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Loose apronyms:
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ABORTIONA Baby Only Remains 'Til It's Ordered Not Angela Brett
ADOPTEDAngel Dancing On Pin Turning Either Direction Rico Leffanta, referring to that very Catholic question: "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" If you are adopted (and are, one presumes, angelic) you must dance according to the direction of your new parents - whatever direction that may be, or fall from the only thing stable in your life...
BABYBoisterous And Bouncy Youth Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, inspired by Quantum Reid, Angela Brett's nephew - see his homepage at
BABY (2)Burping And Belching Youth Tony McCoy O'Grady
BABY BLUEBonnie And Bouncy, Your Bairn Looks Unusually Elegant Tony McCoy O'Godfather
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BONDEDBaby Of New Dad Enjoys/Endures Doting Angela Brett
BROTHERSBrats Repeatedly Offending Their Honest, Erudite, Responsible Sisters Rico Leffanta
CHILD (2)Comics Hope It's Laughter's Daughter Rico Leffanta
CHILDCARECare Handler, Infants, Little "Dumplings", Capable Adults' Responsibility, Employment Jan Morgan - Little Dumplings can be considered an endearment used for toddlers
CHILDRENCurious Homonym In Language... Dearness Refunds Expenses Ninefold. Angela Brett
COUSINChild Of Uncle's Sibling Is Nephew Tony McCoy O'Grady
DADDick Added DNA Angela Brett
DAD (2)Desired A Daughter Angela Brett
DADDYDear Adult Dutifully Dotes, Young Jan Morgan
DNADaddy Not Available DNA usually stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
FAIL SAFEFamily! Adult In Loving Sweet Abode! Fails Employers! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
FAMILYFather And Mother, I Love You. Angela Brett
FAMILY (3)Freaks Aligned Monolithically In Living Yearbooks Rico Leffanta
FAMILY (4)Friends Are Members, In Life's Years Jan Morgan -- our family should be our friends throughout the years
FAMILY HOME EVENINGFun Activities, Meetings Involve Lessons You've Held On Monday Evening, Entertaining Ventures, Edible Nibbles Involve Nice Group Jan Morgan
FATHERFearless Adult That Hinders Equal Responsibilities Mary Carr
FATHERSForbid All Teenage Happiness - Especially Recreational Sex Rico Leffanta
GENEALOGYGenerations Evoke New Excitement And Love Of Genealogy Yearnings Jan Morgan - Genealogy is the study of our heritage and finding our ancestors
GODMOTHERGood Old Dame Minding Other Transient Humans Extra Responsibilities Mary Carr
HELPING CHILDRENHas Endless Listening Patience - It's Needed. Genuine Concern Helps If Little Darlings Require Extra Nurturing Tony McCoy O'Grady
HI MOMHere Is Model Of Maternity Tony McCoy O'Grady
IN LAWI Never Loved Anyone Worse Rico Leffanta
IWIIncreased Whanau, Ivory Angela Brett (Iwi means either 'tribe' or 'bone' in Maori, Whanau means 'family')
Science:Biology:Body Parts
Science:Linguistics:Maori Words
KIDSKinship In Daughters & Sons Tony McCoy O'Grady
KIDS (2)Keep It Down - Sshhh! Angela Brett
KINKid's Into Naughtiness Sean Lamb
KIN (2)Kinship Is Necessary Sean Lamb
KIN (3)Kindred In Nature Jan Morgan
KITHKindness In Their Hearts Angela Brett
KNOCKED UPKnowing Nothing Of Carnal Knowledge, Encounter's Disastrous - Unwanted Pregnancy! TMcCO'G
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
LITTLE BROTHERLife Is Terribly Tough. Look, Everyone's Big Relative Often Tries Heavyhanded 'Exactive' Relationship Tony McCoy O'Grady, who knows that elder brothers often try to 'blackmail' younger brothers (he's both a younger and an older brother!).
LOVINGLeave Out Violence In Next Generation Angela Brett, in response to the same request as WATCH OUT, referring to people who grow up to be abusive because their parents were, and they don't know any other way of parenting.
People & Relationships:Emotions
People & Relationships:Abuse
LOVING (2)Leave Out Violence Involving Next Generation Tony McCoy O'Grady, putting a slightly different slant on Angela's LOVING.
People & Relationships:Emotions
People & Relationships:Abuse
MAMaternal Ancestor Tony McCoy O'Grady
MA (2)Maternal Android Rico Leffanta
MOMMaker Of Me Angela Brett
MOM (2)Meals Outta Mammaries TMcO'G
MOM (3)Made Our Mitochondria Angela Brett
MOMMIESMom Or Mum? Mummies Is English Spelling Angela Brett
MOMMYManipulating Ovaries Manufactures Maternal Yearnings imposed
MOTHERMajestic, Orderly, Tit-Heralding Energetic Reposedness Mary Carr
MOTHER MARYMy Own 'Tree' Has Exact Relative & Moniker, Approximating Religious Yarn Angela Brett (whose mother is Mary) when somebody searched for Mother Mary on the acronyms website.
MOTHERSManiacal Obsession Teaching Heaven's Early Redemption Schemes Rico Leffanta
MUMMY (2)My Uterine Membranes Made You! Angela Brett
MY GRANDMOTHERMine, Yours, Grand-Relatives All Nag Descendents. Money, Otherwise, To Heirs Eventually Relinquishing. Robert Anonymous
NEW BABYNeonate Enters World Blubbering And Burping Yuckily. Angela Brett
NEWBIENot Even Weaned, Baby Is Extraordinary Jeff Anonymous, noting that an unweaned baby is basically a 'newbie' to life.
NITWITNiece/Nephew In The Wife's Irrevocable Trust Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Insults
PAPaternal Ancestor Tony McCoy O'Grady
PA (2)Paternal Android Rico Leffanta
PEDIGREE CHARTPersonal Effort Determines Interlocking Generations, Respecting Every Evidence, Chooses Heritage At Relations Task Jan Morgan - a form used in organizing a family for genealogy purposes
SCIONSomeone Classic In Origin, Now Robert Anonymous
SISTERSSiblings Intentionally Showing To Everyone Reality's Secrets Rico Leffanta
SMALL BABYSure, Maybe A Little Little, But 'Ardly Begun Yet! Angela Brett
SPOOKSpectacular Projection Of Our Kids Rico Leffanta
SPROGSmall Person - Renewer Of Generation Angela Brett
TONSILTissue Or New Son-In-Law Rico Leffanta
Science:Biology:Body Parts
UIFSAUltimatum Insures Families Secure Alimony Sean Lamb - UIFSA really stands for the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, an act that will enable the state that issues the first support order to have jusrisdiction over the payor (sic) regardless of which state the payor resides in. I used 'Families' instead of 'Fathers' because there are quite a few deadbeat moms out there with the deadbeat dads (growing up with a father prosecuting child support cases taught me that lawbreaking is an 'equal opportunity employer').
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
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"WHAT A FINE FAMILY" SAID TONYWe're Heartened At Tony's Accolade, Finding Intelligence Not Exclusively Familial, And Must Improvise Like Yokels, "Such An Impressive Designation! Thanks, O Noble Youth!" Patricia Rix, after what Tony said about the Rix family (which seems to have a genetic predisposition for acronymania)
WIDOWSWomen In Danger Of Winning Solitaire Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
WIFEWedded Individual - Female, Essentially. Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
WIFE (2)Woman In Futuristic Experiment Rico Leffanta
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
WIFE (3)Wed Is For Ever Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
WIFE (5)Wanted Immediately For Ever ALBERT JOSE. I found it myself.
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
YOUR MOMYouth's Opinions Usually Reflect Much Of Mother TMcCO'G
TRIPLETThird Related Infant - Parents Love Each Tenderly TMcCO'G
TRIPLETSThree Related Infants Psychically Linked Eternally Together Somehow Roger Williams
TWINSTwo Weaned Individuals Needing Sustenance Jan Morgan