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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ACATAMATHESIAAfflicted Can't Apprehend That Anything Means Anything, Though Has Every Sense - It's Absurd! Angela Brett
ACHEAnybody Can Hurt Everywhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
ACNEAdolescents Can Not Escape Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene
ANTHRAX (2)And Now The Human Race ... Aaaaaarrrrggghh... Xpires Tony McCoy O'Grady
ANTHRAX (3)And Not Two Heads Rolled - All Xaggeration! Angela Brett, when only one person had died of anthrax in the USA but the whole world was paranoid about it.
Military:War & Terrorism
AZOTURIAAnimal's Zone Of Trouble, Urine Really Is Abnormal Dustan Dowsing
BARFBlasting Away Regurgitated Food Tony McCoy O'Grady
BARF (2)Begetting A Rainbow Fountain Tony McCoy O'Grady
BEEFBSE Endangered English Farms Angela Brett
Food & Drink
BELLYACHEBy Eating Loads & Loads, You Ache Catastrophically, Heavy Emissions Tony McCoy O'Grady
BLINDBlighted Lifetime In Neverending Darkness Tony McCoy O'Grady
BLOCKAGE (2)Bottom's Lack Of Clearance Keeps All Garbage Enclosed? Tony McCoy O'Grady
BOTH BRAINCELLS KILLEDBump On The Head Brings Really Awful Injuries, Now Can't Even Lift Legs. Some Knowledge Is Lost - Longterm Effect's Death. Angela Brett
BREAST CANCERBad Results, Endanger Adventures, Seizes Tomorrows. Cells Attacked, Never Ceasing, Enters Radiation. Jan Morgan - Lost a friend to it
BURN OUTBecome Useless; Requires No Official, Unusual Training Patricia Rix
CANCER (2)Cell Apoptosis? Never! Choke Every Rival. Angela Brett
CANCER (3)Cells Attacked, Never Ceasing, Enters Radiation Jan Morgan
CANCER (5)Cancer Avoidance Needs Clever/Comprehensive Educational Resources Tony
CAN'T SEECannot Actually Notice Things, Sadly 'Empty' Eyes Tony McCoy O'Grady
CAVITYCauses A Variation In Troubles, Yuck Jan Morgan
CELL SITEChildren Exhibit Lack-Lustre Scores In Their Exams Steve Keate, thinking about the effect of cell sites being near schools.
CHUNDERCould Have Used Normal Digestive Enzymes, Really. Steve Keate
CLINICAL INFORMATIONComplete List (Including Nurses' Input) Chronicling A Lifetime's Illnesses, Notated For One's Resourceful Medical Ailment Team, Is Obviously Necessary Tony McCoy O'Grady
CONSTIPATEDCan One Not Shift This Impacted Pile And Take Energising Dump? Tony McCoy O'Grady
CORNChiropodist's Obviously Really Needed Tony McCoy O'Grady
CORN (3)Callous Often Requires Nursing Tony McCoy O'Grady
CRIPPLE Corporeally Restricted Individual's Parts' Performance Lack Evenness TMcCO'G
CYSTCavity - Yet Sore & Tender Tony McCoy O'Grady
DIABETESDisease Is Awful. Body Excretes (Tragically) Excess Sugar Tony McCoy O'Grady
DIARRHOEADashing In And Running Repeatedly, Hogging Outhouse, Evacuating Again. Tony McCoy O'Grady
DISABILITYDoesn't Imply Stupidity... Affected Brain Isn't Limited In Thought, Y'know. Angela Brett
DISEASEDamn I'm Sick! Excruciating Aches & Soreness Everywhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
DISEASE (2)Direly Incapacitated Situation - Each Ache Seems Endless! Patricia Rix
DYSLEXIADo You See Letters Extremely Xenotime In Appearance Tony McCoy O'Grady
DYSLEXIA (2)Don't You Switch Language Even Xeroxed Interchanging Abilities Jan Morgan -- Transposes things in Reading, Spelling and Numbers like a mirror numbers and letters are switched or interchanged
DYSPEPSIADid Your Special Potluck Explode Perchance Soaking In Acid? Rico Leffanta
DYSPHASIADisturbs Your Speech Patterns - Has A Significant Impact, Apparently. Angela Brett
DYSTOCIADelivering Your Sprog Takes Obstetric Care In Abundance Angela Brett
EARACHEExpensive Affair Requiring A Consultation - How Exasperating! Angela Brett, when she had to go to a doctor to get a prescription for her recurring ear infection.
EPSOM SALT (3)Everyone Please Stay Off My Salted, Aching, Little Toe Charlie
FAINTFeel(s) As If Not There Angela Brett
Assorted Adjectives
FROG IN THROATFalse Ribbits One Gets If Needing The Health Resources Otorhinolaryngologists Assent To Angela Brett
FUZZYFelt Unduly Zig-Zaggy Yesterday Tony McCoy O'Grady
FUZZY (2)Food Undergoing Zippy Zymurgy Yesterday Rico Leffanta
GIMPGait Isn't Mighty Pretty Tony McCoy O'Hyphen
GLASS (3)Get Lacerated As Some Shatters Angela Brett
HANGOVERHow Agonizing! Not Good! Oh, Vengeful Elixir Residue! Roger Williams
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
HEARTBURNHaving Eaten Amazingly Rapidly, Then Begrudgingly Undergo Restless Night Tony McCoy O'Grady
HELP ME GO PEEHave Especially Large Prostate? Maybe Envisioning Gently Oscillating Pond'll Ease Embarrassment. Angela Brett, after somebody searched for that phrase on the website. Other unsuccessful searches are now listed at
HERNIAHurts Excruciatingly! Really Needs Immediate Attention Angela Brett
HERNIA (2)Hurtful Erruptions Requiring Nursing, In Abdomen Bern Dell
HOSPITALHouse Of Sick Patients Itching Their Amputated Limbs Angela Brett
HURTHave Undiagnised Repugnant Troubles Tony McCoy O'Grady
HURTS TO BE A CARRIERHowever Unafflicted, Relaying This Sickness To Others Becomes Equally A Curse... Always Remembering Risk, I'm Etiologic Recluse. Angela Brett, when somebody searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website.
ILLInvalid Lies Lethargically Angela Brett
ILL (2)Is Laid Low Roger Williams
IMPOSSIBLE (2)Insomniac Mrs. Pleads, "Oh, Stop Snoring!" Instead Bringing Louder Explosions. Angela Brett (some people won't stop snoring no matter what you do!)
Assorted Adjectives
IMPOTENTI Mightn't Perform On Time Every Night, Temptress! Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
INDIGESTIONIgnore Nutty Diets. If Good Eating Suggestions Taken, It's Obviated Normally Tony McCoy O'Grady
Food & Drink
INSOMNIAI Need Sleep! Obviously My Nocturnal Inability's Annoying. Angela Brett
INSOMNIA (2)I Never Slept One Minute - Now I'm Awake! Melanie Merswolke and Patricia Rix
ITCHIrritation That Craves Hurt Angela Brett, since we get rid of an itching sensation by scratching and making it hurt instead.
ITCH (2)Incredibly Troubling Cutaneous Hypersensitivity Word Nerd
LARYNGITISLacking A Roundy Yoke Necessitates Gaps In Transmission - I'm Silenced. Tony McCoy O'Grady, after a teasing gap in a message.
LIMPLost Insert Member Prostrate Rico Leffanta
LIMP (2)Leg In Much Pain. Roger Williams
MAMMOGRAMManipulate And Mash Melons - Oncologists Gather 'Round And Murmur. Angela Brett
MIGRAINEMy Insides Grumble Repeatedly And It Never Ends! Rico Leffanta
NAUSEANot Another Uneasy Seatrip, Evacuate Abdomen Tony McCoy O'Grady
NAUSEA (2)Nursing An Unhappy Stomach... Eaten Aasleagh. Angela Brett (see AASLEAGH)
OBESEOversized Bodies Exercising Seldom Enough Edwin Hermann
OOSOut Of Service Angela Brett (OOS usually stands for Occupational Overuse Syndrome)
OSMIDROSISOne Shower Monthly Isn't Decent... Remember, Our Sweat Is Smelly! Angela Brett
PACKRATITISPerson Accumulating Crap; Keeps Really Ancient Things Indefinitely, Taking Infinite Storage. Gavin Lambert, explaining why he has so many old computers.
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
PAINPrescribe Anaesthetic, It'll Numb. Angela Brett
PAIN (3)Palpitations Ache In Neglect Jan Morgan
PAP SMEARPrecaution Against Papilloma - Some Must Endure A Retest. Angela Brett, after reading
PENGUINPending Extinction - Not Going Up In Numbers Angela Brett, thinking of the Yellow-Eyed Penguin, although I don't know whether the numbers are going up or not.
PIMPLEPlease Ignore My Pained & Lumpy Epidermis Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene
PLAGUEPeople Lying About Grotesquely... Uncountable Expiries. Angela Brett
PLANTARS WARTPainful Lesion Attacks Nascent Terrible Arch Region, Sponsors Worry As Reason, Tension Jan Morgan
PMS (2)Pardon My Snippiness Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to PMS
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
PMS (3)Pleasantness's Mighty Scarce Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to PMS
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
PMS (5)Pugnaciousness's My Speciality Tony McCoy O'Grady, in response to PMS
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
POISONPotion Once Ingested Surely Occasions Necrosis Roger Williams
PUKEPartially Undigested Kilojoules Ejected Angela Brett
QUEASYQuite Uneasy Emotion Assails Stomach, Yes? Tony McCoy O'Grady
RASHReaction Allergics Sometimes Have Angela Brett
RETARDReally Exhausting To Attempt Reading Dictionary. Angela Brett
ROAD TRIP (2)Result Of A Desire To Retch In Public? Angela Brett, thinking about carsickness
SARSSuddenly Airway's Restricted Somewhat Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
SARS (3)Stop Agent's Rapid Spread! Angela Brett, referring to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
SARS (4)Scientists Are Rapidly Strategising Angela Brett, referring to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
SICKStomach Is Curdled & Kaput Tony McCoy O'Grady
SMELLYSomething Malodorous Exudes.... Lice'll Love You Tony McCoy O'Grady
SNEEZESnotty Nose Effortlessly Energising, Zinging Everywhere. Mary Carr
SNIFFLESStuffy Nose Initiates Feeling Fatigued, Leaking Excess Snot. Angela Brett
SOLICITINGSeeking Out Lustful Intercourse Can Induce Terrible Infections Near Genitals Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
SORESome Organ's Reddened & Excited Tony McCoy O'Grady
SPASMSSharp Pain As Some Muscle Seizes Tony
SPASTICSlightly Palsied Athlete Specially To Intrigue Competitors Carl Brett
SPASTIC (2)Slightly Palsied Athlete Specifically To Irritate Carl Carl Brett, probably referring to Angela
SPASTIC (3)Such People Are Surely Talented... It's Cerebral! Angela Brett, on Cerebral Palsy.
SUNBURNShoving Unprotected Nude Bodyparts Under Rays. Nasty! Tony McCoy O'Grady
SWEET PEESugary Wees Equals Endocrine Trouble... Pancreas's Effectiveness Ebbing Angela Brett, when Tony apologised for mistyping an 'a' instead of an 'e' in his SWEET PEA expansion.
THROW UPTummy, Having Rejected Offering, Will UpChuck Promptly Tony McCoy O'Grady
THROMBOSISThe Heart Rarely Outlives Massive Bloody Objects Stuck In Stream Bern Dell
THEATREThe Hospital's Experts Amputate Threatened / Ruined Extremeties Tony McCoy O'Grady
VENEREAL DISEASEVictim Enjoyed Numerous Erotic Relationships Evidently - And Long-Dreaded Itch Sometimes Ensues After Sexual Encounters Tony McCoy O'Grady
VIRIIViolently Invasive - Readily Initiating Illnesses Tony McCoy O'Grady
VOMIT (2)Viscous Odorous Mess - Ill Tummy Tony McCoy O'Grady
WARTSWhere A Rubbed Toad Shows Tony McCoy O'Grady (Old wives tales talk of catching warts from touching toads)
WART VIRUSWorry Assures Rough Tags, Vicious Indignant Rough Ugly Surface Jan Morgan
WASPWill Anaphylactic Shock Prevail? Angela Brett, thinking again of people who are allergic to wasp stings.
WASPS (2)When Allergies Strike, People Suffer Angela Brett
WASPS (3)Without Adrenaline, Some People Succumb Angela Brett, thinking of people allergic to wasp stings.
WRYNECKWith Robin You Never Ever Come Kissing Rico Leffanta
YOU ARE SO HOT (2)You Oughta Use Antibiotics... Reducing Every Symptom Obviously Helps One's Temperature. Angela Brett
TUBERCULOSISThe Uneasy Breathing Erodes Resilience, Causing Unhurried Loss Of Strength In Sufferer. Angela Brett, when it was thought that Steve might have tuberculosis.