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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ALAS!Advantage Lost! Abashed! Surprise! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
APLENTYA Plethora; Loads; Excesses Not Tested Yet Rob Rix
BITE MEBlonde's Invited To Eat My Epidermis Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Phrases
BUMMERBig Unpleasantness Makes Me Extremely Regretful Lawrence D'Oliveiro
DEFAULTDesigner Encapsulated 'Favourite' As Usual Look / Theme Tony McCoy O'Grady who feels that not all default settings are the most logical, therefore they are probably the favourite of the makers
DROWSYDozily Reposed On Waking, Stretched, Yawned. Angela Brett
EACH (2)Every Available Choice Heard Jan Morgan
ET CETERAEchoing Thoughts Create Endless, Termless Expressions, Repeating Aimlessly Melanie Merswolke
HEREWITHHave Eventuated Resulting Enclosure Which I Tender Hopefully Tony McCoy O'Grady
HUHHardly Understood Her Angela Brett
INCREASINGIs Not Contained Really Easily As Size Is Now Growing Tony McCoy O'Grady
IS (2)Inexplicably So Jeff Anonymous, when he capitalised IS in 'This one IS Tony'.
KRISTINEKnows Reading Is Shared, Teaching Ideas, Necessary Enlightenment Jan Morgan
MAY (6)Merely Asking, Yes? Tony McCoy O'Grady (on the 'May I do...' meaning of may.)
MAY (7)Means Achievement Yielded. Tony McCoy O'Grady (on the 'It may happen that...' meaning of may.)
OHOutraged Horror Tony McCoy O'Grady
OH (2)Optimistic Happiness Tony McCoy O'Grady, just to confuse those who think he means Outraged Horror! :-)
PSHAWPathetic Sarcasm Hasn't Actually Worked Tony McCoy O'Grady
QUITEQuantitatively Unspecific, It's Tentatively Extensive. Angela Brett
SOSoon & Often Angela Brett, when Jeff said, after reading 'The Meaning of Liff', 'I am SO going to acronymize some of these.'
SO (2)Spiritedly, Overenthusiastically Angela Brett (see SO)
SO (3)Some Othertime Tony McCoy O'Grady (see SO)
SOMESubset Of Mentioned Entirety Angela Brett
STRATINOSomeone Transforms Rubber And Tries Inventing New Operation Tony McCoy O'Grady, when someone searched for stratino on HTTP://ACRONYMS.CO.NZ>. He didn't know what it is but found a reference to it (as a brand-name?) in a web-search under the heading 'Rubber and Plastic Transformation'
þÿTAThanks Announced Tony McCoy O'Grady
THEThat Hitherto Explained... Angela Brett
WEESWhat Everyone Else Said Acronymous Anonymous
WHAT?Would Happily Accept Teaching Tony McCoy O'Grady
WITH-OUTWho Invented This Horrid , Objectionable, Unpleasant Term? Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela used 'With-Out' in an expansion.
WOOTWhile Owning, Outcry This I though that "woot" needed to be an apronym, and I saw that no one created one yet so...
YIKESYour Intense Keening Evinces Surprise Tony McCoy O'Grady
YIPPIEYou Ignore Peer Pressure In Extremes Rico Leffanta
ZORBAZesty Old Rogue Barters Adventure Rico Leffanta
TRIVIATiresome Recollection? It's Very Interesting Actually Tony McCoy O'Grady
TRUISMThe Ruddy Usual Inane Sentence - Meaningless! Tony McCoy O'Grady