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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ALARMA Loud Appliance Ringing Madly Edwin Hermann
People & Relationships:Law & Order
Assorted Nouns:Noises
AUTOMATION SYSTEMApparently Used To Override Manpower And Thus Improve Our Next Stock. You're Superfluous - They Employ Machines. Angela Brett
BATTERIESBegan A Trip Thinking Extra Required... Instead, Existing Survived. Angela Brett, who took plenty of batteries with her to Palmerston North only to find that the ones already in her Newton lasted the whole trip. (Well, apart from the last few hours on the bus. But they would have survived that easily if they hadn't been a third used to begin with. If you're not happy with the slight deception, change it to 'Eight's Sufficient' in your head.)
CALCULATORComplex And Liberating Creation - Users Lose Ability To Orchestrate Ratios Tony McCoy O'Grady
CALCULATOR (2)Challenged - Arithmetically Love Computing Using Least-Advanced, Typically Onmoney Reckoning! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
CALCULATOR (3)Children Always Love Computing Using Least-Advanced, Typically Onmoney Reckoning! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
CALCULATOR (4)Children Always Look Comfortable Using Least-Advanced, Typically Onmoney Reckoning! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
CAMERACapture A Moment - Enlargements Readily Available Tony McCoy O'Grady
CAMERA (2)Can A Machine Easily Record Activities? Roger Williams
CASSETTECartridge And Spools 'Show' Electronic Tape Through Encoding TMcCO'G
CELL PHONECarrying Enables Listening Luxury, Please Have One Near Ears Jan Morgan
DOG (7)Digital Office Guard cheater200227 -- got the idea when I found the description of a mechanical dog on the internet
DYNAMODoth Yield New And Much Output Tony McCoy O'Grady
ELECTRONEven Little Electric Currents Take Ridiculously Oversized Numbers Angela Brett
ENERGY MANAGEMENTEveryone Needs Electricity. Remember, Get Your Machines Audited Now And Get Extra Money Every New Term Angela Brett (if you take notice of what's using more electricity than necessary you can save money on power bills.)
FAXForward A Xerograph Tony McCoy O'Grady
FINAL UPGRADEFinished It Now, And Launched Unto Public. Get Ready Advertisements Defining Enhancements TMcCO'G
GADGETGot Ample Dough? Get Electronic Toys. Angela Brett
GLITCHGood Lord! Imperfect Timing Causes Havoc! Angela Brett, after hearing about how delays in electricity flowing through logic gates can cause glitches in electronic circuits.
KARMA (2)Karmas Are Radical Music Appliances Sean Lamb (who has a Rio Karma on his wish list).
LOGICLots Of Gates In Combination Angela Brett
LOGIC GATELogical Operators Give Integrated Circuits Great Abilities To Evaluate. Angela Brett
MIKEMan Installs Klutzy Electronics Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Male
PHOTOCOPIERPlace Hand On Top Of Copier & One's Palm Is Endlessly Reproduced Tony McXerox O'Grady
PIECE OF CAKE! (4)Piece Intervention! Examine Computer Execution Of Following: Cake Assemblyline! Kindly Expedite! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
Food & Drink
POWER TOOLSPlug On Wall - Electricity's Released To Operate On Lumber Stocks Tony McCoy O'Grady
Household Objects
RADARRemote Aircraft Detected Along Radius Tony McCoy O'Grady (RADAR actually stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
RECORDERRegister Everything, Catching On Rotating Discs Each Remark. Tony McCoy O'Grady
SAFE (2)Systems Adapted! Fully Electronic! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
People & Relationships:Law & Order
SINGERSewing Invention - Needles Get Electric Revolution Tony McCoy O'Grady
STATE OF THE ARTSpending The Amount That's Expected, One Finds They Have Encompassed All Recent Technologies Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Phrases
SWATCHSwiss Watches Aren't Too Costly Here Angela Brett (while most brands of Swiss watch are ridiculously expensive, Swatch makes watches that are more generally affordable, and sometimes even digital! Call me primitive but I still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.)
Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories
TIME SAVERSThese Innovative Machines Enable Someone Avoid Valuable Energy / Resource Squandering Tony McCoy O'Grady
TIMERTimer Increments Minute Entities Repeatedly Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
TABLESTruth Arrays... Boolean Logic Explicitly Stated Angela Brett, referring to truth tables.
WALKMANWhile A Listener's Kinetic, Music Around Noggin. Tony McCoy O'Grady, who wasn't sure whether Angela would know the term 'noggin' for head.
WATCHWrist-Attached Timer Counting Hours Angela Brett and Peter Coxhead
Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories
WATCH (2)Wrist Attached Timepiece Chimes Hourly Jan Morgan
Household Objects:Clothing:Jewellery & Accessories
WIRE SOLVER TRICK!Workers I, R, E! Solve Ohm's Law: Voltage (E ) = R (Total Resistance ) * (I Current). Kudos! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. My first "Apronym on Demand" ^:) I started with IRE. Angela suggested trying WIRE. This my fourth try. THANK YOU APRONYMISTS my teachers. ^:)