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100% ACRONYM (3)Apple Computers Rather Obviously Need Your Money Tony McCoy O'Grady
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
88% ACRONYM (4)Apple Computers React Outrageously with New Young Minds Tony McCoy O'Grady
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
100% ALCOHOLIC (2)Apple Lovers Can Only Have One Liquor... It's Cider! Angela Brett
100% AMERICAN WAYAll Macintosh Emergencies Require Immediate Computer Aid, Necessitating Wisdon And Youth Tony McCoy O'Grady, after fighting for TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY.
MacGirl & KeyBoard
100% ANTHROPOMORPHISMAscribing Nonhumans Typically Human Range Of Properties. One Macintosh Owner Readily Personifies Her IBook - She's Mad! Angela Brett
Art & Literature
100% APPLEA Pleasing Product Line... Excellent! Angela Brett
100% APPLE (2)A Pepsi President Lent Expertise Angela Brett (referring to John Sculley)
100% APPLE COMPUTERSA Perplexing Productive Large Enterprise Creating Obnoxious Monstrosities Plus Useful Tools. Employs Recycled Steves. Steve Keate
100% APPLE MACAdvanced Processing Power Logically Ergonomic Mathematically Advanced Computer Carl Brett
89% APPLE PENA Promotional Product, Little Expense to Produce Executive Nib. Angela Brett
80% BIASBecause I'm an Apple Supporter? Angela Brett thinking that there's no reason to be biassed toward Apples unless there's some reason why I prefer them in the first place, so then it's not really bias, it's BIAS (2)
100% BIAS (2)Because It's Actually Superior Angela Brett (see BIAS)
93% BUY APPLE SHARESBoast Unbelievable Yearly Appreciation... Products Propagate Lots of Equity, Stock Has Already Risen Extraordinarily Sharply. Angela Brett, when Dustan's mother expressed interest in buying Apple shares.
100% CACKLINGChuffed About Carrying Key Lime IBook - Not Gloating! Angela Brett, who still grins/cackles joyously when she thinks about having a KEY LIME IBOOK, and how she came to have it.
85% CAN I HAVE ONE?Could Angela Nab It? Hallowed Apple Vendors Even Offer Not-for-sale Evangelism. Angela Brett, commenting on the many pieces of Apple merchandise (some of which only staff of Apple and AppleCentres should be able to get a hold of) she's managed to acquire for free simply by asking friendly Apple dealers.
100% CLARUSComputer Launched Animal Rendering Useful Service Tony McCoy O'Grady, when I suggested that KEYBOARD could fly to earth on CLARUS the DogCow, and he wondered how CLARUS could fly.
MacGirl & KeyBoard:Other Characters
91% DOGCOW DEMODevelopers Often Got Clarus's Other-Worldly Dimensions to Expertly Model Output. Angela Brett... referring to Clarus the two-dimensional dogcow who is most famous for demonstrating the effects of certain options in the 'Page Setup' dialogue box for some printers.
100% DUCK BILLDarwin Users Can Kick Butt Ignoring Lucre Leader Angela Brett, speculating that the DarwinOS mascot Hexley ( is a duck-billed platypus so that we can duck Bill, that is, avoid using Microsoft products.
86% FAMILY (2)Friends And Macs Included... Loved-ones, Yes? Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Family
100% GO APPLESGenius Operating And Programming! Please Leave Entirely Solitary! Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying 'On the understanding that people hate to be interrupted while programming, here's a sign to hang on your door...'
86% GRUMPYGatanists Rendered Useless (your) Macintosh - Poor You! Angela Brett, when Tony's Mac was unusable for a long period due to problems with the power supply... obviously part of a Gatanist conspiracy to stop MacGirl and KeyBoard communicating.
People & Relationships:Emotions
100% HAPPYHappy Apple PowerBook Posessor. Yippee! Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela got a new PowerBook and was very HAPPY about it.
People & Relationships:Emotions
96% HAPPY BIRTHDAY MACINTOSHHistorical Apple Product Presented Years Back. It's Really Terrific; Humans Don't Actually Yearn for Magical Arcanities. Commandline Isn't Needed, Though OSX's Sure Helps Jeff Anonymous on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the 128k Mac.
Time:Special Occasions
100% HERE'S TO THE CRAZY ONES - THE MISFITS, THE REBELS, THE TROUBLEMAKERS. THE ROUND PEGS IN THE SQUARE HOLES. THE ONES WHO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. THEY'RE NOT FOND OF RULES, AND THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE STATUS QUO. YOU CAN QUOTE THEM, DISAGREE WITH THEM, GLORIFY OR VILIFY THEM - ABOUT THE ONLY THING YOU CAN'T DO IS IGNORE THEM. BECAUSE THEY CHANGE THINGS. THEY PUSH THE HUMAN RACE FORWARD. AND WHILE SOME MAY SEE THEM AS THE CRAZY ONES, WE SEE GENIUS - BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CRAZY ENOUGH TO THINK THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ARE THE ONES WHO DO.Hello, Emmy! Really Emotive Script That Offers The Heroically Engendered Computer. Respect Apple's Zeal - Yes, One Needs Enthusiasm. 'Similar Thinking' Holds Evil, Microsoft Is Slowly Filtering Into These Similar-Thinkers' Heads, Essentially Revenue-Enhancing Brainwashing. Enter Lifestyle Spot Touting Home Electronics That Rebels Outputted. Used By Lunatics, Einsteins, Misfits Alike, Key Element's Revolutionary Spirit. This Has Everything... Rapid Operation, Userfriendliness - No Dot-PUB Endings (Gates' System Insists Names Trail Horrid 'Extensions' So Quasi-Understandable Abbreviation Represents Executable's Handle.) Owners Love Easy Software That Has Enhanced Output - Nay... Enhanced, Somehow, World! Hail Our Steves - Evolving Electronics, They Have, Indeed, Near-Godly Status. Doing It For Fun, Eventually Rewarded... Even Now They Leave You Thinking, "He's Extraordinary! Yes, Really Extraordinary! Not One To Fear Originality." New Discoveries Often Find Ridicule, Until Losers Eventually See Advantage - Now Different Thinking Has Exterminated Yesteryear's Harmonistic Attitude. Value Eccentricity, Not Ordinariness - Revolutionary Equals Strange... Perspective Entirely Changes The Face Of Rebellious Thoughts. Help Existing, Stagnating Technology Advance Through Using Some Quality Unheard Of Yet. Outcasts? Underdogs? Called Anything Nasty (Quoting Usually Others' Thoughtless Exclamations) The Hardworking Engineers Made Dust Into Silver, Analogously. Gutsy Recovery Ensued... Everything's Worth It, To Hear The Heartfelt Evangelism Macintosh G4 Lovers Offer. "Rapid Innovation Fulfills Your Own Resplendent Visions, Its Lifelike Interface Frees You To Harness Effectively Machine's Awesome Battery Of Uses." Though That's Hardly Everyone's Opinion. Now, Like Yesterday, To Heedlessly Ignore Next-Generation Young Objects Usually Causes A Nightmare. Think Different! Outliers In Science Invariably Get Noticed... Often Resented, Esteemed, Totally Humiliated, Eulogised, Maligned... But Eventually Create A Utopia, Sending Earthlings To Heights Earlier You Couldn't Have Anticipated. New Greatness Entails Tumbling Headlong Into Nothingness, Gripping Some Thought, Hoping Earnestly You'll Progress Utopia Somehow. However, Try Hard... Extremely Hard. Use Magic And Neurons, Reckoning And Creativity, Effort, Flair, Outright Radical Wizardry - Anything. Rule Deviations Are Necessary - Domination Will Hinder Innovation, Lessen Enthusiasm, Stifle One's Mind... Even Might Augment Youth Suicide. Educate Each To Hold 'Educate Myself' As Slogan To Honour, Eventually Cultivating Real Autonomous Zealots... You'd Only Need Elementary Similarities. When Einstein Started Extensively Exploring Gravitation, Established Newtonian Ideas Undoubtedly Stopped Brainiac Earlier Concocting Alternative Universal Supposition. Egotistical Thoughtpolice Hide Enigmatic People Elsewhere, Only Promoting Learning Everything Within Habitual, Orthodox Academia. Real Extremists Create Ridiculous Acronyms... Zany Yield Except Not One Useful Gift Humanity Takes Of This. Hardly Inducing New Knowledge, This Huge Expansion Yabbers Continually About Near-Cliched Homogeny Attitude. Nowadays, Gosh, Everyone Thinks He's Eccentric... Widespread Opinion Regarding Looking Different As Really Extra Trendy Has Each One Now Effectively Seeking What He Opposes - Difference Omnipresent! Angela Brett, expanding the script of an Emmy-winning Apple advertisement.
Words & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms
100% I AM GETTING THE MACIbooks Are Much Greater Even Than The IBMs 'N' Gateways. Truly, Hypercard Even May Activate Correctly! Jeff Anonymous
96% I'M GLAD YOU'RE GETTING THE MAC!It's My Goal... Let All Decide 'Yes!' On Understanding Relative Excellence of G3/G4 Electronics. The Truth Is, Nobody's Going To Have Eventual Misgivings About Computer. Angela Brett, in response to I AM GETTING THE MAC - I do tend to prod people toward getting Macs, but most people (especially long-suffering Windows users, or Linux users entranced by the genuinely translucent terminal windows) don't need any prodding once they have all the information. So it's 'my' goal to get the people I meet to use/buy Macs, but they really decide yes for themselves.
100% INSANELY-GREAT.COMInternet Niche Showing Apple's Next Electronic Leap. Your G3s Rule, Endangering All The Companies Opposing Macintosh. Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing... and yes there is a Mac website at
100% INSANELY GREAT MACInnovative New Software Advancing New Electronic Lifestyle. You've Greatly Revolutionised Electronics... Apple Technology Makes A Comeback! Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing. (Steve Jobs described the Macintosh as being insanely great way back before it was even out of the bag, and we agree with him!)
100% INTRODUCING LONGHORNIt's Not That. Really, OpenStep-Descended Unix Clone. Implementors Now Gawk -- Lots Of New Goodies: H.264, Overvoicing, RSS. Neat! Jeff Anonymous, in reference to a humorous banner hanging at WWDC 2004, which actually brags on new advanced features (including the H.264 video codec, the VoiceOver spoken interface, and RSS syndication in Safari) in Tiger, which will probably be version 10.4 of the Mac OS.
100% IPOD (6)Ideal; Play-On-Demand Angela Brett, in response to FM and AM (2)
100% I WANT MY MACInternational Web Access Not There - Mailing You May Also Cost. Angela Brett, when she was without her Mac and could only look at national websites on the university Macs.
100% I WANT MY MAC BACKIrate Wish About New Technology - Macintosh Yearnings May Actually Create Badtemperedness And Cause Killings. Tony McCoy O'Grady, after Angela complained about her Mac having been in Mac-hospital for over a week getting extra RAM. (See SCANNER.) He then commented: "You know how these crazed teenagers grab the nearest gun and go on a rampage when they get upset by something? Don't let it happen to you."
100% I WANT MY MAC BACK (2)It's Wicked And Needless, That Mad Young Man Actually Cannot Be Apple Computer Kind Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% I WANT MY MAC TOOIncoherent Windoze Applications Necessitate Training - Meanwhile Your Mac's Already Completed The Obvious Operations. Angela Brett
0% I WANT MY OWN MAC TOOIncoherent Windoze Applications Necessitate Training - Meanwhile Your Operation's Workshy. Not Macintosh! (It's) Already Completed The Obvious Operations. Tony McCoy O'Grady, elaborating on Angela's I WANT MY MAC TOO.
100% JOBSJanitors Outdo Bigwig's Salary! Angela Brett - Steve Jobs only gets paid $1 a year for being iCEO of Apple.
Names:Famous people
100% LAMPLuminous Apple Macintosh Phosphors Angela Brett, after she was given a 512k Mac whose disk drive wasn't connected, so all it does is show the disk icon with a flashing question mark - Steve suggested it could be used as a lamp.
92% LUNATIC E'SEXLusty, Unusual Name - And This In Commercially Engineered Software! Enigmatic to Xtremes! Angela Brett, after seeing the name Lunatic E'Sex under Quality in the list of people involved in making the Mac Finder. (Hold down the option key and choose 'About the Finder...' from the Apple menu.)
100% MACMicrosoft Ate Company Steve Keate
100% MAC (2)Makes Angela Comfortable Steve Keate
100% MAC (3)Mostly Always Condescending Steve Keate
100% MAC (4)Macintoshes Aren't Compatible Carl Brett
100% MAC (5)Marginally Acceptable Computers Hyper Unit
100% MAC (6)Minimal Ability, Capacity Hyper Unit
100% MAC (7)Marginal Aptitude Computing Hyper Unit
100% MAC (8)Mine's A Computer Acronymous Anonymous
100% MAC (9)Mac Addict Counseling Acronymous Anonymous
100% MAC (10)Macs Are Cool Acronymous Anonymous
100% MAC (11)My Ample/Apple Coat Angela Brett -- I bought a raincoat (which turned out to be a bit too large) from the company store at the Apple campus in Cupertino. Later in my travels somebody pointed out that it was an Apple mac.
Household Objects:Clothing
75% MACINTOSHMacGirl Always Comes In the Nick of Time to Obliterate Supervillains' Henchmen Angela Brett
MacGirl & KeyBoard
82% MACINTOSH (2)Machine's About to Crash, I Need to Turn Off Some Hardware! Angela Brett, in a moment of dishonesty and insanity (we all know that Macs don't often crash!)
100% MACINTOSH (3)Mine's A Classic - I Never Thought Of Such Happiness. Tony McCoy O'Grady, putting Angela right after MACINTOSH (2)
100% MACINTOSH (4)Most Alternatives Counter-Intuitive, Necessitating Thorough On-Screen Help. Angela Brett
100% MACINTOSH (5)Minus A Commandline Interface... Not That One's Super Helpful! Angela Brett
100% MACINTOSH (6)Modern Artists' Cyber-Instrument - New Technology Of Sequencing Harmonies. Angela Brett, because modern music is often created on computers - in fact that's a field in which I believe the Macintosh dominates.
100% MACINTOSH (7)Macs Are Compatible... I'm Not Talking Of Substandard Hogwash! Angela Brett, in response to MAC (4). Macs can read/write any standard format... heck, they can even use proprietary formats like what Microsoft Offal produces.
100% MACINTOSH (8)Motorola And Company Incessantly Negate Truth On Superior Hardware Hyper Unit
90% MACINTOSH (9)Monumental Arguments Concerning Intellectual Nemeses To Obscenely Small-minded Hooligans Hyper Unit
90% MACINTOSH (10)Minor, Absurd Company, In-between Nothingness. Totally Overconfident, Sadly Humiliating. Hyper Unit
95% MACINTOSH IS THE BEST!My Apple Computer Is Not The Only Sort of Hardware. It's Superior, Though - Hardly Ever Breaks. Exceptional Software Too! Angela Brett
88% MACLESSMy Adored Computer is Lost, Extend Some Sympathy! Angela Brett, while Tony was Macless for a while.
100% MACNIFICENTMy Apple Computer's Now Incredibly Fast. It Crunches Extraordinary Numbers Tirelessly Tony McCoy O'Grady
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
100% MACSMost Astounding Computer Standard Jeff Anonymous
100% MACS (2)Macintoshes Accept Crummy Software Nicki Foster
100% MACS (3)Macintoshes Aren't Computers (Seriously!) Carl Brett
100% MACS (4)Microsoft Authors Crummy Software! Angela Brett, in response to MACS (2)
100% MADE WITH A MACMacintosh At Doorstep - Euphoric Writer Is Terribly Happy. Apple Made A Customer. Jeff Anonymous, who got his 12.1" iBook (CD-ROM, vanilla except 256 MB RAM) this morning. This acronym was written in the Acronym Checker for OSX. However, due to configuration issues, it was submitted via Web.
100% MAD MACSMonthly Apple Developer Meetings & Annual Conferences Society Angela Brett, as a suggested name for a group which will do just that, if all goes to plan.
100% MISSION CRITICALMy IBook Should Stay Inerrantly Operating, Neccessarily. Can't Risk It Taking Ill; Couldn't Annotate Lectures. Jeff Anonymous, when it was thought (mistakenly) that Apronyms for Mac OS X would not work on JAGUAR, explaining: I'd upgrade to PANTHER except my only Mac is MISSION CRITICAL.
100% MOOFMacintosh Owners Offer Fellowship Angela Brett, who is considering starting up a club with that name at the university... it sure is better than MUMUG (Massey University Macintosh Users Group) and MOOF would catch the attention of anyone who's ever heard a DogCow.
100% MUST BE A MAC USER, I GUESS.Macintosh Users Strive To Become Extraordinary, And Might Also Create Unusual Superheroes. Every Revolutionary's Insane(ly Great), Understand - Eccentricity Sires Success! Angela Brett
86% NINETEEN EIGHTY FOURNifty, Innovative, and Notoriously Effective Television Event Endorses Nonstandard Engineering of Insanely Great Hardware That You Feel Obliged to Use Recurringly. Angela Brett and Dustan Dowsing, referring to the famous '1984' television commercial introducing the Macintosh.
100% POSTERSPictures Of Swanky Technological Equipment, Ridiculously Sized. Angela Brett (referring to Apple posters of course... what other kinds of poster are there?)
100% PRESENTPowerBook Requested's Ever So Expensive... Nice Try! Angela Brett
Assorted Nouns
67% RATSRe-fixing Apple is Terribly Slow Angela Brett, when poor Macless Tony discovered that the recent repairs on his Mac's power supply had to be re-done, and he'd be Macless for Christmas.
100% REDMOND, START YOUR PHOTOCOPIERSRemember, Everyone, Don't Mention Our Nemesis Directly, Since They're Always Ready To Yell Objections Using Representatives Paid Hundreds Of Thousands. Obvious Clone Of Product Is Expected Relatively Soon. Angela Brett, referring to a banner at WWDC unveiled after the announcement of Mac OS X 10.4 code-named TIGER. It's quite clear which company the banner is referring to without it being spelled out.
100% SAN FRANCISCO (4)Seeing Apple News For Real, After No Confirmed Internet Spoilers Came Out Angela Brett, who went to San Francisco for WWDC 2004. I usually watch a keynote like that a few hours after it happens, after I've already read the announcements on Apple's website.
Places:Towns & Cities:USA
100% SAN FRANCISCO (5)Such A Nerd, Found Rambling About Nirvana (Campus In Sunny Cupertino) Online Angela Brett (At the WWDC Apple Campus Bash I went online and told my friends where I was.)
Places:Towns & Cities:USA
100% SAN FRANCISCO (6)Several Awesome New Friends, Reports About New Computer Ideas, Software (Confidential Offering!) Angela Brett, who went to WWDC 2004 in San Francisco -- Confidential Offering refers to the developer preview of Tiger all attendees got.
100% SOSUMISound. Overtly Shagging Up Music Industry Tony McCoy O'Grady. The makers of the early Mac computers stated that they would never be used to make music. The name of the sound called "sosumi' translates as "so sue me". (see for more information)
People & Relationships:Law & Order
100% STEVESwings To Extremes Very Erratically. Angela Brett, describing Steve Jobs according to what she's read about him. (If he happens to be reading this... hey, no offense... oh great, all-powerful iCEO (who owns lots of G3s and therefore deserves my respect.) You're doing a great job, just as long as you don't can HyperCard. :)
Names:Famous people
100% STEVE JOBSSaved The Empire - Very Embarrassingly Judged Opinion 'Bull-Sh*t' Tony McCoy O'Grady (Steve Jobs said that rumours of HyerCard's demise were b*llsh*t, when the project had already been shelved, if not actually killed off.)
Names:Famous people
92% STEVE WOZNIAKStarted To Engineer Various Electronic Wizardry (Often Zany New Inventions) As a Kid. Angela Brett, who thought she ought to do one for Steve Wozniak after reading LINUS TORVALDS
Names:Famous people
70% SURFACE TENSIONSometimes, Unless Reasonable Force is Applied, it Can't Easily Trickle to Escape the Neatly Sealed Insides of an Old Numbercruncher. We were discussing a Mac Classic seen in a magazine which had been turned into a fishbowl (or Macquarium.) Tony suggested that perhaps the person had forgotten to seal the tiny hole next to the disk drive, and that the water could be leaking out. Angela Brett replied that it couldn't because of SURFACE TENSION.
100% TRASHTemporarily Records Are Stored Here Angela Brett, referring to the Trash on the Macintosh
100% TODAY WE CELEBRATEThe Orwellian Doom About Year Went... Enlightened Computing Employees Left Electric Blue/Brother's Regime And Turned Easeward. Angela Brett, while watching the famous '1984' Macintosh ad on its 20th anniversary. The ad begins with 'Today we celebrate...' which, although referring to something completely different in the ad, is true as we celebrate the Mac's 20th birthday. 'Electric Blue' or 'Electric Brother' refers to Big Blue (IBM) which plays the part of Big Brother in the ad. 'Easeward' means 'toward ease'. I decided that with the similarity to Eastward it sounded almost good enough to be a real word.
Time:Special Occasions
100% THINK DIFFERENT (2)The HyperCard I Now Know Deserves Its Furtherance, For Everybody's Relief Engage Newer Thinking Tony McCoy O'Grady, in a letter to Steve Jobs telling him not to drop HyperCard.
93% THINK DIFFERENTThis Here Is Not Kulture! Despite Initial Feelings For Especially Refined and Encapsulated Net Terminology. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% YUM BADGEYour Ultimate MacEvangelist Beautification - Advertise Delicious G3 Ensemble! Angela Brett, referring to her 'Yum' badges featuring the five flavours of iMac in a circle and the word 'Yum.'
100% YUM BADGE (2)You're Undressed! Maybe Because Apple's Decorative Garment's Excluded. Angela Brett, because she's sure that if Annie had had a Mac, she'd have sung that you're never fully dressed without a Yum badge.
100% YUM BRIGADEYou Use Macintosh? Barge Round In Garb Advertising Delectable Electronics. Angela Brett, after an Apple Update where we all got free YUM BADGEs.