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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
AL QAEDAAmerican Leaders Quieten Arab Enemies' Destruction Attempts Chris Kjelgaard
ANTHRAX (3)And Not Two Heads Rolled - All Xaggeration! Angela Brett, when only one person had died of anthrax in the USA but the whole world was paranoid about it.
BAGHDADBefore Americans Get Here, Dozens Are Dying Angela Brett (this acronym could be either for or against the war in Iraq... am I referring to the dozens being killed while US troops are on the way to Baghdad, or those killed by Saddam Hussein before the war started?)
Places:Towns & Cities
BLAST 'EMBin Laden's A Sadistic Terrorist - Evil Manifested Angela Brett, who in general doesn't advocate blasting things but wanted to demonstrate an expansion containing 'Bin Laden'
FENCESForce: Even Not! Cage Envelops Stuff! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Concentration camp, World War 2. See THEULTIMATENONVIOLENTMAN.
HARMHumans Are Really Mean Angela Brett
People & Relationships
HATEHumans Attack Their Enemies Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Emotions
HATINGHumans Attack Those Idolising Neighbouring Gods Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Emotions
INVASION OF IRAQInvasion Now Viewed American Solution - Importantly, Only Nations Of Fundamentalist Islamic Religious Arabs Qualify Chris Kjelgaard
INVASION OF IRAQ (2)Iraq's Never-Valorous Army Soon Imploded - Only, Now, Occupying Forces Infer Reactionaries Aren't Quelled! Chris Kjelgaard
IRAQIInvaders' Reasoning: Al Qaeda Implicit Chris Kjelgaard
People & Relationships:Nationalities & Races
LIBERATION OF IRAQLooking Innocent, Bush Employs Rhetoric, Attempting To Imply Outrage - Nevertheless, Oil Field Income Really American Quest! Chris Kjelgaard
OSAMAOrchestrated Suicide Air Missions, Allegedly Angela Brett, referring to OSAMA BIN LADEN
Names:Famous people
OSAMA BIN LADENOne Saudi Arabian Masterminded Airplane Blitz In Newyork - Letting America Drop Explosives Nightly Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people
PALESTINEPlease, All... Let's End Schismatic Terrorism (Israel's No Exception!) Angela Brett
PATRIOTPerson Acclaiming Territorial 'Romance' Is Often Terrorist Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships
PENTAGONPoor Economic Numbers? Target Arabian Gulf Oil Nation! Chris Kjelgaard
PENTAGON (2)President Employs "Nucular" Threat Argument, Guaranteeing Overthrows, Naturally Chris Kjelgaard
PENTAGON (3)Politicians Envisage New Targets As Greed Opportunities Narrow Chris Kjelgaard
PENTAGON (5)President's Edict: No Terrorists Active, Grab Oil Now! Chris Kjelgaard
PENTAGON (7)Potentially Every New Terrorism Alert Generates Offensive Now Chris Kjelgaard
PENTAGON (9)Patriotism Excuse Now To Attack Gulf Oil Nations Chris Kjelgaard
RICHARD PERLEReaganite's Influence Conquers - Has Administration Reject Diplomacy, Preferring Extremely Right-Leaning Enforcement Chris Kjelgaard. "Extremely Rigorous Law Enforcement" could be an alternative ending
Names:Famous people:Politicians
People & Relationships:Law & Order
ROUNDHEADRebels (Oliver's) Under New Direction, Heartily Eviscerated Aristocratic Domination Robert Anonymous -- The Roundheads were the name given to the side of the English Civil war that opposed the king, lead by Oliver Cromwell
SMITEStriking Makes It Terrifying, Enmity Jan Morgan
SNIPERSecreted Neatly In Place, Expert Rifleman Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Occupations
SNIPER (2)Solitary Nemesis, Invisibly Placed, Executes Reliably. Roger Williams
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
WARWhen America Retaliates Angela Brett, after terrorists crashed commercial jets into the Pentagon and the WORLD TRADE CENTER.
WAR (2)Will America Retaliate? Angela Brett (see WAR)
WAR (3)Wastage All 'Round :( Angela Brett
WARFAREWe Are Ready For A Rapid Exit Angela Brett
WAR ON TERRORWhat A Rip Off! Nervous Tony's Extreme Reaction Restricts Our Rights! Leo Boyes
WATERLOOWhen A Tyrant's Ended Revolution, Loses Over Onslaught Robert Anonymous Waterloo was the name of the battle in which Napoleon was defeated. Napoleon was a self declared emperor who had restored stability to France after the French revolution.
WORLD TRADE CENTERWas Osama Responsible? Lost Due To Runaway Aeroplanes - Death Everywhere. Can Everyone Near Terrorists Expect Revenge? Angela Brett (see WAR)
WORLD TRADE CENTER (2)With Outstanding Revulsion Let's Declare Terrorism Repugnant And Devote Every Conscious Effort Now To Emergency Relief Tony McCoy O'Grady (see WAR and WTC)
WREATHWe Remember Everyone, Acclaiming Them Heroes Angela Brett
WTCWar? Terrorism? Crime? Jeff Anonymous (given the lack of a proper term to describe the September 11, 2001, tragedy in New York City, resulting in the destruction of the World Trade Center)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
WTC (2)What Treacherous Conniving? Tony McCoy O'Grady
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
WTC (3)War Traumatises Civilians! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
WTC (4)When Terrorists Conspire! Tony McCoy O'Grady
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
WTC (5)Watch Them Collapse Tony McCoy O'Grady, who apologises for the bad taste.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
WTC (6)Will Terrorists Cry? Jeff Anonymous
Re-expansions of existing acronyms