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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ANUBISAncient Netherworld-Underworld Being Is Supreme Tony McCoy O'Grady
BODIES'Bravery' Of Dead Is Euphemism: Stupidity! Angela Brett
CARRIONCarcasses Are Ripe & Rotting; It's One Nightmare! Roger Williams
CATACOMBCan Any Tomb Accept Concubines Of Men Buried? Rico Leffanta
COFFINContains Obsolete Fellow's Finite Ingredients Now Tony McCoy O'Grady
DEADDidn't Earlier Admit Defeat Angela Brett
DEAD (2)Drank Ethanol And Drove Angela Brett
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
DEAD (3)Defunct Entity, Already Departed Tony McCoy O'Grady
DEAD (4)Doesn't Exhale Anymore - Deceased Tony McCoy O'Grady
DEATHDecaying Elderly Advances To Heaven. Angela Brett
DEATH (2)Devout Expect Afterlife - Tentatively Heaven. Angela Brett
DEATH (3)Dealt Everyone, According To Hoyle. Rico Leffanta, who explained to a puzzled Angela that E. Hoyle (1672-1769) wrote THE rule book for card games, hence the international expression "according to Hoyle".
DEATH (4)Delights End At This Hour. Timothy Chambers
DEATH (5)Don't Ever Assume Tomorrow'll Happen Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Advice
DEATH (6)Discerned Eternally, Assuming There's Heaven/Hell Angela Brett -- If we simply cease to exist upon death, then we are alive for the entire time we're aware of anything at all, which (from the individual's perspective) is equivalent to living forever. If we each have an eternal 'afterlife' in which we know we're dead, then we are only alive for an insignificantly finite amount of time and dead ever after. Thus the 'eternal life' promised by Heaven is more an eternal death. I doubt many would disagree that Hell is also an eternal death.
DECOMPOSEDeath Ends Complex Organic Molecular Processes - O Sweet Eternity Tony McCoy O'Grady, after reading COMPOSE
DEGRADEDead Entities Gently Rot And Decay Eventually Tony McCoy O'Grady
DREADSDaring Reality Envelops Annihilates Death! Saviour! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
People & Relationships:Emotions
ENDINGEvery Near-Death Indicates New Genesis Angela Brett
FATALForwards Abruptly To After-Life Angela Brett
FUNERALFamily Uncovers Necropolitan Expenses Reducing All Legacies Rico Leffanta and Angela Brett
GHOSTGhoul Heckling Our Sleep Time Rico Leffanta
GHOST (2)Grief Has One Seeing Things Angela Brett
GHOULSGive Hundreds Of Undead Life, Symbolically Angela Brett
GRAVEGrievers Remember A Vanished Embodyment Angela Brett
GRAVESGod Requests A Visit, Eternal Souls. Angela Brett
GRIEVOUSGrave Robber Is Extolling Virtues Of Using Shovel Angela Brett (grave robbing is rather a grievous thing to do.)
GYTRASHGhost You Think Real, Apparition Seemingly 'Here' Tony McCoy O'Grady
HOMICIDEHorror Of Murder Is Captured In Deceased's Expression Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Law & Order
HOSPITAL (2)Hearses Offer Some Patients Into The After-Life Angela Brett
INFANTICIDEIt's Not Fair, And Not Tolerated - Innocent Child Isn't Deserving Evisceration Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Law & Order
LIFELESSLying In Floppy Entropy - Lived, Expired, Sleeping Soullessly Angela Brett
LOVE DEATHLots Of Violence, Explicitly Dramatised, Enhances A Television Horror Angela Brett, when someone searched for 'LOVE DEATH' on the Acronyms website.
Entertainment:TV shows
MORTAL REMAINSMolecules Obviously Rot, Then After-Life Results. Eternity Means An Infinity Never Stops Tony McCoy O'Grady
MUMMYMade Using Medical Materials - Yes? Tony McCoy O'Grady
MURDERMotive Usually Revenge, Dealt Excessively Ruthlessly. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Law & Order
SLEEP (6)Sin Lovers Eventually Eliminate Possible! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Death.
SPECTRESoul's Presence Ex-Corpus, Theoretically Residual Energy. Angela Brett
SPIRITSomehow Perhaps I'll Remain, In Thought. Angela Brett
SPIRIT (2)Soul's Passage Interrupted, Remains In Torment Tony McCoy O'Grady
STICKY ENDSaying That I Could Kill You Evoked Nasty Death Angela Brett -- don't threaten people, they might be armed with glue guns or worse.
People & Relationships:Law & Order
SUICIDESo Unhappy I Could Invent Deadly Exit Steve Keate
People & Relationships:Emotions
SUICIDE (2)Shameful, Usually - Intentional Cessation Initiates Disgraceful Exequy. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Emotions
SUICIDE (3)Surely Unnoticed, I Cry In Despair Everyday Apronymous Anonymous
People & Relationships:Emotions
TANGITears Are Not Good Indications Angela Brett (Tangi is the Maori word for cry, and also for a funeral)
People & Relationships:Emotions
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