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ADOLF HITLERAustria's Demented Ogre Looked For Heaven, Instead Totally Lost Euthenical Reich. Rico Leffanta
AL GOREAlways Let Government Organise Religious Events Rico Leffanta
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERAustrian Republican Newcomer Offers Leadership Drama - Supremely Confident His Will And Rightist Zeal Enough, Now Envisages Governorship Goal Eminently Reachable Chris Kjelgaard
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ASHCROFTArrogant Supporter Hates Criticisms Raised Over Firearms Threat Chris Kjelgaard
People & Relationships:Law & Order
ASHCROFT (2)Anti-Semite Helps Christian Right's Openly Fundamentalist Teachings Chris Kjelgaard. The term "Anti-Semite" here is used in its true dictionary meaning, which refers to any person of several races and persuasions, including Arabs, Phoenicians and others - not just the Jewish people.
People & Relationships:Law & Order
ASHCROFT (3)Attorney's Stance Harms Constitutional Rights, Only Furthering Terrorism Chris Kjelgaard. "Only Favoring Theology" could be an alternative ending
People & Relationships:Law & Order
BILL CLINTONBill Is Lusty Leader: Constantly Lets Interns' Nether Territories Overshadow Nation Chris Kjelgaard
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
BUSHBombs Upon Saddam Hussein Elf Qrin
BUSH (2)Big United States Honcho Tony McCoy O'Grady
BUSH (3)Bloodthirsty United States Head Angela Brett (substitute whichever B-adjective or Bad-ejective you like in there.)
BUSH (4)Best Underdog Succeeds Honors Jan Morgan
BUSH (5)Boy Unmasking Stark Hubris Kenneth T. Davis
CATHERINECunning And Thoroughly Horrid & Evil - Russia's Infamous Nightmare Empress Tony McCoy O'Grady
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CHARLIE (2)Chancer Has A Remotely Located Island, Exclusively Tony McCoy O'Grady (An Irish politician - Charles Haughey - owns an entire island off the coast of Ireland, how he financed the purchase has never been satisfactorily Explained)
CHENEYCrafty Halliburton Executive Neatly Enriches Yanks Chris Kjelgaard, referring to Dick Cheney.
CHENEY (2)Corporately Halliburton Enriched, National Economies Yell Chris Kjelgaard, referring to Dick Cheney (see HALLIBURTON)
CHENEY (3)Clearly Halliburton Expects Near East Yippee Chris Kjelgaard, referring to Dick Cheney (see HALLIBURTON)
GEORGE BUSHGetting Elected On Recount, George's Eldest Boy Ultimately Succeeded Him Tony McCoy O'Grady
GEORGE WASHINGTON (2)George Eventually Overthrew "Royal George". Everyone Wanted A Similar Hierarchy In National Government. "That's Over! Nevermore!" Roger Williams -- George Washington was highly instrumental in the success of the American Revolution. After victory, he was hailed as 'King George' and refused the title.
GEORGE W BUSHGot Every Opportunity Republican Governor Ever Wanted - But United States Harmed Chris Kjelgaard
GEORGE W. BUSHGet Elected Or Remain Governor Even When Beaten Under Some Hedges Rico Leffanta
GEORGE W BUSH (2)Got Every Opportunity Republican Gilt Ever Worked - But Unusually Stupid Human Chris Kjelgaard
GEORGE W. BUSH (2)Gets Evil Offensive Ruler, Genuine Empathy, Warmth, Best Underdog Succeeds Honors Jan Morgan
GEORGE W BUSH (3)Gives Every Opportunity Republican Grafters Ever Want By Utilizing State Hubris Chris Kjelgaard
GEORGE W BUSH (4)"Good Egg", Or Really Gifted, Excellent World-Beater? Unimpressive, Say Hecklers Chris Kjelgaard. Alternative endings could be "Usually Seems Harmless", "Unusually Strong Head", or "Unfathomable, Says Humanity", etc.
HILLARY RODHAM CLINTONHellacious Individual Lavishly Lingers Around Rotunda. Yells Resonate Of Diva Having A Massive Clinton Lingo In Nauseating Tones Of Nepotism Jan Morgan
HUSSEINHyprocritical United States Supremo Excuses Invasion Nightly Chris Kjelgaard
HUSSEIN (2)Holes Used Secretly; Still, Eventually, It's Noticed. Roger Williams
IDI AMINIf Destiny Impels, Are Men Intrinsically Nefarious? Rico Leffanta
JOHN KERRYJust One Hellacious Nobody, Kudos Evades Rebellious Reprehensible Yahoo Jan Morgan -- Man who didn't want his medals of war. Was a sell out to those who fought honorably
KENNEDYKilling Ended Nation's Notions, Estranging Developing Youths. Tony McCoy O'Grady, who feels that the death of JFK was the beginning of America's youth becoming disenchanted with politics, paving the way for Nixon and Agnew et al.
MICHAEL HOWARDMigrants In Comfortable Homes And Easy Living Helping Only Worthless And Ruthless Dropouts John Richard Jones
PRIME MINISTERPlease Remember I'm Merely Empowered Mortal, I'm Not Infallible - So Try Empathetic Reactions. Angela Brett
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RICHARD PERLEReaganite's Influence Conquers - Has Administration Reject Diplomacy, Preferring Extremely Right-Leaning Enforcement Chris Kjelgaard. "Extremely Rigorous Law Enforcement" could be an alternative ending
People & Relationships:Law & Order
Military:War & Terrorism
RONALD REAGANRuler Of North America, Looked Dopey - Regular 'Extra' Actor, Got Average Notices Tony McCoy O'Grady
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RONALD REAGAN (2)Respectable Orator Navigates A Large Democracy, Reached Eternity, Alzheimers Gained Against Notable Jan Morgan
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RUMSFELDRemarkably Unpleasant Man, Supercilious For Every Live Debate Chris Kjelgaard
RUMSFELD (2)Recklessly Unrepentant Minister Shows Foreigners Extremely Lethal Displeasure Chris Kjelgaard
RUMSFELD (3)Reactionary Upstart Makes Sure Forces Engage Less-Developed Chris Kjelgaard
SADDAMSavage Arab Dictator, Dangerous And Murderous Tony McCoy O'Grady
SADDAM HUSSEINSupremely Arrogant Despot Desperately Attempts Moving, Hiding - Unlike Sons, Swiftly Exterminated In North Chris Kjelgaard
SADDAM HUSSEIN (2)Scared Arab Dictator Disappeared As Man Hunt Unseated Supporters - Surely Escaped Incognito Now? Chris Kjelgaard
SADDAM HUSSEIN (3)Should A Dictator Die At My Hands? United States Soldiers Entertain Idea Now. Angela Brett
TONY BLAIR (16)Thoughtless Overconfident Narcissistic Yuppie Behaving Like An Idiot Reformed John Richard Jones
TONY BLAIR (15)Tough On Nasty Yobs But Lacking Assurance In Responsibility John Richard Jones
TONY BLAIR (14)Turn-Over Next Year? Britain Leans Appreciably, Implacably Right Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (13)Turn-Over Next Year? Blair Left Assessing Iraq Regrets Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (12)Tony's Out, Now Yeomanry Believes Lied About Iraq's Rockets Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (11)Tony's Office Now Yokes Broadcaster, Lambasts All Its Reporters Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (10)Tony's Office Now Yearns Broadcaster's Libels Aren't Indeed Right Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (9)Theatre Operations Now Yore, Britain's Large Army Is Relieved Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (8)Threat Over? No. Young Blair Left Afearing Iraq's Revenge Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (7)Tony's Office Not Yielding - Britain Leery About Iraqi Rockets Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (6)Tony's Opponents Nod Yes, Britain Lacked Accurate Intelligence Reports Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (5)Tony's On Next - Yet Blair Lies At Inquiry's Review? Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (4)Tony's Office Nervous, Yellow - Blair's Louts Accuse Irresponsible Reporters Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (3)Tony Out? Not Yet - Bush Lackey Acts Innocent, Regretful Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIR (2)Thinking Of New York, Bush Lapdog Accepts Inferior's Role Chris Kjelgaard
TONY BLAIRTired Of Nation's Yelling, British Leader Attacks Iraq Regardless Chris Kjelgaard
TESSA JOWELLTelling Everyone's Sob Story And Just Off With External Leader's Lolly John Richard Jones
WINSTON (2)Wartime Inspiration - Nation Showed They Opposed Nazis Tony McCoy O'Grady