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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ACCIDENTSAre Caused - Chiefly Involving Derelict Events, Normally Through Stupidity Tony McCoy O'Grady
APOCALYPSEAwesome Propounding Of Cataclysm Awaiting Lets You Ponder Supreme Eternity Tony McCoy O'Grady
CRISIS RESPONSECan't Remember If SOS Is Spelt Right... Everyone Stop Panicking Or Nobody'll Survive Emergency! Angela Brett
DANGER (2)Disasterous Activities Nervously Gives Everyone Reflection Jan Morgan
DEBRISDeafening Explosions Bring Residual Incendiary Sediment Sean Lamb (debris is always left over after an explosion, so...)
DEBRIS (2)Destroying Everything Brings Rubble Into Sight Sean Lamb
DESPERATIONDire Extreme Situation - Prompt Emergency Rescue And Treatment Is Obviously Needed Tony McCoy O'Grady
DISASTERDo Infernos Stop After Several Tsunamis Enter Region? Angela Brett
DOTDOTDOTDASHDASHDASHDOTDOTDOTDigital Operator Taps Distress Out To Direct Operations Towards Diverting All Shipping. Help During A Squall / Hurricane - Dispatch A Search Helicopter & Deploy Operative To Dangle Over Those Distressed Or Terrified Tony McCoy O'Grady, who protested that the SOS acronyms are not reexpansions of an existing acronym, nor is SOS a word as it is always pronounced as a series of three letters ESS-OH-ESS. Angela replied that it still is in the dictionary and has a meaning, so is eligible for expansion - and it's 'pronounced' ..._ _ _...
EARTHQUAKESEpicenter Assaults Residents Turf Homes, Quick Unusual Activity Keeps Everyone Shaking Jan Morgan
ESCAPEExtreme Situations Catapult Anxious Permanent Exits Ian Rywalt (I've contributed a couple of other apronyms a long time ago). The first two letters were easy to imagine, the rest was sculpted from the dictionary and thesaurus, with an intent to force a suitable exit strategy. The apronym could alternatively be written as "Extreme Situation Catapults Anxious Permanent Exit", but I like the plural form better.
ESS-OH-ESSEncoded Scream Starts Off Harbourmaster's/Hero's Emergency Safety Strategy Angela Brett (see DOTDOTDOTDASHDASHDASHDOTDOTDOT)
FIREMENFlame Is Rising - Emergency Manpower Evidently Needed Tony McCoy O'Grady
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GONE WRONGGenerating Overly Nasty Error Wreaks Ruin - Obviously Not Good Typo McCoy O'Grady
LIFEBOATLucky Indeed For Everyone's Brought Onboard After Tragedy Tony McCoy O'Grady
NASA (4)Not Another Shuttle Accident! Angela Brett, after the space shuttle Columbia broke up in re-entry.
OFFICE OF EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSEOfficially, Firefighters Fail In Containing Engulfing Orange Flames; Especially Major Events. Research Gathered Explains, "Near Catastrophes, Yelling Produces Reduced Efficiency." Primarily, And Regarding Extreme Disasters, Normally Everyone Suffers Sprains And Nausea During Real Emergency Situations. Police Offer Needed Security Everywhere. Kenny Roy
PEBBLEPedestrian Evidently Bashed Boot, Limping Erratically Tony McCoy O'Graaaaaady
RABHADHRead And Beware, Here Are Dire Hazards Angela Brett, who noticed this word on a train as the Irish translation of 'warning'.
SIRENStartlingly Immediate Rousing Emergency Noise Eric Bridgstock
Assorted Nouns:Noises
SIREN (2)Sound Indicating Rapid Evacuation Necessary Eric Bridgstock
Assorted Nouns:Noises
SKIN OF YOUR TEETHStriving Keenly In Nasty Occasion - Finally Yielding One's Utmost Resolution - To Eventually Escape The Horror TMcCO'G
Assorted Phrases
SOSSide Open, Sinking Steve Keate
SOS (2)Some Obscure Signal Steve Keate
SOS (3)Several Obituaries Soon Steve Keate
SOS (4)Signal Of Stress Steve Keate
SOS (5)Sea Opened, Swallowed Steve Keate
SOS (6)Stupid Ocean Swells! Angela Brett
SOS (7)Several Overboard Seamen Angela Brett
SOS (8)Sending Out Screams Angela Brett
SOS (9)Splitting Our Seams Angela Brett
SOS (10)Stay Out, Sea! Angela Brett
SOS (11)Stop Our Suffering! Angela Brett
SOS (12)Sh*tting Our Selves! Angela Brett and Steve Keate
TITANIC (2)Total Indifference Triggered A Needless Iceberg Collision. Roger Williams
TITANICThe Iceberg That, Amazingly, Nudged Into Cruiser. Tony McCoy O'Grady
VOLCANOESVolumes Of Lava Come After Numerous Orgasmic Earthquakes. Scram! Roger Williams
WHEN SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONGWe Have Emergency Notes: Scream! Or, Muff Ears 'Til Hell Is Nearly Gone, Have A Short Game Of 'Nobody Expose Wimpiness' & Resume Our Normal Grind. Angela Brett