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ADAMSAppleMaster Douglas Authored Muchloved Series Angela Brett
ADAMS (2)Author Douglas Also Makes Software. Angela Brett
ADAMS (3)Aarrghh! Dead, Already! Missed Sadly. Angela Brett, when DOUGLAS ADAMS died of a heart attack at 49.
ALISTAIR MACLEANAction, Laced In Suspense That Accepts (In Readers' Minds) A Completely Ludicrous Escapism As Natural Tony McCoy O'Grady
BALZACBiblical Attitudes Laud Zion And Concubines Rico Leffanta
DESMOND MORRISDarwin Examined Simian Mysteries Over Naked Dames Maybe Our Relationships Recall Innate Secrets Rico Leffanta
DOUGLAS ADAMSDescription Of Universal Guide Lives As Stories And Drama, And Multiplatform Software Angela Brett, who knows the subject of Douglas Adams' books was only a guide to the galaxy, but it's known universally.
DR. SEUSSDemiurgic, Rythmical Scribe, Expertly Unfolded Silly Stories Robert Anonymous
DYLAN THOMASDrunk! Yet Lyrical Author's Narrative Tale Holds Our Minds - And Suggests! Tony McCoy O'Grady
ELIAEloquent Lamb Is Anonymous Angela Brett
ENID BLYTONEvery Nursery Is Delighted - Babies Love Your Tales Of Noddy Tony McCoy O'Grady
ERNEST HEMINGWAYEspousing Rugged Nature (Eventually Suicided Though) He Epitomised Manliness In Novelists, Generally Wrote About Yanks Tony McCoy O'Grady
FARLEY MOWATFrozen Arctic Realms Lured Enterprising Young Man; Observed Wolves' Actions Thoroughly. Roger Williams
FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHEFrom Religion's Inquisitional Edicts Divine Religious Idiots Cherished Heaven Never Imagining Eternity Tolerated Zombie Suicidal Cries Hopelessly Everlasting Rico Leffanta
GEOFFREY CHAUCERGreatness Endures, Oh Founding Father! Really! Evidently Your 'Canterbury' Had A Unique Creative-English Role Tony McCoy O'Grady
GOETHEGo Open Every Telltale Heart Enthusiastically Rico Leffanta
ISAACIllustrious Scifi Author's Always Creative Sean Lamb (that's Isaac as in Isaac Asimov, of course)
JAMES JOYCEJumbled And Meaningless? Eminent Scholars Jousted Over Your Creative Exercise Tony McCoy O'Grady
JOHN LE CARREJust One Honed Narrative Lets Espionage Career Agents Recycle & Rehash Events Tony McCoy O'Grady
JOHN STEINBECKJourney Of Hope - Notorious Stark Time Encapsulated In Novel, Bleak Existence Conveyed Keenly Tony McCoy O'Grady
JOYCEJovial Observations Yielding Casual Excitement. Tom Denton, referring to author James Joyce.
JUVENALJust Use Verse Eventually Nothing Approaches Love Rico Leffanta
KARL'Kapital' Apparently Read Less Tony McCoy O'Grady (Karl Marx's book Das Kapital is rarely read nowadays)
KEROUACKontinually Ephemeral Routing Of Utilitarianisms And Correspondences. Tom Denton
LOVECRAFTLitterally Obfuscated Visions Eldritch; Creativity Rife And Forever Tormented Tom Denton
MILES (2)Mirthmaking Irishman Left Everyone Smiling Tony McCoy O'Grady (Miles/Myles is a not-uncommon Irish forename and was one of the pseudonyms of a comic writer called Brian O'Nolan who flourished in the 40s/50s/60s. Myles nagCopaleen & Flann O'Brian being two of his pseudonyms.)
MME DE MAINTENANTMany Men Entertain Doubts Even Men Always In Need Test Extra Nonchalance After Naughty Trysts Rico Leffanta
MOLIEREMy Only Love Is Editing Romantic Escapades Rico Leffanta
MONTAIGNEManis Only Natural Talent Appears In Gods Never Enduring Rico Leffanta
OSCAR WILDEOpinionated, Self-Centred, Awful Rogue Wittily Invented Lovingly Designed Epigrams Tony McCoy O'Grady
POETPretentious, Or Extremely Talented? Angela Brett
POETSPinnacles Of Eloquence, They Say Angela Brett
RAYMOND CHANDLERRacy - And Yet Moral! Our Nearly Dubious Charming Hero Assists Nervous Dame Lethally Exact Revenge Tony McCoy O'Grady
RODDY DOYLEReflecting On Dubliners' Doings, You Dwell On Young Love's Escapades Tony McCoy O'Grady
SAMUEL BECKETTStrange, And Most Unusual English Language Bewildering Enactments Cause Kerfuffle - Exceptionally Theatrical Though Tony McCoy O'Grady
SILVERBERGSome Intriguing Literary Volumes, Except Readers Begin Espying Repetition, Gradually. Angela Brett, whose favourite author about four years ago was Robert Silverberg, and who has recently found some previously unread books of his to read. His books have some very interesting ideas in them and he likes (or liked... I have no idea if he's even still alive!) to introduce obscure words to his readers' vocabularies, but some themes tend to recur in many of his stories.
VICTOR HUGOVerbs Idols Charms Taunt Our Religion Halting Unity God Ordained Rico Leffanta
VIRGILVerily, I Really Generate Immense Literature. Virgil
VOLTAIREVery Often Lies Triggered Arouet Into Ridiculing Ethics Rico Leffanta
VOLTAIRE (2)Volumes Of Literature Tell All In Random Epistles Rico Leffanta
WILFRED OWENWatched Innumerable Legions Fall Retaking Enemy's Defences - Opposed War's Excruciating Needlessness. Tony McCoy O'Grady
WILLIAM SHAKESPEAREWorking In Lovely Lines - Intense And Moving - Scribbled Histories About Kings' Escapades - Some Plays Endure About Romantic Events Tony McCoy O'Grady
Art & Literature:Shakespearean Plays
WRITERSWearily Rehashing Ideas 'Til Exasperating Reader's Satisfied. Angela Brett
WRITERS (2)Writers Read Inspiring/Informational Thoughts/Tomes Enhancing Readin'/'Riting Skills! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
TWAINThis Writer Authored Interesting Novels Tony McCoy O'Grady