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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ARTILLERYArmoured Runabout Throws Its Load, Letting Explosives Reach You Tony McCoy O'Grady
AS GOOD AS A MILEA Shot Goes Off Original Direction, A Stray Arrow's 'Miss Indicator' Lacks Exactness TMcCO'G - referring to the usually longer expression "A miss is as good as a mile" meaning that to be a half and inch out is as bad as being a mile out.
Assorted Phrases:Sayings
ASHCROFTArrogant Supporter Hates Criticisms Raised Over Firearms Threat Chris Kjelgaard
Names:Famous people:Politicians
People & Relationships:Law & Order
ASSAGAIA Slender Spear African Guards Aim Impeccably Angela Brett
BATTLE TANKBush Artfully Targets Threat-Lapsed Enemy, Totally Avoiding North Korea Chris Kjelgaard
BLASTBomb Leaves Air Smelling Terrible Tony McCoy O'Grady
BOMB (2)Bungled Once More Bigtime! Roger Williams
BULLETBlood Unravels Lightning Lead Ejection Trails Rico Leffanta
CROSSBOWCranks & Ratchets Operation Shot Steel Bolt - Outlawed Weapon Tony McCoy O'Grady (The crossbow was outlawed by one of the Popes as being an "unChristian" weapon.)
DYNAMITEDo You Need Any Massive Items To Explode? Angela Brett
GUNGreat Unusual Names Jan Morgan
GUN (2)Good/Guided/Guarded Usage Necessary Jan Morgan
GUN (3)Gear Unpopular Notoriously Jan Morgan
GUNS (2)Gadgets Utilize Needed Security Jan Morgan
HE HAD A KNIFEHoned Edged Havoc And Devastation Assassin Killed Nastily - Incisive Fatal Effect TMcCO'G
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
I LIKE SWORDSI Loathe Insignificant Knives - Even Swishing With One Rarely Disturbs Soldiers. Angela Brett, when somebody searched for that phrase on the ACRONYMS website.
I LIKE SWORDS (2) I Live, I Kill... Enemies Shall Weep, Or Rather, Die Suddenly. Angela Brett
KNIFEKeenness Needs Incredibly Fine Edge Tony McCoy O'Grady
Household Objects:Eating Utensils
LANCELong And Narrow, Charge Enemies Tony McCoy O'Grady
MACEMethodical Attacker Crushes Enemies Tony McCoy O'Grady
MOAB (2)Maxes Out All Buildings Tony McCoy O'Grady referring to "Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb", "Mother Of All Bombs"
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
PENTAGON (4)Purchases Endlesss New Tanks, Aircraft, Guns, Ordnance, Napalm Chris Kjelgaard
PHASERPlease Have A Stun Effect Ready Angela Brett (apparently "set your phasers to stun" is a common command in Star Trek)
PIKEPointed Implement Kills Enemies Sean Lamb ( lists one definition as "A long spear formerly used by infantry.")
REVOLVERRotating Elements, Vital Of Lines, Viewing Every Range Jan Morgan
RIFLERight In Firing Line... Eeeek! Angela Brett
RIFLE (2)Robbers' Instinct - Fleetingly Look Everywhere Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
SABERSword's A Brilliant Edged Razor Tony McCoy O'Grady
SWORDSharp Weapon Of Ruthless Destruction Tony McCoy O'Grady
SWORD (2)Sharp Weapon Of Relentless Destruction Angela Brett
SWORDSStart Weeping... Our Regiment's Deadly Serious Angela Brett
TORPEDOThey Often Roamed Pacific Exploding Destroyers Overhead Tony McCoy O'Grady
UZIUsually Zapping Israelis Angela Brett
UZISUsed Zealously In Soldiering Tony McCoy O'Grady