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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ADIDASA Desirable Item Decorated And Striped Tony McCoy O'Grady
APRONA Pinafore Reflects One's Neglectfulness Tony McCoy O'Grady - the cleaner the apron, the tidier the cook?
Food & Drink
BLUE (5)Beautifully Laced Unique Ensemble Jan Morgan
Assorted Adjectives:Colours
CHANGE (4)Complete Haberdashery Alteration: No Garment Excepted Patricia Rix
CLOTHCostume Looks Only Terrific, Honey! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Household Objects:Threads & Fabric
CLOTHINGCotton, Linen Or Tweed - Happiness Is Natural Garments Tony McCoy O'Grady
EAT MY SHORTSEducational Authorities Treat Male Youth Scandalously - He Openly Replies 'Trouser Salad'! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Phrases
Entertainment:TV shows:The Simpsons
FABRICFashion Artists Become Rich 'In' Clothing Tony McCoy O'Grady
Household Objects:Threads & Fabric
FASHIONFor A Sum, Hilfiger's Immaterial, 'Official' Name Patricia Rix
FASHION (2)Fortunes Are Spent Happily In Overcoming Nakedness Tony McCoy O'Grady
FASHION (3)Fleeces And Shirts - Have It Overstamped "Nike" Tony McCoy O'Grady
FASHION (4)Forceful Advertising Seeds Homogeny, Imposing Others' Norms Angela Brett
People & Relationships
FASHION (5)Forces A Spectrum, High Individuality Or Not Angela Brett -- it seems to be fashionable to be original and different, but only within certain limits.
People & Relationships
FASHION MARKETINGFind A 'Statement', Hang It On Nonchalant Model, And Rich Kids (Exposing Their Insecurities) 'Need' Garment. Angela Brett
FASHIONSFoster Adolescent Self-Hate If Outfit's Not Stylish Angela Brett
FASHIONS (2)Fools Are Spending Hundreds; It's Old Next Season Angela Brett
GAPGear's Awfully Pricey Tony McCoy O'Grady
GAP (2)Greatly Annoys Parents Tony McCoy O'Grady
GARMENTSGirls Adorn Runways, Modelling Elegant New Tweed Suits Tony McCoy O'Grady
GUCCIGirl's Underwear Can Create 'Incident' Tony McCoy O'Grady
HIGH HEELSHookers In General Have Highly Enhanced & Extended Legs' Sexuality Tony McCoy O'Grady
JACKETJust A Coat, Keenly Echoing Trousers Tony McCoy O'Grady, whose jackets are usually part of a suit.
KILTKnees Influence Lovely Tartans Jan Morgan
LEATHER (2)Let's Eschew Animals That Have Epidermis Removed Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying: this doesn't really reflect my opinion as I love my leather jacket! :-)
Science:Biology:Body Parts
MAC (11)My Ample/Apple Coat Angela Brett -- I bought a raincoat (which turned out to be a bit too large) from the company store at the Apple campus in Cupertino. Later in my travels somebody pointed out that it was an Apple mac.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
MUFTIMy Uniform's Forgotten Today, Incognito Tony McCop O'Grady
OBIOriental Belt's Identifier Angela Brett
PINK (2)Perfectly Irresistible Neckline/Newlywed/Negligee, Knockout Jan Morgan
Assorted Adjectives:Colours
PITHParticularly Interesting Tropical Helmet Tony McCoy O'Grady
PRADAPeople Really Admire Designer's Adornments Tony McCoy O'Grady
PVCPretty Vulgar Clothing Angela Brett (PVC usually stands for Poly-Vinyl Chloride)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
PVC (2)Perfectly Viable Clothing Tony McCoy O'Grady
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
RED HATReverend Eminence's Designatory Headpeace - A 'Titfer' Tony McCoy O'Grady - A Roman-Catholic Cardinal gets a 'red hat' as a symbol of his status. "Titfer" is rhyming slang for hat (tit for tat).
REEBOKReally Expensive, Exceeds Budget Of Kids. Angela Brett
SCANTSummer Clothing Adorning Nubile Teens Rico Leffanta
SCANT (2)Swimming Costumes Approach Nudity Today! Angela Brett
SHIRTSome 'Horse Investors' Risk This Tony McCoy O'Grady
SHOEStops Hurting One's Extremeties Tony McCoy O'Grady
SHOESSocks Have Often Emitted Stink. Angela Brett
SHORTSSummer's Half-Outfit... Remember T-Shirt! Angela Brett
SHORTS (3)Summertime Holidaymakers Often Reveal Their Shins Tony McCoy O'Grady
SKIRTShe Knows Inches Raise Temperatures Rico Leffanta
SKIRT (2)Scottish Kilt Indeed Resembles This Angela Brett
ST VALENTINE'S DAYSee This Value! Artistic Leatherwork Expresses No Truer Intentions - Nice Expensive Shoes Depict Amorous You! Tony McCoy O'Grady, explaining: I was stunned to see a local shop had a special display for Valentine's day. The little pink hearts were stuck on shoes and boots. How romantic would that be as a gift?
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
Time:Special Occasions
SUITSingle Units In Tandem Tony McCoy O'Grady
SUITED (2)Standard Uniform Is Tiresome Executive "Drab" Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:The Workforce
THINKING CAPThis Headgear Improves New Knowledge Ingestion, Nicely Generates Creativity And Perspicacity. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Thoughts
UNIFORMUsers Need Individual Fittings, Or Result's Messy Tony McCoy O'Grady
UNIFORM (2)Unloved Necessity... Imposition From Our Rule-Makers Angela Brett
UNIFORM (3)Usually Not In Fashion, Often Rather Mediocre Tony McCoy O'Grady
VISORVison Interrupter Shading Optical Resources Rico Leffanta
WALKING SHOESWhere Amazingly Long Kilometers, Is Noticeably Going Slim, Has One Eliminating Sizes Jan Morgan -- walking hopefully accomplishes loss of weight
Sports & Recreation
WALKING SHOES (2)Wants Amazingly Lean Kilograms, Is Noticeably Getting Slim, Has One Eliminating Sizes Jan Morgan -- walking hopefully accomplishes loss of weight
Sports & Recreation