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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
AMTRAKAnother Metro Train Rolls Along Keenly Sean Lamb (Amtrak is the national passenger carrier of the US)
BALFOUR BEATTY RAIL LIMITEDBig And Lucrative Frontrunner Of UK Rail Business. Electrification And Trackwork That You'd Readily Accept. It Looks Like (Inciting Moans) Intensive 'Training' Exercises Delivered. Angela Brett
CAMELBACKCab's About Middle. Engineer Looks Back And Controls Kettle. Sean Lamb (a camelback locomotive is a steam engine where the control cab is wrapped around the middle of the boiler rather than at the rear end of it; smaller locomotives were also sometimes called 'tea kettles')
DEADMAN'S BUTTONDevice Employed As Defensive Mechanism Against Napping Staff By Using The Tension Of Normality Sean Lamb. The Deadman's Button is a device installed in lomotives that must remain depressed by the engineer (usually under his/her foot) to prevent the brakes from being applied; the theory is that if the engineer had a lapse of consciousness (falling asleep, heart attack, whatever), his foot would come off the button, thus applying the brakes.
ERIEErie Railroad Is Extinct Sean Lamb (the Erie Railroad, chartered in 1832, ran between New York City and Buffalo (on Lake Erie) until it was merged into the Erie Lackawanna in the 1950s and later Conrail, which has now been split between CSX and Norfolk Southern)
FAST TRACK For A Shorter Transport Time, Railways Are Car Killers! Angela Brett
GRADEGenerally Railroads Aren't Deliberately Elevated Sean Lamb (The easiest tracks on which to control trains are perfectly level [with a 0% grade] and perfectly straight)
HOT BOXHelp/Halt! Our Train's Becoming Overly Xerantic! Angela Brett (According to the glossary on, hot box refers to excessive heating of a plain bearing axlebox due often to a loss of adequate lubrication and which required the locomotive to be stopped before severe damage and possible derailment occurred.)
ILLINOIS CENTRALIt's Like Long In New Orleans Is Sighing. Canadian Equipment, New Trains Running Around Louisiana Sean Lamb (Huey Long was governor of Louisiana earlier in the 20th century, and the Illinois Central, now owned by Canadian National, was well-known for the passenger train "The City of New Orleans" [remember the song made famous by Arlo Guthrie?])
JUNCTIONJumbled Underground Network Comes Together Into One Nexus Angela Brett
KETTLEKeeping Engineers Tooting Their Little Engines Sean Lamb - A kettle (an abbreviation of tea-kettle) refers to any very small steam locomotive, usually one without a tender.
LUASLocals Understand As 'Speed' Angela Brett -- According to What does the name LUAS stand for? Luas is the Irish word for speed and so (as it is not an abbreviation) should be written Luas rather than L.U.A.S. I beg to differ!
NARROW GAUGENon-Average Rail Ratio, One Working Grade And Unusual Gauge Examples Sean Lamb ("Gauge" refers to the distance between the rails. Standard Gauge in North America is 4' 8.5", Narrow Gauge is anything less than that, most commonly 3'; narrow gauge railroads often contain tighter curves and steeper grades than their standard gauge counterparts)
ON THE LAWOne Night They Had Extra Labor And Wages Sean Lamb (A train crew is "on the law" when they have exceeded their allowed work time between rest periods)
People & Relationships:Law & Order
QUICK-ACTING BRAKEQuickly Used, Its Caboose Kills Acceleration Creating Traction In Need. Good Brakes Really Avoid Killing Engineers. Sean Lamb ( defines this as "A Modification by George Westinghouse of his automatic air-brake for quicker response at the rear of a train." Many train crews have been killed by runaways when the brakes failed.)
RABHADHRead And Beware, Here Are Dire Hazards Angela Brett, who noticed this word on a train as the Irish translation of 'warning'.
People & Relationships:Disaster
RAILROADRiding Along In Luxury, Railroads Often Are Delightful Sean Lamb
SAND DRAGStop And Not Derail Delinquent Railcars... A Godsend! Angela Brett (according to a Sand Drag is a short length of railway track buried in sand, and running from a set of catch points. It is designed to bring runaway vehicles to a halt rather than derailing them.)
STEAMSometimes The Engines Are Magical Sean Lamb
TRAIN SERVICETracks Run Around Island Nation, So Each Remote Village Is Connected Effectively Tony McCoy O'Grady
TRAIN (2)Two Rails Are Invariantly Near Angela Brett
TRAINTransporting Resources And Interconnecting Nations Sean Lamb
UDEUltimate Deceleration Event Sean Lamb (UDE is a railroad acronym for UnDesired Emergency, as in an event where the brake system on a train is set to the "Emergency" setting, bringing the train to a stop as absolutely soon as possible. Most often a train is set into Emergency when a car is stopped on a railroad crossing or desides to drive around the gates; engineers in this situation are normally granted a psychological leave for a short period.)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
UNPUNCTUAL TRAIN SERVICESUsing Normal People Under Normal Conditions, Transport Usually Arrives Late. Theories Repeatedly Are Investigated; Now Scientific Experiments Rush Vehicles In Certain Exceptional States. Angela Brett, wondering if there is a natural Law of Trains which states that they are always late except in unusual circumstances, such as when nobody's waiting for them, or when the passengers are all late.
WAGONWe Are Getting On Now. Angela Brett
WAITING ROOMWe Aren't In Train, I'm Now Getting Restless Over Our (Mis)adventure. Angela Brett (Tony and I missed our train to Limerick by about a minute, and had to wait a few hours for the next one.)