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0% AIRPORT*Apple's iBook Receives & Projects On Radio Transmissions! Angela Brett
100% APPLE (3)A Pleasing Printer, Little Expense Angela Brett, in response to EPSON
93% APPLE COMPUTERS (2)All Plastic Parts Lack Edibility - Chewing On Metal Parts Usually Touches-off Excruciating Rectal Spasms. Tony McCoy O'Grady, as part of the growing collection of acronyms explaining why not to eat computers or computer parts - even if they're named after fruit!
Computers:Do Not Eat
64% APPLE IIA Prosperous Product in Late 70s & Early-ish 80s... It's Ingenious! Angela Brett
100% ATLANTIC (2)Apple Tried Locating Another Name That Is Confusing Sean Lamb (Atlantic was Apple's code name for the Apple ][cx)
Names:Code Names:Apple
100% AUTOBAHNApple Uses The Oddest Brands And Humorous Names Sean Lamb (Autobahn was Apple's code name for the PowerMac 9500/150)
Names:Code Names:Apple
0% BONDIBlue Of New, Dreamy iMac Angela Brett... though Tony suggested 'Dashing,' rather than 'Dreamy.'
Assorted Adjectives:Colours
100% CARL SAGANCausing Another Ridiculous Law Suit, Apple Grouses Astronomer's Nerve Sean Lamb (Carl Sagan was Apple's code name for the Powermac 7100/66; when Mr. Sagan learned of the code name creation, he sued to prevent it's use within Apple)
Names:Famous people
Names:Code Names:Apple
100% EMACEven More Acceptable Contribution TMcCO'G - upon reading APPLE (6)
100% EMACSEducational Machinery And Classroom Software Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% FLAT WHITE (2)Fine Little Apple That Will Have IBook Tykes Enthused. Angela Brett, thinking that the latest iBook, which is not curvy and colourful like the old ones, could be called the 'flat white'.
100% G4Grasping 4 Hyper Unit
50% G4 (2)Good 4tune Angela Brett, because anyone who has a G4 is fortunate.
100% GFOURGigaflops For Ordinary Users - Revolutionary! Angela Brett
89% GRAPHITEG4's Radical, Apparently Pencil-like Hue Is Truly Elegant. Angela Brett
Assorted Adjectives:Colours
86% GTHREEGet The Hottest Range in Electronic Equipment! Angela Brett
71% IBOOKIt's Brilliant! Online, On-the-go, Kingpin! Angela Brett
83% IBOOK (2)Introduction Brought Ovations - Obviously! - at Keynote. Angela Brett
100% IBOOK (3)It Belongs On One's Knee Angela Brett, partly as a response to those who complain that the iBook won't fit on an aeroplane tray.
100% IBOOK (4)"It's Breathtaking!" -- Owner Of KeyLime Angela Brett, who has a key lime iBook.
100% IBOOK (5)It's Broken, Obviously... Omitted Konsole! Steve Keate, summarising the reaction of a KDE ( user to an iBook.
100% IBOOK (6)Its Bright Outside's Overly Kooky Angela Brett
100% IBOOK (9)I Bought One, Oh Kay! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% IBOOK (10)It's Best Of Orchard-Kind! Angela Brett
90% IBOOK SPECIAL EDITIONIt's 'Black-tie Optional,' Overpriced Kin of Slower Portables. Elegantly Coloured, It Appears Lovely Except Disappointingly Increments The Inexpensive Other Notebooks. Angela Brett, who thinks the iBook SE is a bit too expensive for only an extra 66MHz and a different colour, but wouldn't mind having one anyway.
100% IMACIncomparable Macintosh Awaits Connection Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% IMAC (2)I Mailed A Companion! Angela Brett, after emailing Tony from an iMac at MacJava Cybercafe, the coolest cafe in Auckland. (Great ICED COFFEE, all sorts of historic Macs and Macazines, and great people.)
80% IMAC (3)It's Mainly Aimed at 'Consumers' Angela Brett
80% IMAC (4)Increased Marketshare of Apple Computer. Angela Brett
100% IMAC (6)It Made Ample Cash Steve Keate
100% IMAC (7)It's Mostly Always Colourful. Steve Keate and Angela Brett.
100% IMAC (8)Indigo Model Ain't Costly Angela Brett
100% IMAC (10)It Mated A Crayon! Steve Keate, describing the answer an iMac owner would give if asked what happened to his/her old Mac Classic.
100% IMAC (11)I Made A CD! Steve Keate, since most of the new iMacs have CD writers in them.
100% IMAC (12)It Made A Clunk Steve Keate, guessing what an iMac user might say on taking it to be repaired.
100% IMAC (13)Its Monitor Angle's Configurable Angela Brett, referring to the flat-screen iMacs.
100% IMAC (14)Its Makers Added Character Angela Brett
100% IMAC (15)It May Abridge Crashing Jeff Anonymous, who ordered an iMac G5 (17" combo drive) last Tuesday. It should ship by Thursday and will be replacing a Windows 98 PC that's freezing up a lot.
100% IMAC DVIntuitively Makes Amateur Cinema... Delicious Variations! Angela Brett
100% IPODIt's Portable, Omniuseful Disk Angela Brett, referring to Apple's 'iPod' mp3 player which doubles as a firewire hard disk.
100% IPOD (2)I Paid - One Deposit Angela Brett, at 1a.m, after transferring some money to buy an Apple iPod. (Online banking should have safeguards in place to stop people from spending large amounts of money while they're half asleep!)
100% IPOD (3)Impulse Purchase? Oh, Dear! Angela Brett, who did actually think for a while before buying an iPod, but it's still dear!
100% IPOD (4)I[']m Patient (One Day!) Angela Brett, who ordered an iPod this morning and expects to receive it tomorrow.
100% IPOD (5)Incredible Piece Of Design Angela Brett, a few hours after her iPod arrived.
100% KEY LIMEKeep Everything You Love In Macintosh Environment Angela Brett, who has a Key Lime IBOOK
100% LAPTOPLaughingly, Apple's P1 Totally Outperforms P2 Angela Brett, referring to Apple's yet-to-be released consumer portable (codenamed p1) which will surely be a G3 and therefore faster than a Pentium 2.
100% LAPTOP (3)Luckiest Are People That Operate PowerBooks Angela Brett
100% LOMBARDLaptop Outer Made By Apple's Respected Developers Angela Brett (Lombard was the name of the casing for the PowerBook models codenamed Bronze Keyboard and Pismo.)
Names:Code Names:Apple
89% MACINTOSH CLASSICModel-name Accidentally Contains Implied Nudity... The Old SE Had Changed to Lewd Apple SEX - Suffix-Initiated Copulation! Angela Brett, after hearing that the Macintosh SE was renamed to Macintosh Classic when Apple decided to append an X onto all of their model names. That's not actually true though, it turns out.
100% MESSAGEPADMy Erratic Script Sometimes Assists Good Expansion Production - Alternate Decipherings. Angela Brett, because she originally thought of 'My Erratic Scribbling' but her Newton MessagePad couldn't read that, and suggested Scripting - which, minus the -ing, is probably a better word for the expansion.
100% MESSAGEPAD (2)Miniaturised Electronics Shall Someday Advance General Everyday Perusing And Documenting. Angela Brett, who was reading a book from her Newton MessagePad while on the bus, and thought that reading books and other publications from a handheld computer seemed like the way of the future.
100% NEWTONNeat Electronic Wizardry Turned Out Notsopopular Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NEWTON (3)Not Everyone Will Type Out Notes Angela Brett, who now uses a Newton MessagePad to take notes in class, while some students use laptops.
100% NEWTON (4)Not Executive Wankers' Toy... Obsolete Now. Angela Brett
100% OLDTONOften Loved Digital Toy, Once New(ton) Angela Brett, thinking of a name for her newly acquired, but old, Newton.
100% PARIS (3)Perhaps Apple's Redesigning Its System? Sean Lamb (Paris was Apple's code name for the Macintosh II)
Names:Code Names:Apple
100% PISMOPowerBook Is Superlative Mobile Office. Angela Brett, referring to the last PowerBook G3 model, code-named 'Pismo.'
Names:Code Names:Apple
75% POWERBOOKPeople in Outdoor Work Environment Require Battery or Outlet to Output Kilobytes. Angela Brett
100% POWERBOOK (2)Power Outlet Wanted, Energy Recharges Battery Of One's Kneetop Angela Brett
100% POWERBOOK (3)Plenty Of Width, Evading Reddish Blush Of Older Kneetop Angela Brett, who will be buying a PowerBook shortly before her hardware discount expires on February 26th 2005. My iBook's screen is decidedly pinkish until it's been on for a while, and I'm also looking forward to have a widescreen PowerBook after about six years of 800x600 resolution. It's okay for most things but using the developer tools requires a lot of shuffling around of windows, more than ever on Tiger.
83% POWERBOOK G4Portable, One-inch-thick, Widescreen, Efficiently Running Battery... Offers Owner Kneetop Gigaflops! Angela Brett
67% QUADRAQuite Unheard-of... Available in Dramatic Range of Abilities! Angela Brett, on discovering that there are Quadras which are anything from 16 to 200 Megehertz.
100% YOSEMITESYou Own Some Expensive Macintoshes - It Tortures Envious Souls! Angela Brett - Yosemite was the code name for the blue and white Power Mac G3s.
Names:Code Names:Apple