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Loose apronyms:
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ADAM-ONDI-AHMANA Domain At Missouri, Of Natural Disappearance In Area, Has Monumental Anonymous Narrative Jan Morgan (in north Central Missouri - not far from Gallatin, was a place named by Joseph Smith in Honor of Adam and Eve)
AIRPORTAbounding In Runways, Plenty Of Recreational Travellers Tony McCoy O'Grady
ARENAAthlete's Runway Encircles Natural Amphitheatre Tony McCoy O'Grady
Sports & Recreation
ARLINGTONArmymen's Remains Laid In New Graves, They're Organised Neatly Tony McCoy O'Grady - Arlington is a (the?) major US military cemetery
BOUNDARIESBorders Of Unpleasant Neighbours Demand Agreement. Recognized Indicator Ensures Serenity Tony McCoy/Hatfield
BYZANTIUMBooming Yesteryear Zone - And Now Termed Istanbul Under Musselmen Tony McCoy O'Grady
CAATINGACovering An Arboreal Tract In Natural Granite Area Tony McCoy O'Grady
CATACOMBCan Any Tomb Accept Concubines Of Men Buried? Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Death
CESSPITCloacal Enclosure Some Suffering Person Is Tending Tony McCoy O'Grady
CHASMCrevasses Have Always Slain Mountaineers Angela Brett
Sports & Recreation
CHASMSCan't Hop Across So Much Space TMcCO'G
CHASMS (2)Climb Harnessed And Summit Mountain Safely Angela Brett
Sports & Recreation
C IS FOR CAATINGACovered-In Sandy Floor, Open Region Comprising An Arboreal Tract In Natural Granite Area Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela pointed out that with the ASCII sorting of acronyms, first entries could easily be outdone by 'C is for...' type phrases, and Tony decided to create the ultimate of those.
DALEDown Along Leafy Environment Tony McCoy O'Grady
DESERTDry Earth; Seldom Ever Rains There. Roger Williams
DISNEYLANDDynamic Imaginative Satisfaction, Notably Enchants Youthful Living Adventurer, Necessarily Delivers. Jan Morgan - Magical amusement park that delivers satisfaction to all who have a youthful heart
DISTRICTDistinctly Irregular - Somewhere That Reaches Into Contiguous Townlands Tony McCoy O'Grady: a 'district' is usually a less than precisely defined region, whereas a townland is usually the smallest recognised area in local geography. A district usually comprises several townlands or parts of them.
DRAWBRIDGEDefeats Raiding Assailants When, By Retracting It, Defenders Generally Escape Tony McCoy O'Grady
EUROPEEncompasses Unique Regions, Own Purposes Emphasized Jan Morgan
EYRYEagle Young's Restroom Yesterday Rico Leffanta
FAAAFrench Airstrip Along Atoll Rico Leffanta (Faaa is the name of the international airport for Papeete (Tahiti))
FORESTFormation Of Radiata Exist Standing Together Angela Brett
FOREST (2)Foliage Over Roots Enhances Several Trunks. Angela Brett
GARDENGives All, Rainbow Delights, Entreats Natives Jan Morgan
GARDEN OF EDENGobbling Apple Revealed Dear Eve's Nakedness... One Figleaf Enhanced Decency Enough? No! Angela Brett
GARDEN OF EDEN (2)Gained A Rich Domain, Evil Negotiates Offense, Failed Experimental Decree Exiles Newlyweds Jan Morgan
GARDENSGrass And Rosebeds Delight Everybody's Natural Senses TMcCO'G
GATEGrants Access To Everyone Angela Brett
GRAVEGrievers Remember A Vanished Embodyment Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Death
GRAVESGod Requests A Visit, Eternal Souls. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Death
HARRISHere's A Rough & Rugged Island - Scottish Tony McCoy O'Grady
HEAVENHighly Ecclesiastical Angelic Vista - Eternal Nirvana Angela Brett (the Angelic one ;^)
HEAVEN (2)Hyperdevelopment: Emmanuel Almighty - Virgin Energises Newborn! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
HELLHot Environment, Lucifer's Location Tony McCoy O'Grady
HIGHWAYHaving Itinerary, Guides Humans Wanderings, Achieving Yardage Jan Morgan
HILLHuge Insipid Land Lump Angela Brett
HOMEHouse Or Mansion, Essentially. Angela Brett
HOME AT LASTHouse Of Mine Evokes A Teary Look, After Strenuous Travellings TMcCO'G
People & Relationships
HOME AT LAST (2)Homesickness's Over Mate, Extend Almighty Thanks, Like A Seasoned Traveller TMcCO'G
People & Relationships
HOMELANDHere Our Mothers Endured Labour - A Nation Divine Angela Brett
HOMELAND (2)Heart Of My Existence Lies Amid Native Dominion Angela Brett
HOMELAND (3)Here Originated My Ethnicity, Language, And Negative Discrimination Angela Brett
IBERIAIn Between European Regimes Invading Africa Rico Leffanta
JUNCTIONJumbled Underground Network Comes Together Into One Nexus Angela Brett
JUNGLEJumbled Undergrowth - Not Grass Land Evidently Tony McCoy O'Grady
KAIMANAWAKnocking Around In Mountains Are Nomads And Wild Animals Angela Brett, referring to the mountain range in NEW ZEALAND
KILLARNEYKeep It Like Left Alone, Renewing Naturally Every Year Angela Brett, who went to Killarney National Park, Ontario, with the Rixes.
LATITUDE & LONGITUDELost? Attend To Indicators That Uniquely Distinguish Every Location. One Needs Geometry, International Time & Utilise Decent Ephemeris Tony McCoy O'Grady
LOMBARD (2)Loan Of Money? Beware A Ruinous Debt Tony McCoy O'Grady
MECCAMuslims Everywhere Can Come Along. Angela Brett
MINEMinerals In Nature Extracted Angela Brett
MOUNTAINSMovement Of Uncountable Newtons Thrust Alps Into New Space Tony McCoy O'Grady
NADIRNothing Above Depth Is Reversed Rico Leffanta
OASIS (2)Overcoming Arid Sand Is Sustenance Angela Brett
PARK (2)Playground Amuses Rowdy Kindergarteners Angela Brett
PARK (3)Playground Amuses Restless Kids Tony McCoy O'Grady
PARK (4)Playing Achieves Recreation, Kids Jan Morgan & Remington Morgan
Sports & Recreation
PLACEPosition Located And Correctly Established Tony McCoy O'Grady
PROJECTSPeople Rely On Just Enough Cash To Survive Tavia Bryant
PURGATORYPunishment Until Residual Guilt Atoned, Then Openly Regard Yahweh Tony McCoy O'Grady
QUAGMIREQuite Unpassable And Gluey Marsh In Remote Environment Tony McCoy O'Grady
REGIONRough Expanse, Generally In One's Neighbourhood Tony McCoy O'Grady
ROCKRegion Of Countryside - Karst. Tony McCoy O'Grady
SAARSaxon Area Around River Rico Leffanta
SANDYSunbathe Among Natural Dunes, Yes? Tony McCoy O'Grady
SAN FRANCISCO (6)Several Awesome New Friends, Reports About New Computer Ideas, Software (Confidential Offering!) Angela Brett, who went to WWDC 2004 in San Francisco -- Confidential Offering refers to the developer preview of Tiger all attendees got.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
STANNARIESSome Tin Accumulated. Now Not Accessed - Reason Is Economic Suitability. Tony McCoy O'Grady
TRANQUIL PLACEThis Room's A Nice Quiet Undisturbed Idyll. Lie Prone, Loosening As Calmness Embraces Angela Brett
Sports & Recreation:Relaxation
THEME PARKThese Have Entertained Many Escapists, Particularly Adults Reliving Kiddiehood Tony McCoy O'Grady
TENTTrampers Erect Neat Tarpaulin Angela Brett
Sports & Recreation
TARA (2)They Are Rich Atlantans. Roger Williams -- Gone With the Wind.
VALLEYVentilation Allows Lungs Loud Emphatic Yodel jotham
VALLEY FORGEVolunteer Army Languished Lamentably, Elements. Yes Famished Order's Reorganization Guarded Emcampment Jan Morgan
VOLCANOESVolumes Of Lava Come After Numerous Orgasmic Earthquakes. Scram! Roger Williams
People & Relationships:Disaster
WYNDWinding Yet Narrow Defile Tony McCoy O'Grady
ZIONZone Is On Nation Jan Morgan