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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ACATALECTICAuthors Can Achieve This - A Little Extra Care That It's Correct. Angela Brett
ALLEGORYAesop Love Legends Especially Glorious Ones Rousing Youths Rico Leffanta
ANIMAGUSAnimal Narrowly In Man, A Gift, Unusual Sorcerer Jan Morgan -- Harry Potter Lingo -- Limited (narrowly) wizards can do it
ANTHROPOMORPHISMAscribing Nonhumans Typically Human Range Of Properties. One Macintosh Owner Readily Personifies Her IBook - She's Mad! Angela Brett
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
ANTHROPOMORPHISM (2)A Novel Thought: Herds Roaming Over Prairie Opine Mankind's Outlook Regarding Procreation & Heroism, Implying Selfish Motives Patricia Rix
ARTA Response Test Tony McCoy O'Grady
ART (2)A Rendered Thought Sean Lamb
ARTISTAfter Rendering The Image, Sculpture's Touted Sean Lamb
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
ARTSY ARTISTA Rather Twee Sensitive Youth Appears Rather Tortured Interpreting Sitter's Traits Tony McCoy ElGreco
BONE CARVINGBrush On Nature's Every Canvas, And Recycle Vertebrae Into Neverending Gift Angela Brett
Science:Biology:Body Parts
BOOKBound Outlet Of Knowledge Tony McCoy O'Grady
BORDERSBooks (Obviously), Records, DVDs, Even Refreshments Sold Robert Anonymous
CANVASCreative Artists Need Vacant Art Slates Sean Lamb (most paintings that I've seen are on canvas, after all)
CLAUDECultured, Learned Artist Understated Details Extensively Sean Lamb (Claude Monet's impressionist works were more noted for their lack of precise detail, presenting just the impression of an image rather than a photorealistic reproduction; Monet studied in Europe with many other well known artists including Eug┼Żne Boudin, Pablo Picasso and Pierre-Auguste Renoir)
Names:Famous people
COLOR (2)Crayons Occur Lively Or Rich Jan Morgan
Assorted Adjectives:Colours
COLOR ME SMILING'Concave Over' Lips Of Red, My Eyes Sparkling Mean It's Likely Illustrator Needs Glitter. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Emotions
COMMUNITY ARTS AND MUSIC PROJECTCreate Original Municipal Mural, Under No Illusions That You Are Rembrandt... The Spirit's All Neighbourhood Desires. Many Ukeleles Sound In Concert, Performers (Remembering Ordinary Jobs) Enjoy Creating Tunes. Angela Brett
People & Relationships
COMPOSECreation Of Musical Pieces Or Something Else Edwin Hermann
CRAYONSColours Recall Affectionately Your Old Nursery School Tony McCoy O'Grady
DEDICATIONDutifully Engraved Discourse Inside Cover, Author Thanks Inspiration Of Novel Tony McCoy O'Grady
DEPTH OF FIELDDistinctly Elemental Photographic Technique Helps Offer Fine Focus In Every Little Detail Sean Lamb (beginning photography students learn that a smaller aperture gives a greater depth of field in their photos)
DESIGNDelightfully Exciting Sketch Is Genuinely Novel Tony McCoy O'Grady
DOTDisturbance Of Tint Angela Brett
DRAWINGDepicting Realistically A World Indicates Natural Genius Tony VanGogh O'Grady
EASELElevates Artist's Sketch. Easily Luggable. omnicronos
ESCHEREscher Sketches Cunningly Harness Expressive Recursion omnicronos (Note the deliberate recursion :-)
Names:Famous people
FABLE (2)Fictional Account By Legendary Eavesdropper Rico Leffanta
FABLE (3)Faithful And Beautiful Lovers Exist Rico Leffanta
FICTIONFancy Is Creatively Treated In Original Novel Tony McCoy O'Grady
FORMFigure Of Representational Medium Angela Brett
GAMGreen And Mauve Angela Brett ('gam' is the collective noun for weasels, and the story which the h2g2 researchers are writing at is plagued with mauve and sometimes green weasels.)
GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARSGirl Of Little Decency Intrudes, Looks Over Cottage Kitchen (Seats Are Nearly Demolished) The Harridan Even Tastes Hirsute Redisents Edibles - Eventually Bed's Eagerly Assayed - Result: Sleep Tony McCoy O'Grimm
GOUACHE (3)Generations Old. Useful Artisans Colourant. Hydration Essential. omnicronos
GRAPHICSGlobally Recognised Artwork Perhaps Had Initial Computer Sketch Tony McCoy O'Grady
HOLOGRAPHYHarnessing One's Laser, One Generates Really Artistic, Pleasing Holograms, Yes? Sean Lamb
ICON (2)Image Connoting One's Notions Sean Lamb
IKEBANAIt's Kado. Eclectic Botany, Artful New Arrangements Sean Lamb (Ikebana, also known as Kado, is the ancient Japanese art of formal floral arrangement)
JOURNALJotter Often Used Regularly Notates A Life Tony McSamuel O'Pepys
People & Relationships
LAMPOONSLaughing At Mankind's Pretences Over Other Newsworthy Stories Rico Leffanta
LIBRARIESLend Interesting Books (Rare And Recent) In Eerie Silence TMcCO'G
LIBRARYLife In Book Room Always Relaxes You Angela Brett
LIBRARY (2)Let's Investigate Books, Readers All Round You Tony McCoy O'Grady
LIBRARY (3)Listings Involve Books, Reaching All Readers Yearly Jan Morgan
LIMERICKLess Is More Except Rhymes In Celtic Knots Rico Leffanta
MUGGLESMagic Users Gloat, 'Goofy Losers, Extremely Stupid' Jeff Anonymous
MYSTERYMake Your Story Thrilling - Excitement Reduces Yawns Tony McCoy O'Grady
NIMBUS (3)"Newest Is Magnificent" Broomstick Users Swear Tony McCoy O'Grady (re: Harry Potter)
PICTUREPales In Comparison To Unadulterated Real Event Angela Brett
PICTURE (2)Pretty In Color, Tints Usually Relinquish Eventually Jan Morgan
POEMPiece Of Enlightening Material Angela Brett
POSITRONPart Of Smarts, In The Realm Of Novels Angela Brett, referring to the 'positronic brain' conceived by writer Isaac Asimov.
PROLOGUEPlease Read Opening Lines, Offering Guidelines Unto Everyone Tony McCoy O'Grady
QUOTATIONQuerysome Use Of Topic Attempting To Instance Own Notions Tony McCoy O'Grady
RANDOM HOUSEReading A New Dictionary Offers Many Hours Of Uniquely Serendipitous Enjoyment. Tony McCoy O'Grady
READ AND SUCCEEDReaders Evidently Apply Details Article Notates Duly Surfing Up Career Chart? Essentially Empty Dross! TMcCO'G - Self-help manuals for success always seem to be tailored for someone else. Otherwise all those who read them would be whoppingly successful, instead of lurking in bookstores looking for more 'How to Succeed...' books
People & Relationships
READERSReaders Extract Apronymic Data! Examine Reality Symbolic/Skillfully! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
REFERENCE MANUALRegularly Encountered Features Explained Reliably, Errors Newbies Can Expect. Many Additional Notes Using Accessible Language Tony McCoy O'Grady
REHASHEDRejected Essay He Again Submitted, Having Edited Document. Angela Brett
REHASHED (2)Rejected Essay Has Apparently Some Heavy Extra Downloads. Tony McCoy O'Grady
SATIRESee All The Instant Replay Excesses Rico Leffanta
SCREWED UPScribblings Contained Recognised Errors - Writer Evidently Ditched Unamended Paper Tony McCoy O'Grady
STANZASo Tony's Accuracy Nears Zero... Aarrghh! Angela Brett, because Tony continues to use the word 'verse' when he means 'stanza' even though he knows that a verse is only one line of poetry.
STATUESculpted Thing - Art That's Unmoving, Ever Tony McCoy O'Grady
STORYSingle Tale Of Romantic Yarn Tony McCoy O'Grady
STRATFORD UPON AVONShakespeare's Territorial Region Accepts Travellors For Ogling Residents' Domain. Unusual Playwright Offers Narratives, Accomplishments Valuable, Offerings Numerous Jan Morgan
Places:Towns & Cities:UK
SUSPENSESome Unique Situations Perhaps Engender Nerve-Straining Excitement Tony McCoy O'Grady
THESISTake Heed! Everything Stated Is Stolen. Roger Williams
THE MASTER'S TOUCHTo Have Edifying Moral Advantages. So Talented. Engages Reliabe Savior's Trust Of Understanding Choices, Hopeful Jan Morgan -- the poem which reminds us: The worth of a soul is great by the touch of the masters hand
WARP (2)With Abnormally Rapid Progress Gavin Lambert (referring to 'warp speed' in shows like Star Trek)
WARP SPEEDWhere Are Real Physics? Some Plot Elements Entail Distortion Gavin Lambert
WICKWith Illumination Comes Knowledge Gavin Lambert (thinking lantern wick in an old library or something)
Household Objects
WRITEWrite Right! Inscribe Talents! Endure! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
WRITINGWithout Reading Instruction, This Is No Good. Angela Brett
WROTEWords Relayed Orthographically To Endure Tony McCoy O'Grady