling)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
STIPULATE (2)Sincerely, That Is Promised; Upholding Literally All Terms Expressed. Roger Williams
SUCCINTShort / Unadorned / Compact Communication! Informative, Not Talkative/Tedious! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
Assorted Adjectives
SURRENDERSay Uncle Really Rapidly, Else No Deal's Ever Reached Patricia Rix
TO THE ATTENTION OFTo Open This Heed Exact Address - Then Try Ensuring Next Toucher Is One Named Only - Finished Tony McCoy O'Grady, who thinks the person who sought this may have been looking for "For the atten..."
TIPS (3)This Is Practically Secret Patricia Rix (referring to 'tips' one might get at the racetrack, or about the stock market)
TIPSThey Indicate Potential Savings Angela Brett
TIP (2)The Insider: "Psssst..." Angela Brett
TIPThis Information's Pertinent Angela Brett
THUNDER (5)Top: Holdup Unwanted New Discoveries! Exit Reason! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
THUNDER (4)Truth: Hold Uplift New Decisive Elevating Revelation! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
THOUGHTS TO PAPERTo Hand On Unusually Good Headwork To Subordinates Type Out Paragraphs Aptly. Practice Eschewing Repetition Tony McCoy O'Grady
THE TITLEThe Handling Element That Intrinsicly, Tersely, Laughlingly Encapsulates. Tony McCoy O'Grady, during a discussion of the title of this stack.
THANK YOU!True, Hearty Appreciation Now! Kindness You Offer: Unexpected! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. THANK YOU! Angela Brett for both of your VERY ENCOURAGING e-mails. THANK YOU! to all of the APRONYMISTS who continually engage my mind in new, unexpected ways.
TESTIMONYTrue Emotional Strong Testimony, In My Own Notions, Yearning Jan Morgan - our feelings of what we know and believe to be true in our own eyes and the hope of it
TELLING LIESTo Every Lying Liar, It's Not Generating Lies, It's Exaggerating Stories Sean Lamb
TELEPHONE (3)Talk Endlessly, Leisurely, Enjoying Personal Hobnobbing Over Neverending Expanses Roger Williams
TELEPHONETalk Endlessly, Letting Every Private Home On Network Eavesdrop Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking of the 'party line' telephones of days gone by.
TELEGRAPHThin Electric Lines Encircling Globe. Relays And Poles Help. Tony McCoy O'Grady
TELECASTERTelevision's Earliest Linkmen Established "Celebrity" Announcing Sports' Teams Endeavours & Results TMcCO'G
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
Sports & Recreation
TALL STORYTelling A Little Lie Sometimes To Ornament Rich Yarn Tony McCoy O'Grady
VERBOSEVocal Exercises Replacing Burning Off Sexual Energy Rico Leffanta
VODAFONEVoice Or Data Apparently Fry Owners' Neurons Eventually. Angela Brett (Vodafone is a cellphone network)
WHATEVERWe Hear All That's Expressed - Valiantly Eschewing Reasoning Tony McCoy O'Grady - many people with a closed mind will say "whatever" to end a discussion they are bored with.
WRITEWrite Right! Inscribe Talents! Endure! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
Art & Literature
WRITINGWithout Reading Instruction, This Is No Good. Angela Brett
Art & Literature
WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONWe Read It Thoroughly, Then Enscribe Notes Commenting On Material. Markers Usually Notice Incoherence... Complete Assignments To Inevitably Obtain Notability. Angela Brett
WROTEWords Relayed Orthographically To Endure Tony McCoy O'Grady
Art & Literature
YARNYou Are Really Nice! Rico Leffanta
YOUR IDEAS ON PAPERYuck... Old, Useless Rubbish... It Doesn't Even Allow Searching. One Needn't Print A Perfect Electronic Record. Angela Brett, expressing her ideas on paper in response to an unsuccessful search term.
ZIP CODEZilch If Postal Code Omitted - Dead End! Patricia Rix
TV NEWSTo View Notable Events, Watch Screen. Angela Brett