Time n. A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
AGESAeons, Generations, Epochs & Such? Angela Brett, after Edwin mentioned on the forums that he hadn't submitted an acronym for AGES and should be punished. I figured I'd better submit an acronym for AGES before anyone punished me!
AGES (2)Approaching Geriatricity Every Second! Tony McCoy O'Grady
AGES (3)A Geriatric's Emailing Session! Tony McCoy O'Grady, after returning from a trip and finding that the backlog of emails took ages to download.
ANY TIME NOW"And Next....", You Think, "... In Moments...". (Ensuring No Overlong Waiting) Tony McCoy O'Grady
ASAP (2)Absolute Speeds _Are_ Possible! TMcCO'G - the query comes after a search for "SOONEST", so I presume it was a search for A S A P - As Soon As Possible.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms:Conversational
AS SOON AS POSSIBLEA Speedy Start, Only One Nanosecond As Strict Preference... Only Should Slow If Beloved's Life Ends. Angela Brett
Assorted Phrases
A SUMMER DAYA Shady Unspoilt Meadow Maybe? Everyone's Relaxed, Don't Activate Yourself TMcCO'G
AT LASTAcronym Times Letter Arrives Slightly Tardily Angela Brett, after The Acronym Times was very late due to her Mac being lost.
AT LAST (2)Acronym Times (Long Awaited) Sent Today Angela Brett, after not updating the website and sending out THE ACRONYM TIMES for ages because of exams and assignments due.
BENBoings Evoke Newstime Tony McCoy O'Grady (Big Ben's chimes are used for the introduction to a UK TV news bulletin)
BITBrief, Insignificant Time Roger Williams
CALENDARComplete Annual List, Entaililing Numerous Divisions And Rectangles Matthew Oram
CALENDAR (2)Creation Actually Lists Every "Next Day". Annually Replaced. Roger Williams
CLOCKCircular Locomotion Offers Calendrical Key Tony McCoy O'Grady
CRETACEOUSColossal Reptiles Endured 'Til A Catastrophic Event Ousted Umpteen Species. Angela Brett
CRETACEOUS (2)Cosmic Rock Ended This Age, Causing Extinction On Unprecedented Scale Angela Brett
CRETACEOUS (3)Chalky Rock's Evidence Tells About Creatures Experts Only Understand Slightly Angela Brett
CURFEWCan't Understand Reason For Evening Wrecker Angela Brett
DATE (2)Designated As Temporal Event Angela Brett
DAYDawn Arrives, Yes! Roger Williams
DAYSDaze At Year Start! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Hope these Rough DAYS do not lead to a Rough Year! Glad: not a drink over half my 58 year sojourn. No New Year Party for this Organic Vegan.
DUSKDawn's Undoing, Symmetry Kin. Angela Brett
ERASEvents Rise And Shine Rico Leffanta
ETERNALEverlasting Truth, Eternally Right, Nuptials Always Lasting Jan Morgan
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
FORECASTFocus On Real Events - Can't Accurately See Tomorrow Angela Brett
GANTGuess About Nebulous Timescales Jonathan Staniford (see GANTT)
GANTTGraph Allocating Necessary Tasks & Timescales Angela Brett, after a workmate mistakenly referred to a Gantt chart as a 'GANT'. The Gantt chart is named after Charles Gantt, and is not an acronym.
GANTT (2)Generally Always Need Triple Time Angela Brett (see GANTT)
GANTT (3)Guesstimates Almost Never The Truth Angela Brett
GANTT (4)Generate Arbitrary Net Total Time Jonathan Staniford
GANTT (5)Generous Approximations, No Tiny Target Angela Brett
GANTT (6)Generating Appropriate Notation Takes Time Angela Brett
GOOD DAYGenerosity Of Others Definitely Does Affect You Angela Brett
Assorted Phrases
People & Relationships
GOODNIGHTGoodness Oh Oh Dear Now Its Going Home Time Messy Eater, During a conversation
Assorted Phrases
GREAT DAYGeneral Revelry - Everyone's Agreed That Diversions Aren't Yawnful Tony McCoy O'Grady
GREAT YEARGet Ready, Everyone, As Tony's Year Exceeds All Records! Angela Brett, on Tony's birthday.
GREGORIANGenius Reorganised Everything, Greatly Organising Rearrangements In Annual Notation TMcCO'G
HALT (2)Have A Little Time Angela noticed that part of the title of a song by Dido forms an unintentional (I assume) apronym.
LATERLast Alligator To Exit, Repeats Patricia Rix (I was thinking of "see you later, alligator", though why the last alligator would say this to an empty room escapes me)
Communication:Hello & Goodbye
MEDIEVALMany Existed Dreadfully In European Villages - Abject & Low TMcCO'G
MESOZOIC ERAMagical Era, Something Only Zoologists Or Impetuous Children Ever Really Appreciate Angela Brett
MIDNIGHTMy, It's Dark! Now I'm Getting Horribly Tired. Angela Brett
MILLENNIUMMixup Is Looking Likely - Each Notational Nitwit Is Ultimately Mistaken! Tony McCoy O'Grady, insisting that the new millennium - a period of 1000 years - will not begin on New Year's Day 2000, rather will it be on New Year's Day 2001!
MILLENNIUM (2)My, It's Long! Lavish Empires Newlyformed & Neutralised In Uno Millennium. Angela Brett
MINUTES OF USEMy! I've Now Used This Eighty Seconds - Only Forty Under Suggested Extent. Angela Brett
NITESNites Involving Tossing/Turning Eliminated / Surely! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
Sports & Recreation:Relaxation
NOWNo Obvious Waiting Angela Brett
NOW (2)No Onerous Waiting! Angela Brett
NOW (3)Near Oriented "When" Gavin Lambert
ONCE IN A WHILEOccasionally - Not Consecutively, Erratic In Nature And Without Having Identifiable Lapse Episodes Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Phrases
PASSING TIMEPausing As Seconds Slide Into Nothing, Going Toward Inevitable Mind's-End Angela Brett
Sports & Recreation:Relaxation
PAST AND PRESENTPrevious And Subsequent Times Are Naturally Distinguished - Previous's Remembering, Experiencing's Subsequent. Extempore, Now's Then. Angela Brett, who wishes she could think of a better word than 'Subsequent'
PAUSEPlainly A Uniquely Short Easement Tony McCoy O'Grady
PAYDAYPerfect, As Your Debts Arrived Yesterday! Angela Brett
PHASEPeriodic Happenings Around Some Event TMcCO'G
SCHEDULESome Classes Hard, Each Day Undertaking Lessons Earnestly Robert Anonymous
SECSerial Event Constant Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
SEC (2)Short, Extremely/Evidently/Emotionally Convenient/Confining! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
SOON!Shortly Or Otherwise Never! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
SOONESTSpeediest Option's Often Needed, Extremely Slow's Tortuous TMcCO'G
SPARE TIMESome Pastimes: Acronymising, Reading, Eating, Tweaking Important MacOS Elements... Angela Brett, who rather likes ResEdit ;^)
STARK NIGHTSun's Taking A Rest? Know-Nothings Imagine God's Hidden That Tony McCoy O'Grady
SUNRISESun's Up Now, Resulting In Sleep Ending. Roger Williams
Sports & Recreation:Relaxation
SUNSETSun Unseen Now Signifying Evening Time. Roger Williams
SUNSET (2)Sun's Unseen Now, Since Earth's Turning TMcCO'G
SWATCHSwiss Watches Aren't Too Costly Here Angela Brett (while most brands of Swiss watch are ridiculously expensive, Swatch makes watches that are more generally affordable, and sometimes even digital! Call me primitive but I still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.)
Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories
SYNODICShouldn't You Now Omit Day In Calendar? Rico Leffanta
TOO LATEThe Opening's Over - Like All Things Eventually Tony McCoy O'Grady
TODAYS (2)Time's Onceness Declares Against Your Structure TMcCO'G - I accept that one can have more than one "yesterday" and also more than one "tomorrow", but surely there can be only one 'today", as it is a 'now' thing and therefore a 'once-only offer'. (There used to be a TV programme called "All Our Yesterdays", and Shakespeare wrote "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow".)
TODAYS"That's" Out-Dated After Yesterday's Sunset TMcCO'G
TIME SAVERSThese Innovative Machines Enable Someone Avoid Valuable Energy / Resource Squandering Tony McCoy O'Grady
TIMERTimer Increments Minute Entities Repeatedly Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
TIME (7)Ticking In Motion Evolves Jan Morgan
TIME (6)Temporal Illusion Measured Exactly Bruce Siegel
TIME (5)Trust In Memory Expansion! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Speaking about my ability as an apronymist.
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
People & Relationships:Thoughts
TIME (4)Transitory. Imminent: Measureless Eternity! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
TIME (3)To Invent More Expansions Angela Brett, when she didn't have any
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
TIME (2)This Is My Entry Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela said 'give me time!' and he did.
TIMEThis Is My Expertise Tony McCoy O'Grady, who can do ALMOST ANYTHING, given TIME and ENCOURAGEMENT.
TIDEThen It Does Ebb. Roger Williams
TICK TOCKTime Is Counting Kisses Total Omits Candy Kisses Rico Leffanta
THIRTY = FRIENDS!Thirty (Halves {Initial = Remotest - Two} Year) = Four (Regeneration Increases!) + Eleven + Nine Down + Six! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Sum 30-Day Month Numbers: 4(April)+6(June)+9(September)+11(November)=10+20=30 (!) One of my original discoveries when I was less than 45. (Halves {Initial = Remotest - Two} Year): First Half of Year ==>(Initial=4) = (Remotest=6) - 2. Last Half of Year ==>(Initial=9) = (Remotest=11) - 2."Four (Regeneration Increases!) Spring starts late in Three (21 March 2003 in N. Hemisphere)." "Nine\Down\ Down!=Fall! in September."
THE YEAR OF THE SNAKETo Honour Eve, Youngsters Expect Annual Revelry Or Feasts That Help Enhance Some New Asp Kissing Escapades Rico Leffanta (Tet - the Chinese New Year 'The Year of The Snake' commences when Bush takes office, January 20, 2001)
TENS (2)Thirty = Eleven + Nineteen. September! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Thirty days in September. 3 TENS!
TEMPUS FUGITTime's Ever Moving (Picking Up Speed?) Fill Underused Gaps In Time! TMcCO'G
T'DAYThe Day After Yesterday Angela Brett
WATCHWrist-Attached Timer Counting Hours Angela Brett and Peter Coxhead
Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories
WATCH (2)Wrist Attached Timepiece Chimes Hourly Jan Morgan
Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories
WEEK?Weak? Enervated Energy! Kindness! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Rough WEEK?
TWOSTo/Time (Wonderful October) Standard! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. TWOS! set: {Standard Time, Daylight Time}