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Loose apronyms:
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BAA BAA BLACK SHEEPBleat And Aver: Bags Are Ample, Black Like A Coal, Kind Sir, Having Each Ewe's Pelt Patricia Rix
GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT, DON'T LET THE BEDBUGS BITEGot Over One Day. Now I'm Going Home To Slumber Leaving Encroaching Enemy Pests To Infect George's Half. They Disappear Once Night Time Leaves. Every Time They Have Eaten Bloody Evidence Develops - Being Unconscious, Guys Scratch Bothersome Itches To Excess Tony McCoy O'Grady and Patricia Rix
Assorted Phrases:Sayings
LITTLE BO PEEPLoss Is The True Lesson Exemplified By Old Poem: Ewes Escape Paddock Patricia Rix
LITTLE BOY BLUELad Is Tired, Tries Lessening Effort But -- Oh Yikes! -- Boy Lets Ungulates Escape Patricia Rix
LITTLE JACK HORNERLad Is Taking To Licking Extremities: Just At Christmas, Kid Has Own Rich Nosh; Eats Ravenously. Patricia Rix
LITTLE MISS MUFFETLass Is Terrified That Leggy Encroachment Means Itsa Spider! She Makes Undignified Flight From Eeky Terrestrial! Patricia Rix
MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMBMary, A Rosy Youth, Had A Darling Angel Lamb; It Tip Toed Lightly Everywhere Like A Mutton Bedeviled Patricia Rix and George Rix
OLD MACDONALDOctogenarian Likes Directing Many Animals: Cows, Dogs, Owls, Nannygoats And Loud Donkeys Patricia Rix
PETER, PETER, PUMPKIN EATERPrincipal's Eating Turns Exotic: Repasts Particularly Extend To Eating Ripe Pumpkins. Unhappy Missus Proves Kindly In Not Eschewing A Technically Edible Room. Patricia Rix
ROCK A BYE BABYRickety Old Cradle, Kinetically Aided Break, Yields Empty Branch And Baby Yells Patricia Rix
ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOATRide On Water, Ride On Water, Ride On Water, Yes Onward Untiring, Rowing Bravely On And Triumphing Patricia Rix
THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO MARKETTells How Innocent Swine Learn In Time That Life Exerts Pressure. It's Go! Go! You Wanna Eat - No - Travel To Outdoor Market - Arghh! Resolution Keeps Exacting Toll! Patricia Rix
TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STARTiny White Irridescent Night-Kindled Light Ever Twinkling While I Now Know Little Except Light Is Terribly Tiny Like Expensive Stones That Are Rare Patricia Rix