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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ABNORMAL IRISHAnti-British Nationalists Often Rebelled, Mounting A Lacklustre Insurrection. Result Is Sad History Tony McCoy O'Grady
AFRICAN AMERICANA Famous Race (It Came Across North Atlantic) Many Enduring Rigours / Intense Cruelty And Nastiness Tony McCoy O'Grady
AMERICANAnyone Mindlessly Enthusing 'Reality Is Cash' Ad Nauseum Rico Leffanta
BACK OFFBeware A Cornered Kiwi - Offence Fires Fury. Tony McCoy O'Grady
Assorted Phrases
CELTICCertain Exceedingly Lovable, Truly Irish Characters Tony McCoy O'Grady
CELTSCentral Europeans Louts That Settled! Tony McCoy O'Grady
CELTS (2)Christians Extinguished Local Theology, Sadly. Angela Brett
ETHNICITYEven Though Human Nature's In Common, Ideologies Throw You Angela Brett
FOREIGNERFrom Overseas, Residents Enraged If Growing Numbers Engender Resentments Tony McCoy O'Grady
ICEMANInuit Chappie (Esmiko Man) At Northpole? Tony McCoy O'Grady
INTERRACIALIt's Nice To Experience Relations Ranging Across Cultures - It Augments Life TMcCO'G
IRAQIInvaders' Reasoning: Al Qaeda Implicit Chris Kjelgaard
Military:War & Terrorism
IRISHIreland Reaching Into Southern Hemisphere Tony McCoy O'Grady, describing our KIWI friendship
IRISH (2)Ignorant Rogues In Shamrock Highlands Mary Carr
KIWIKiwi Irish With Interest Angela Brett, after Tony complained that calling the duo half Irish, half Kiwi would seem like a half measure
MAORIMeandering Aborigines Originating Round Islands Mary Carr, referring to the aboriginal people of New Zealand
MAYAMiddle Americans, Years Ago TMcCO'G
POMPrince Of Moaning Angela Brett (I have no opinions on the issue myself, but I've often heard people refer to 'whining poms')
RACERegard All Colours Equally Angela Brett
RACES OF PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN NEW ZEALANDRacism's A Curse, Encouraging Sloppiness Of Foolish Persons Evidently Overlooking Proper Lingual Exactness. 'Tis Humans Alone That Live In (Very Exactly) Increasingly Numerous Nations Everywhere. White Zealots Evilly Attempt Lambasting A Nonwhite's Descent Tony McCoy O'Grady, who believes that the person was seeking 'Nations of peoples....' or even 'Ethnicity of peoples....' Until aliens arrive, or the dolphins begin to be understood, those of us who communicate are all of the 'human' race.
RACISMReally Asinine Creed Immolates So Many. Timothy Chambers
SHEBASmall Hills Enlarge Barren Areas Rico Leffanta
UNCLE SAMUnrelated National Cousins Look Enthusiastic Seeing 'America Man' Angela Brett
UNCOOPERATIVE AFRICAN AMERICANUncooperativeness No Consequence Of One's Primary Ethnicity, Rather A Trait/Tactic (Increasingly Validly) Expressed/Employed Across Frontiers. Remarkable Indian Called Asian 'Negros' Against Mother England's Rule, It Created A Nation. Angela Brett (referring to Gandhi), who was sick of seeing this phrase at the top of the unsuccessful searches list for so long.
TZIGANETrying Zany Iconoclast Gypsies Antics, Not Ethical Jan Morgan