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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ANITA EKBERGAlways Nourishing Imaginative Tryst Arrangements Even Kindergarten Boys Enthusiastically Ravish Girl Rico Leffanta
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERAustrian Republican Newcomer Offers Leadership Drama - Supremely Confident His Will And Rightist Zeal Enough, Now Envisages Governorship Goal Eminently Reachable Chris Kjelgaard
Names:Famous people:Politicians
BENNYBerk Eroticised Near-Naked Youngwomen TMcCO'G - referring to Benny Hill
BROOKE SHIELDSBoys Routinely Offer Open Kisses Erotically, Should Her Incited Erotic Lips Demand Satisfaction? Rico Leffanta
CLAUDIACardinale (Latin Actress) Undressed Decorously In Acting TMcCO'G
CLINT EASTWOODCowboy Loves Intriguing New Targets Especially Actresses Seducing Their Way Over Old Decoys Rico Leffanta
DIANA DORSDoes It And Never Apologises Demimonde Of Reckless Society Rico Leffanta
DORIS DAYDaughter Of Righteous Idiots Singing, "Daisy Awaits Yokel" Rico Leffanta
EVA GABOREternal Virgin Always Going Around Breasting Other Romantics Rico Leffanta
GOLDIE HAWNGiggly Outrageous Laughter Does Indeed Eventually Help A Woman's Needs Rico Leffanta
GOLDIE HAWN (2)Gives Off Love, Devoted In Enjoyment, Has Awesome Whimsical Nature Jan Morgan
GREER GARSONGirl Romantically Encountering Erotic Rascals Going Around Rapidly Seducing Over Nothing Rico Leffanta
HARPERHappy Actress Regularly Played Eccentric Rhoda Tony McCoy O'Grady - Valerie Harper Played "Rhoda" in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and eventually got an eponymous spin-off show.
Entertainment:TV shows
HILARY DUFFHappy Individual Loves Adventures Really Yields Doing Unforgettable Fun Features Jan Morgan
HOLDENHad Olympian Looks - Did Excellent 'Network' Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to actor William Holden.
JANE FONDAJust A Nobody, Editorializing/Effeminate Fight Opposer Negotiates Disreputable Agenda Jan Morgan -- was a sell out in the Vetnam conflict
JOAN RIVERSJokester Offering A Nasty Remark In Various Entertainment Road Shows W. Kline
JULIA ROBERTSJoyful Unbridled Lover Instinctively Always Reveals Ostentatious Big Eyes Really Trap Spouse Rico Leffanta
KATHERINEKeen Actress That Hepburn, Exuding Romantic Intensity & Naughty Eroticism Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
KIM NOVAKKnockers Intrigue Males Not Otherwise Vaccinating Armoured Knickers Rico Leffanta
LAURENLooked Astounding, Utterly Ravishing Even Now Tony McCoy O'Bogart, referring to Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart's wife and frequent co-star
Names:First names:Female
LORETTA SWIT ("HOTLIPS")Letters Often Reveal Erotic Thoughts That Always Spill Wetly In Time; However Often That Lasts, It's Pretty Sensational Rico Leffanta
MAE WESTMen Always Eagerly Watched Every Sexy Turn Roger Williams -- We're talking about the actress here, not the life jacket...
MARLON BRANDOMarvellous Actor - Rugged Looking - Oscar 'Name', By Rejecting Award, Needled & Dissed 'Ollywood Tony McCoy O'Grady
MEG RYANMany Erotic Grinds Replay Young Actress's Noisiness Rico Leffanta
MEL GIBSONMan Earns Loads, Gives Insights, Biblical Savior's Own Narrative Jan Morgan -- refering to his work on the passion
MIA FARROWMan Invites Affair From Adolescent Romantically Rivalling Own Wife Rico Leffanta
RONALD REAGANRuler Of North America, Looked Dopey - Regular 'Extra' Actor, Got Average Notices Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people:Politicians
RONALD REAGAN (2)Respectable Orator Navigates A Large Democracy, Reached Eternity, Alzheimers Gained Against Notable Jan Morgan
Names:Famous people:Politicians
SEINFELDSilly Eejit Is Not Funny, Even Looks Dorky Tony McCoy O'Grady
Entertainment:TV shows
SELA WARDSeeks Exciting Love Affair With A Romantic Director Rico Leffanta
SHARON TATESkelter, Helter Atrocity, Repulsive. On News Telling August's Terrible Event Jan Morgan - the Tate-La Bianca murders that Charles Manson orchestrated (the song 'Helter Skelter' by The Beatles was written in blood on the walls)
People & Relationships:Law & Order
SIMONESignoret Is Magnificent Onscreen - Naturally Expressive Tony McCoy O'Grady (French actress Simone Signoret sprang to mind immediately when Angela posted SIMONE on the forums as an unsuccessful search term)
TOM HANKSThis Oscar Man Has Another Near Knockout Showing Rico Leffanta
VINNYViolence Is Not Nice, Y'know Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to soccer's 'hard man' Vinny Jones, who has turned to acting in films and plays 'hard' roles
Names:First names:Male
VIRNA LISIVirgins In Rome Now Agree: Love Is Seldom Intimate Rico Leffanta
WAYNEWellknown Actor, Yet Never Excelled Tony McCo(wbo)y O'Grady