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Loose apronyms:
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ALABAMAA Large Aeronautics, Based At Madison Area Jan Morgan - Madison County, Alabama, is where Huntsville is located and Huntsville has an aeronautics space camp for kids.
ALABAMA (2)Americas Largest Active Battleship Alabama, Mobile Area Jan Morgan - Can Be toured here it saw action in WWII and was the largest ever built
ALASKAA Lotta Arctic Snow - Keep Away! Tony McCoy O'Grady
ALASKA (2)Arctic Lair Afforded Seals; Kodiaks Also Patricia Rix
ALASKA (3)Audacious Lawlessness Allowed Spurious Klondike Acquisitions Roger Williams
ALASKA (4)A Large Arctic Sledding, Klondike Area Jan Morgan
ARIZONAArid Region Is Zone Of Natural Attraction Jan Morgan - Natural attraction the Grand Canyon
ARIZONA (2)Arduous Respiration In Zone Of Ninetynine.nine% Aridity Tony
ARKANSASA Rice Kingdom, And Natural Springs As Spas Jan Morgan - state has hot spring resorts and is a leading rice producer
CALIFORNIAClimate Always Lovely, Is Fruitful Of Rising Newcomers In Arts Jan Morgan
COLORADOCentennial Ordination, Land Of Rockies A Dimmers Observance Jan Morgan - became state 100 years after signing of declaration Mile High City - dims the lights
CONNECTICUTConstitutional Order Naturally Needed, Embraces Colony To Initiate Creed Used Today Jan Morgan - first state to use laws
DELAWAREDutch Explored, Leading Attempts, Wildlife And Refuge Extensive Jan Morgan - leading Attempts = Dupont Products and several wildlife & refuge places
FA (2)Frolicking Americans Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the abbreviation for Florida.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
FLORIDAFeel Like Okefenokee Ramble's Innocuous, Despite Alligators? Patricia Rix
FLORIDA (2)Famous Location Of Republicans' Illegal Democracy-Avoidance Chris Kjelgaard
FLORIDA (3)Fresh Lovely Oranges, Rides In Disney Area Jan Morgan
FLORIDA (4)Fun-Lovers Often Revel In Disney Attractions Tony
GEORGIA (2)Gin Eli Original, Rural Gifts In Area Jan Morgan - Cotton gin was invented by eli whitney, Gifts = crops of cotton for clothes etc and peanuts for peanut butter etc.
HAWAIIHosting Amorous Weekends At Island Inns Rico Leffanta
HAWAII (2)Happiness Around Wonderful And Irresistable Islands Jan Morgan and Kayana Morgan
HAWAII (3)Hulagirls And Wave-Action - Idyllic Islands Tony
HOLLANDHordes Of Low-Landers All Need Dykes Angela Brett
IDAHOIts Diversity Actually Has Options Jan Morgan
ILLINOISIt's Lincolns Land, It's Nature's Option In Soybeans Jan Morgan - More soybeans are grown Here
INDIANAIndians Nation, Drivers Indy Annual National Adventure Jan Morgan (nation - land) and the indy 500
IOWAIt's Out West America Angela Brett
IOWA (2)Idiots On Weird Arable wishes
IOWA (3)Individuals Offered Wool, Amanas Jan Morgan - German religious Colony (amanas) offered woolens, wine, furniture and baked goods
KANSASKey Area Noted, Successful Aircraft Source Jan Morgan - center of U.S. Leading State To Manufacture Aircraft
KENTUCKYKey Event Needs Track, Usually Counts Kilometers - Yards Jan Morgan - Races - the kentucky derby
KERRYKingdom Endures Regular Rainfall Yearly Tony McCoy O'Grady (County Kerry in Ireland is known as 'The Kingdom' and is in the wettest region in the country)
LOUISIANALong's Organization Used Impropriety, Shadiness In Administering Nefarious Activities. Roger Williams -- Refers to Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana from 1928 until his assassination in 1932.
LOUISIANA (2)Lasalle's Origins Used, Is Saved In Area, Native Arcadian Jan Morgan - Lasalle Originally Claimed it for France so the origins are of French culture - Arcadians was shortened to cajun these people came fron acadia in Nova Scotia
MAINEMarginal Area Is North Eastern Jan Morgan
MAINE (2)Mariners Abound In New England Tony
MANITOBAMŽtis And Natives Investigated This Outstandingly Beautiful Area Patricia Rix (MŽtis is anyone of mixed French and Indian heritage, specifically in the Province of Manitoba. This is not a pejorative: the MŽtis have always considered themselves a nation within the nation, as the First Nations do.)
MARYLANDMid Atlantic Region Yields Large Academy, Naval Domain Jan Morgan - the Naval Academy
MASSACHUSETTSMayflower's Arrival Site, School At Cambridge, Harvard University. State Established Textiles, Tourist Sites Jan Morgan
MASSACHUSSETTSManifestly, A Sea Side Area Can Have Unexplored Sunken Ships, Exciting To Treasure Seekers Patricia Rix, saying: I don't know if there are wrecks off the coast of Massachussetts, but it seems logical
MICHIGANMaybe I Could Have It Good Around Newberry Angela Brett
MICHIGAN (2)Motor Industry, Cherries Harvested Is Great Agricultural Need Jan Morgan
MINNESOTAManufacturing Industry Necessary, National Eagle Sightings, Ore, Timber Advantages Jan Morgan
MISSISSIPPIMemories In Segration, Slavery In Southern State Is Paradisical Plantation Illusions Jan Morgan - Plantation owners were in paradise while the slaves were not
MISSOURIMark Is Seasoned Storyteller Of Unusual Rhetoric Idealogy Jan Morgan - Mark Twain
MONTANAMountains Occupy, Northern Treasures At Natural Advantages Jan Morgan - Rockies - Land rich in Natural Minerals - yellowstone sapphire, gold, silver, copper and coal
NEBRASKANegotiates Every Best Resource Advantage, Seems Keenly Agricultural Jan Morgan - Farming State
NEVADANightly Entertainment Venues Are Dating Attractions Jan Morgan
NEW HAMPSHIRENorth Eastern World Has Abnaki Memories, Potatoes Started Here In Region, Embarked Jan Morgan - Abnaki indians Potatoes started(embarked) here
NEW JERSEYNorth Eastern World, Justifying Einstein's Research, Studied Energy, Yesterday Jan Morgan
NEW JERSEY (2)Now Edison Wattage Juices Energy Research Saves Electricity Yesterday Jan Morgan
NEW MEXICONot East's World, Magically Enchanting, Xrayed In Colorful Originality Jan Morgan - known as the land of enchantment and color
NEW YORKNiagara's Enchants Wedded, Your Orchestra Reaches Kudos Jan Morgan - New York philharmonic
NORTH CAROLINANervous Orville Recorded True History Crafted Airplane Riding Over Land In Noble Achievement Jan Morgan - the Wright brothers
NORTH DAKOTANature's Oddest Region, Temperatures Harsh, Drastic, A Kaleidoscopic Original Twisted Area Jan Morgan - Rocks are twisted & Colorful (kaleidoscopic)
OHIOOccupations Have Industry Opportunities Jan Morgan
OKLAHOMAOf Knowledge, Learn An Honest Occupation, Make Available Jan Morgan
ONTARIOOur Northern Trees Appear Reddish In October Patricia Rix
OREGONOriginal Route Engaged, Greatly Opened Nation Jan Morgan - Oregon Trail was an important route to settlers
PENNSYLVANIAPenned Enterprising Necessities, Noteworthy State, Yankees Liberty Victorious, A Nation's Independence Awarded Jan Morgan - this is where the declaration of independence was penned
RHODE ISLANDRoger's Home Of Distinction Established Individual State, Little Area, Newport's Domain Jan Morgan - Roger Williams Established Rhode Island
SOUTH CAROLINAShape Odd, Uniquely Triangular, Has Charleston Area Restored, Originally Lead In Nation's Altercation Jan Morgan (civil War)
SOUTH DAKOTASome Of Us Think, "How Did Arrivals Keep Overcoming This Area?" Roger Williams
SOUTH DAKOTA (2)Sculptures Of Upright Trusted Humans, Deeply Admired, Kept Our Territories Agenda Jan Morgan - Mount Rushmore
TICINOThe Italian Canton... If Not Orally Angela Brett (while Italian is the official language of Ticino and is used for written communication, a lot of people there speak Ticinese)
TEXAS (2)They Enthuse Xaggeratingly About Size! Tony
TENNESSEETourist Encounters National Notorieties, Elvis' Songs, Sights Engaged Embattlements Jan Morgan - Civil War Conflicts
UTAHUnlikely To Absorb Hawaii Angela Brett
UTAH (2)Utopia To All Here Jan Morgan
UTAH (3)Unusual Terrain At Home Jan Morgan
VERMONTVery Enchanting Rich Mountains Observed Natural Treat Jan Morgan - Green Mountains/ Beautiful Foliage/ Maple Syrup
VIRGINIA (2)Views In Region Greatly Involve National Interesting Attractions Jan Morgan
WASHINGTONWestern Area State Has Important, Necessary Great Trees, Olympic Nationals Jan Morgan - Olympic Nationals Park
WASHINGTON (2)Wheat, Apples, Sprout Here, Irrigation Needed Greatly Targets Objective - Nature Jan Morgan
WEST VIRGINIAWas Enroute Southeast To Virginia, In Regional Geographical Incentive, Now In Alleghenies Jan Morgan (the state includes Allegheny Plateau)
WISCONSINWater Is Surrounding, Center Of Northern States In Nation Jan Morgan
WYOMING (2)Where Your Open Miles Is Never Greater Jan Morgan