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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
FAGFrequently After Guys Edwin Hermann
FAG (2)Few Aren't Gay Edwin Hermann
FAGGOTFellows Are Gay? Good On Them! Angela Brett
GAY Got Aids Yet? mark a.k.a. (dad)
GAY MENGot Anagram? Yes, Mangey (Erroneous Naming)! Robert Anonymous
GAYSGenes Alter Your Sexuality? Angela Brett
GAYS (2)Gender Aside, You're Sexy! Angela Brett
HOMOSEXUALSHump Other Men Only, So Eschewing XX. Unusual, Although (Lately) Sanctioned. Angela Brett
LOGOLet Our Gays Observe! Logo, debuting in june 2005, was the first ever gay cable network
QUEER (2)Quite Under-Estimated, Efficacious Race Robert Anonymous
ROBERT (5)Regularly Ogles Boys (Evaluating Repressed Thoughts!) Robert Anonymous, (you can imagine what might have inspired this apronym)
SILLY QUEENStereotypes, I Loathe. Love Your Queers, (Understand?) Exterminate Evil Names. Robert Anonymous, written on Day of Silence, 2005
STRAIGHTSexual Targeting's Repulsive, And I Genuinely Hate This! Tony McCoy O'Grady
THAT IS SO GAY!Two Homos, Attracted, They Instantly Smooch, Share Other Great Abilities. Yummy! Robert Anonymous
WEDDING (3)Witness Eternal Dreamlike Devotion. Important: No Gays! Robert Anonymous
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