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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
JAJerry's Affirmative Tony McCoy O'Grady, since ja is German for yes.
Science:Linguistics:German Words
JANEINJust A No Expressed In Negative Angela Brett, in response to SICNON (Ja is the opposite/negative of No, while Nein is negative to start with!)
JANEIN (2)Ja: A Nein, Expresed In Negative Jeff Anonymous, as a modification of JANEIN
MAYBEMainly A 'Yes, But...' Ensues. Angela Brett
NANo, Assertively Tony McCoy O'Grady
NAYNot A Yes Angela Brett
NEINNo, Everywhere, Is No Roger Williams
Science:Linguistics:German Words
NONot Ordinarily Steve Keate, after being asked if he had anything better to do than acronymise.
NO (2)Not Once! Angela Brett
NO (3)Not Oui. Roger Williams
NO (4)Not Optional Jan Morgan
NYSNegative Yes Statement Tony McCoy O'Grady
OKAYOtherwise Known As 'Yes' Angela Brett
OUAIS'Oui' Uttered As Informal Sound Angela Brett ('ouais' is one way of spelling the French equivalent of 'yeah')
Science:Linguistics:French Words
PROBABLYPossible Result / Outcome - Basically A Bet Like Yankee Tony McCoy O'Grady
SICNONSimplified Inquiry-Created Necessity, Once Nameless Jeff Anonymous, when Angela wondered what to call the category at, explaining: "Yesno" doesn't sound spiffy, so let's try some foreign variants...."JANEIN"? "Sicnon"? "Daniet"?
YEAH!You Expressing Anger Happily Rulgnaj Yerdon
YESYour Expectation's Satisfied Angela Brett
YES (2)Yet Ends Successfully Jan Morgan
YUPYou're Unusually Perceptive! Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela correctly guessed why he didn't want his ME expansion in the stack. (Hopefully it's okay to just mention it!)