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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ALASKA (3)Audacious Lawlessness Allowed Spurious Klondike Acquisitions Roger Williams
Places:States & Regions
AMERICA (2)Aha, My Expedition's Reached India, Columbus Averred Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions
BOSTONBay Of Spilt Tea - Oh No! Angela Brett
Places:Towns & Cities:USA
BUCCANEERBoyos Using Cutlasses Clambered Aboard Naval Expedition, Everything's Ransacked TMcCO'G
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
BYZANTIUMBooming Yesteryear Zone - And Now Termed Istanbul Under Musselmen Tony McCoy O'Grady
CATHERINECunning And Thoroughly Horrid & Evil - Russia's Infamous Nightmare Empress Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people:Politicians
Names:First names:Female
CAVALIERCharles' Allies Victorious Against Loathsome Illicit Emergent Roundheads TMcCO'G
DEDICATEDDescribes Edifice, Declaring It Called After The Exalted Dead Tony McCoy O'Grady - thinking of buildings which are named - or renamed - in honour of national heroes/heroines
GALLEONSGreat Armada Lost Lives Entering One Nasty Storm Tony McCoy O'Grady (The Spanish Armada was defeated as much by the weather as by the British Navy)
GEORGE WASHINGTON (2)George Eventually Overthrew "Royal George". Everyone Wanted A Similar Hierarchy In National Government. "That's Over! Nevermore!" Roger Williams -- George Washington was highly instrumental in the success of the American Revolution. After victory, he was hailed as 'King George' and refused the title.
Names:Famous people:Politicians
GETTYSBURGGained Edge To Triumph Yesterday's Situation/Slavery, Battled Union's Resolute Goal Jan Morgan
Places:Towns & Cities
HAUNS MILLHere Attacked, Underhanded Needless Slaughter, Massacre Is Landmark Location Jan Morgan -- Horrible incident happened in Missouri in the 1800's
HISTORYHow It Seemed To Our Rulers Yesteryear! Tony McCoy O'Grady
IBERIAIn Between European Regimes Invading Africa Rico Leffanta
JOAN OF ARCJuvenile Orders Army North Of France And Reaps Combustion Rico Leffanta
Names:Famous people
LOUISIANALong's Organization Used Impropriety, Shadiness In Administering Nefarious Activities. Roger Williams -- Refers to Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana from 1928 until his assassination in 1932.
Places:States & Regions
LUDDITELet Us Destroy Damned Industrial Technology Everywhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
MARCOMade A Route - Chinawards - Overland Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people
MAYAMiddle Americans, Years Ago TMcCO'G
People & Relationships:Nationalities & Races
MEDIEVALMany Existed Dreadfully In European Villages - Abject & Low TMcCO'G
MILES (3)Marching Imperial Legions Established Standard! Tony McCoy O'Grady - The mile as a unit of length is of Roman military origin, being 1000 paces (a double step.... counting 1 every time the right foot hit the ground)
NUTS!Not Undertaking This Surrender! Roger Williams - Gen. Anthony McAuliffe (101st Airborne Division) replied "Nuts" to a German surrender demand during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.
PEACE IN OUR TIMEPathetic Englishman's Airport Claim. Evil Intentioned Nazis Obviously Unreliable. Resulting Turmoil Involved Millions Exterminated Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Thoughts:Misconceptions
PLYMOUTHPilgrims Left Your Moorings - Opposed Unto The Heirarchy Tony McCoy O'Grady
Places:Towns & Cities:USA
PRIVATEERPiratical Robbery In Vast Atlantic Tracts Enriched Elizabeth's Realm TMcCO'G - Privateers were often English ships which robbed Spanish ships returning to Spain with riches taken from the Americas and 'donating' portions of the booty to the Exchequer.
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
RECORDS (2)Remarkable Events Contained On Registered Data System Tony McCoy O'Grady
ROMULUSRome's Original Monarch, Usurped Leadership Using Slyness Robert Anonymous, inspired by four years of study of the latin language. Romulus was Rome's first king who killed his twin brother Remus in order to gain power (hence the usurped leadership using slyness...)
ROSETTARare Old Stone Excavation Tutored Talented Archeologists Tony McCoy O'Grady - the Rosetta Stone helped people to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics
ROUNDHEADRebels (Oliver's) Under New Direction, Heartily Eviscerated Aristocratic Domination Robert Anonymous -- The Roundheads were the name given to the side of the English Civil war that opposed the king, lead by Oliver Cromwell
Military:War & Terrorism
RUBICONRiver (Utmost Boundary) Its Crossing Opened Nastiness. Tony McCoy O'Grady
SHOGUNSupreme Hereditary Overlord Governed Uncountable Nipponese. Tony McCoy O'Grady
SIEG HEILSalute Important Eminent German, His Evil Is Legendary Tony McCoy O'Grady
Science:Linguistics:German Words
TITANIC (2)Total Indifference Triggered A Needless Iceberg Collision. Roger Williams
People & Relationships:Disaster
TITANICThe Iceberg That, Amazingly, Nudged Into Cruiser. Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Disaster
TINTERN ABBEYTragedy Involves Nobles, Tem Eruption Retaliates Noxiously, Annihilates, Bitter Babies Explosions, Yesterday Jan Morgan - refering to King Henry the 8th's destructive rampage of terror
VALLEY FORGEVolunteer Army Languished Lamentably, Elements. Yes Famished Order's Reorganization Guarded Emcampment Jan Morgan
WATERLOOWhen A Tyrant's Ended Revolution, Loses Over Onslaught Robert Anonymous Waterloo was the name of the battle in which Napoleon was defeated. Napoleon was a self declared emperor who had restored stability to France after the French revolution.
Military:War & Terrorism
TREKTravels Retro Event Knowledgeably Jan Morgan -- referring to the pioneer trek and recreations of it