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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
LOVE (2)Lust Overcomes, Vagina Entered Steve Keate
LOVE (3)Likely Outcome Very Exciting John Brett
LOVE (4)Little Of Value Eventually John Brett
LOVE (5)Lusty Origin Vigorous Ending John Brett
LOVE (6)Laugh, Our Vanities Exposed John Brett
LOVE (7)Lack Of Visible Evidence John Brett
LOVE (8)Life Of Varied Emotions John Brett
LOVE (9)Little Organs Virtually Extinct John Brett
LOVE (10)Large Organs Visibly Erect John Brett
LOVE (11)Lack Of - Very Evil John Brett
LOVE (12)Lust Overcomes- Virtue Exits John Brett
LOVE (13)Lone Option - Virtual Excitement John Brett
LOVE (14)Ladies Of Virtue Extinct John Brett
LOVE (15)Loss Of Virginity Expected John Brett
LOVE (16)Lewd Outlook - Venal Ending John Brett
LOVE (17)Lack Of Variety Exhausts John Brett
LOVE (18)Lots Of Valid Expansions Angela Brett
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
LOVE (19)Leaves One Virtually Euphoric Angela Brett
LOVE (20)Lion Omnipotent Victor Emmanuel! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Jesus Christ.
LOVE (21)Longing Of Valuable Eternity Jan Morgan
LOYALTYLove Only You, Always Living True, Yours Jan Morgan
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
LURELover Using Romantic Enterprise Rico Leffanta
LUSTLove Underlying Sexual Tensions? Angela Brett
LUST (2)Love Usurped, Sex Triumphs. Eric Bridgstock
LUST (3)Lecherous Unadulterated Sexy Thoughts Mary Carr, on hearing Eric's LUST (2).
LUST (4)Lacy Underwear Stretched Taut Steve Keate and Blair
LUST (5)Life's Usual Stress Test Blair
LUST (6)Largely Useless Sexual Tensions Steve Keate
LUST (7)Love's Unfortunately Sidelined, Typically. Angela Brett
LUST (8)Look Up Someone Tacky. Word Nerd
MAC OS (2)May Angela Crave Only Steve Steve Keate
MAC OS (4)Men Are Completely Over-Sexed Angela Brett
MADE FOR EACH OTHERMaybe Adam Dated Eve For Obvious Reason; Every Alternative Couldn't Have Offered Truly Human Effect, Rootwise. Angela Brett, as Adam and Eve were the only couple truly made for each other, but they didn't have much choice in the mat[t]er so it wasn't necessarily as romantic as is implied by that phrase nowadays.
MAKING LOVEMake A Kiss Interesting, Next Get Leg Over - Very Exciting. Tony McCoy O'Grady
MASOCHISMMany A Stroke Of Cane Has Intense Sexual Meaning Tony McCoy O'Grady
MASSAGE THERAPY (3)Masseur Arouses Strident Sexuality - And Generally Evokes Thoughts (Heavily Erotic) - Rubbing And Petting You Tony McCoy O'Grady, who is DIFFERENTLY WELL
Sports & Recreation:Relaxation
MASTURBATEMating Alone?! Sexual Tension's Usually Relieved By A Twin Euphoria. Angela Brett
MASTURBATIONManual Arousal & Stimulation Till Urgent Relief Brings Awesome Tremors Is Often Nice Tony McCoy O'Grady
MAYPOLE (2)Many Amorous Youths Proposition Oversexed Ladies Eagerly Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying that the maypole is actually a highly erotic springtime rite. Much activity occurred.
Assorted Nouns
Time:Special Occasions
MISSED MY CHANCEMaybe I Should've Suggested Engagement, Dearest - Maybe You Could Have Avoided New Chap's Engagement Tony McCoy O'Grady
MODEL (2)Men Only Date Easy Lays Steve Keate
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
MUGSMen Undressing Girls Surreptiously Rico Leffanta
NADSNeed Autoerotic Dirtiness Sometimes Jeff Anonymous
Science:Biology:Body Parts
NAILS AND BEAUTYNot As If Lady's Superficial Achievement's Noticed. Dumb Blondes... Everyone's After Using The Yoni! Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene
NOOKIENow One's Offed Knickers, Intercourse Ensues Tony McCoy O'Grady
NO SEX RELATIONNo Orgasms? Some Extremely Xerantic Regions Enflame Lingam - At That I'm Off Nookie Tony McCoy O'Grady, when someone searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website.
OLD LADYOrgan Loves Donors! Libido Activated! Display Yourself! Rico Leffanta
ONANISM (2)Objects Normally Aren't Nuns... Isn't 'Semenary', Mate! Steve Keate and Angela Brett
PANGAMYPromiscuity Amongst No-Good Adults Made You! Angela Brett
PC ROMANCE (2)Private Chat Room: Old Maids Actually Nastily Claim Exoticism Jeff Anonymous
PEEPING TOMPervert Enjoys Entering Porperty Inspecting Neighbour's Genitals, Then Openly Masturbating Angela Brett
PENIS (3)Prominent Erection Needs Immediate Satisfying Tony McCoy O'Grady
Science:Biology:Body Parts
PENIS (4)Penetrating Entity Needed In Sex Apronymous Anonymous
PENTHOUSEPublished Erotic Nudes That Hadn't Obviously Used Spraybrush Experts TMcCO'G
PERVERTSPeople Each Requiring Vasectomies, Enjoy Raping The Susceptible. Angela Brett
PETTERPerson Enamoured Tries Touching Erogenous Regions Tony McCoy O'Grady
PETTER (2)Personal Experiences Too Tempestuous? Eschew Revelations! Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Patricia responded to his PETTER (and the unsuccessful search on the website for that word) with, 'No personal experience here!)
PLAYPointing Love At Yourself Rico Leffanta
POLYGAMYPlural Offensive Love, Yesterdays Gatherer At Multiple Yokes Jan Morgan - too many wives, old biblical practice of a man wanting to have multiple bonds (yokes) of marriage at the same time. No longer practiced.
PORNOTGRAPHICPictures Of Really Normal Objects That Get Responses As People Hear Interesting Captions Angela Brett -- 'Pornotgraphy' hints at being pornography, but is not. See (I was tempted to invent 'Innuendic' for the I-word but I don't want to get too many demerit points on my creative license.) See also INNUENDON'T
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
PRIVATE PARTSPeople Rarely Inspect Venal Areas That Everyone Possesses, And Restricted To Spouses Tony McCoy O'Grady
Science:Biology:Body Parts
PROMISCUOUSPromises Romance Or Marriage In Seconds Counting Unscrupulously On Unresisted Sex Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
PROSTITUTEPeople Requesting Oral Sex Think It's Too Uneconomical To Enjoy? Angela Brett
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
PROTECTION (2)People Really Ought To Ensure Care's Taken If Orgasming Nowadays Angela Brett, as a modification of PROTECTION
PROWLParade Romantic Opulence Women Love Rico Leffanta
PUCKER UPPlease Understand Cheek Kisses Erode Romantic Urges Paradoxically Rico Leffanta
PUCKER UP (2)Proper Upper Class Kisses Excite Randy Underprivileged Peckers Rico Leffanta - 'Peckers' is a pun based on the American 'peck' for a casual kiss and 'pecker', - a synonym for penis.
PURITYPenises Usually Relegate It To Yesterday Angela Brett, after (CHAP (2)) was given a 100% purity rating by the acronym submission form.
Assorted Nouns
QUICKIEQuite Unexpected Intercourse, Cuddling & Kissing In Excelsis Tony McCoy O'Grady
QUIFFQuim Users Invest For Fun Angela Brett
QUIVERSQuaint Universally Intimate Vibrations Expecting Romantic Sensations Rico Leffanta
Assorted Nouns
RADIANTReally Attractive Damsel In Alluring Negligee Teaser Rico Leffanta
RANDYRapist Acting Nice, Diddling You Rico Leffanta
REBECCARaises Every Boy's Excitement, C-Cups Advertised Angela Brett
Names:First names:Female
RHINOSRhino Horn Is Not Orgasmically Stimulating Tony McCoy O'Grady
RIMMINGRegurgitation-Inducing Mutual Masturbation Is No Good Jeff Anonymous, replying to a failed search; if you don't know, you don't want to know. Believe me.
RIPRomance In Progress Rico Leffanta
ROGERRomantic Overtones Get Everyone Roused Tony McCoy O'Grady
ROGER (2)Relax, One's Got Erection Ready Tony McCoy O'Grady
ROMANTICRandy Old Man Anticipates Necking, Touching, Intimate Caresses Tony McCoy O'Grady
SADISMSometimes Administering Discipline Is Sexually Motivated Tony McCoy O'Grady
SATYRIASISSo, At Twilight, Young Romantic Idiots Always Show Insatiable Sentiments. Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
SECONDSShe Enjoys Climaxes; One Never Does Satisfy Rico Leffanta
SEXSomething Else Xtraordinary Steve Keate, after being asked what comes after INFATUATION.
SEX (2)Sensual/ Emotional Xploration Jeff Anonymous
SEX (3)Seriously Erogenous Xanadu Timothy Chambers
SEX (4)Sometimes Evildoers Xploit Jeff Anonymous
SHRIVELShowing How Really Icy Virgins Eschew Love Rico Leffanta
SIDEREALStarlight Inspires Desires Enchanting Romantics, Especially After Libations Rico Leffanta
SINGLE LIFEScene Is Nightclubs, Getting Laid... Eventually Loving Intimate Friendship Evolves. Angela Brett
SINGLE WHITE FEMALESeeks Intelligent Nice Gentleman - Looks European. While Having Intentions To Enjoy Flirtations, Expect Marriage After Limited Engagement Tony McCoy O'Grady
SLOWPOKESexually Lazy, One Willpower's Positively On Keeping Erection Tony McCoy O'WashYourMouthOutWithSoapyWater!
SLUTSexually Loose Undiscriminating Tramp Tony McCoy O'Grady, after watching an 'expose' TV programme on teenage sex in England.
SLUT (2)She Lustily Undoes Top Steve Keate
SLUT (3)She Likes Using Toyboys Angela Brett
SLUT (4)Sexy Lingerie Used Temptingly Angela Brett
SLUT (5)She Lies, Usually Topless. Angela Brett
SNOGSquash Noses Or Glasses Angela Brett
SOLICITINGSeeking Out Lustful Intercourse Can Induce Terrible Infections Near Genitals Tony McCoy O'Grady
SPLITTING THE ATOMSingular People Loving In Tandem Trying Innovative New Gambits To Help Enhance Archaic Traditions Oppressing Marriage Rico Leffanta
STABILITYSex Takes A Backseat If Love Is Tormenting You. Rico Leffanta
STRIPPERSSlowly To Reveal Individual Private Parts Erotically's Reputedly Sensous Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
ST VALENTINE'S DAYSee This Value! Artistic Leatherwork Expresses No Truer Intentions - Nice Expensive Shoes Depict Amorous You! Tony McCoy O'Grady, explaining: I was stunned to see a local shop had a special display for Valentine's day. The little pink hearts were stuck on shoes and boots. How romantic would that be as a gift?
Time:Special Occasions
Household Objects:Clothing
SWAP (3)Sleep With Another's Partner Angela Brett
THWARTSTo Have Women Act Responsibly, Touch Softly Rico Leffanta
THE GAMETeenage Hookers Erotically Garbed Await Mens' Enquiries Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
TESTESTickle 'Em Sexily & They'll Eject Sperm Tony McCoy O'Grady
Science:Biology:Body Parts
TEA (2)The English Aphrodysiac TMcCO'G
Food & Drink:Drinks
TARRYTry A Risque Romance Yourself Rico Leffanta
UPUtilitarian Phallus Rico Leffanta
VAGINA (3)Vigorous Agitation Gets Its Nubbin Aroused Tony McCoy O'Grady
Science:Biology:Body Parts
VALENTINEVery Amorous Lovers Enjoy Naughty Things, Including Negligees Etc. Angela Brett
Time:Special Occasions
VALENTINE (2)Vigorous And Lusty Encounters Nightly Trysts Involve Nookie Episodes? Tony McCoy O'Grady
Time:Special Occasions
VALENTINE (4)Venus And Lips Entangle Naturally To Indicate Numerical Expression Tony McCoy O'Grady, proposing that the "Valentine" should be the SI unit of kisses.
VALENTINESValue Any Lasting Entwinement, Never Thwart It 'Needing' Extra Sex. Angela Brett
Time:Special Occasions
VIRGINVagina Is Ready, Girl Is Not. Angela Brett
WAFFLEWoman Arrested For Finding Love Elsewhere Rico Leffanta, to go with BAFFLE
WANTWomen Are Naked Too Rico Leffanta
WHOREHOUSEWhere Hookers Operate - Regularly Entertaining Husbands Of Utterly Sexless Entities Penname Nom De Plume
WILL YOU TAKE ME BACK?When I Left (Leaving You Openly Upset) Trivial Annoyances Kept Emotions Masked. Eventually Bewailed Actions, Counting Karma. Angela Brett
YOU ARE LOOKING SEXY TONIGHTYes, Oh Undoubtedly Amorous Response Elicited. Look Out! O. K. I Need Gratifying Sexually Erotic Xperience. You're Too Obvious - Now I'm Getting Horny Too! Tony McCoy O'Grady (See YOU LOOK HORRIBLE DURING THE DAY)
YOU ARE SO HOTYou're Obviously Utterly Aroused, Really Excited, So Offer Him/Her Orgasmic Tumble Tony McCoy O'Grady
TRUE LOVE'Terminal' Romance Usually Ensures Lots Of Valentines Exchanged Tony McCoy O'Grady

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