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Perhaps we have too much time on our hands. These were mostly attempts to gain the honour of 'longest apronym'

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99% BEHOLD, THE AMAZING ANGELA, AS SHE ATTEMPTS TO CREATE THE WORLD'S LONGEST ACRONYM, SURPASSING TONY... ALTHOUGH HE'LL PROBABLY BEAT IT AGAIN VERY QUICKLY.Because Each Honour Of Lexicographic Display's Taken, Here's Extremely Arduously Made Acronym. Zealous Initiator Now Gets A New Gold, 'Excessively Lengthy Acronym' Award, Surpassing Shorter Heroic Effort. A Trying Task, Exceptionally Many Puzzles To Solve. Takes One Concentration, Reading English Archives, Thesaurus Entries, Then Having Eighty Winks. Often Ruminating Lying Down, She Lazily Outdid Next Greatest Expansion So Tony's Authority's Challenged - Ready Or Not, You've Met Some Unwanted Rivalry. Proudly Angela Shows Superiority In 'Nymic Genius, Though On Next Year's Acronym List Tony'll Have Outdone Unwieldy, Godawful, Hard-won Honourable Entry. Luckily, Listing Program's Released Openly Before Any Better Lettering's Yielded By Enraged Anthony. This Is Truly Angela's Goal Attained, In Narrow Victory - End's Reached, Yippee! Questionable Undertaking Is Completed, Kindly Laugh & Yell. Angela Brett, shortly before releasing ACRONYMS 2.1.
100% HERE'S TO THE CRAZY ONES - THE MISFITS, THE REBELS, THE TROUBLEMAKERS. THE ROUND PEGS IN THE SQUARE HOLES. THE ONES WHO SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY. THEY'RE NOT FOND OF RULES, AND THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THE STATUS QUO. YOU CAN QUOTE THEM, DISAGREE WITH THEM, GLORIFY OR VILIFY THEM - ABOUT THE ONLY THING YOU CAN'T DO IS IGNORE THEM. BECAUSE THEY CHANGE THINGS. THEY PUSH THE HUMAN RACE FORWARD. AND WHILE SOME MAY SEE THEM AS THE CRAZY ONES, WE SEE GENIUS - BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CRAZY ENOUGH TO THINK THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD ARE THE ONES WHO DO.Hello, Emmy! Really Emotive Script That Offers The Heroically Engendered Computer. Respect Apple's Zeal - Yes, One Needs Enthusiasm. 'Similar Thinking' Holds Evil, Microsoft Is Slowly Filtering Into These Similar-Thinkers' Heads, Essentially Revenue-Enhancing Brainwashing. Enter Lifestyle Spot Touting Home Electronics That Rebels Outputted. Used By Lunatics, Einsteins, Misfits Alike, Key Element's Revolutionary Spirit. This Has Everything... Rapid Operation, Userfriendliness - No Dot-PUB Endings (Gates' System Insists Names Trail Horrid 'Extensions' So Quasi-Understandable Abbreviation Represents Executable's Handle.) Owners Love Easy Software That Has Enhanced Output - Nay... Enhanced, Somehow, World! Hail Our Steves - Evolving Electronics, They Have, Indeed, Near-Godly Status. Doing It For Fun, Eventually Rewarded... Even Now They Leave You Thinking, "He's Extraordinary! Yes, Really Extraordinary! Not One To Fear Originality." New Discoveries Often Find Ridicule, Until Losers Eventually See Advantage - Now Different Thinking Has Exterminated Yesteryear's Harmonistic Attitude. Value Eccentricity, Not Ordinariness - Revolutionary Equals Strange... Perspective Entirely Changes The Face Of Rebellious Thoughts. Help Existing, Stagnating Technology Advance Through Using Some Quality Unheard Of Yet. Outcasts? Underdogs? Called Anything Nasty (Quoting Usually Others' Thoughtless Exclamations) The Hardworking Engineers Made Dust Into Silver, Analogously. Gutsy Recovery Ensued... Everything's Worth It, To Hear The Heartfelt Evangelism Macintosh G4 Lovers Offer. "Rapid Innovation Fulfills Your Own Resplendent Visions, Its Lifelike Interface Frees You To Harness Effectively Machine's Awesome Battery Of Uses." Though That's Hardly Everyone's Opinion. Now, Like Yesterday, To Heedlessly Ignore Next-Generation Young Objects Usually Causes A Nightmare. Think Different! Outliers In Science Invariably Get Noticed... Often Resented, Esteemed, Totally Humiliated, Eulogised, Maligned... But Eventually Create A Utopia, Sending Earthlings To Heights Earlier You Couldn't Have Anticipated. New Greatness Entails Tumbling Headlong Into Nothingness, Gripping Some Thought, Hoping Earnestly You'll Progress Utopia Somehow. However, Try Hard... Extremely Hard. Use Magic And Neurons, Reckoning And Creativity, Effort, Flair, Outright Radical Wizardry - Anything. Rule Deviations Are Necessary - Domination Will Hinder Innovation, Lessen Enthusiasm, Stifle One's Mind... Even Might Augment Youth Suicide. Educate Each To Hold 'Educate Myself' As Slogan To Honour, Eventually Cultivating Real Autonomous Zealots... You'd Only Need Elementary Similarities. When Einstein Started Extensively Exploring Gravitation, Established Newtonian Ideas Undoubtedly Stopped Brainiac Earlier Concocting Alternative Universal Supposition. Egotistical Thoughtpolice Hide Enigmatic People Elsewhere, Only Promoting Learning Everything Within Habitual, Orthodox Academia. Real Extremists Create Ridiculous Acronyms... Zany Yield Except Not One Useful Gift Humanity Takes Of This. Hardly Inducing New Knowledge, This Huge Expansion Yabbers Continually About Near-Cliched Homogeny Attitude. Nowadays, Gosh, Everyone Thinks He's Eccentric... Widespread Opinion Regarding Looking Different As Really Extra Trendy Has Each One Now Effectively Seeking What He Opposes - Difference Omnipresent! Angela Brett, expanding the script of an Emmy-winning Apple advertisement.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton
100% IT CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU LIKE AS LONG AS YOU ACRONYMISE ITI Think Championship Acronyms Need Bigness! Especially Astounding Samples Live On, Never Growing Aged, Surviving Years Of Uncontested Laughter Inducement. Keen, Eager Acronymists Should Laugh Off Newly Generated Attempts. Stretching Your Offering Usually Assures Colleagues Recognition - Only Note.... You Must Individually Spell Each Item Therein Tony McCoy O'Grady, acronymising Angela's response to his question about how long the description on the page listing his acronyms could be.
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
96% ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN, SEVENTEEN, EIGHTEEN, NINETEEN, TWENTYOriginal Numerical Enumerators, This Way Onwards, They Haven't Reached (an) End, Even From Operating Useful Reckoning-machines, Furtherance Is Very Easy, Sufficiently Increase 'X" So Eliminating Virtually Every Number, Eternity Is Generally Hopeless Thought, Now Infinity Never Ends, (the) Thought Exceeds Numbers.... Ekeing Lengthens & Extends Value, (an) Extra Number! This Would Exceed Last Value Enumerated. To Hasten Infinity-Reaching, Try Expanding Elementary Numbers. First Off, Use Ready-reckoner To Extend Existing Notation - For Instance, Find The Epistasis Ending Number. So Infinity XtendsÉ The Extremity Eludes Numeration... Seemingly Endless, Valuation Evidently Never To End. Even NumbersÉ Escalation Is Generally Handy To Execute, Eight... Nine... Numbers I Normally Expect... Ten... Eleven... Ever Nearer... This Will End Now, Thank You. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, I THINK I'VE MADE AN ACRONYM LONGER THAN YOU. DAFFODILS ARE YELLOW, CARNATIONS ARE WHITE, I'LL RECLAIM MY LAURELS, I'M THE CHAMPION ALRIGHT! HEATHER IS PURPLE, IVY IS GREEN, THIS IS THE LONGEST AN ACRONYM'S BEEN!Really! One Should Expect - Sometimes - Anthony's Reaction. Experts Rarely Eschew 'Dares' Very Intense - Often Late Evening - Thinking Sessions Are Required. Electrified Brain Lights Up. Encouraged - I Try Harder! I Now Know It's Very Easy Making Acronyms. Dictionaries Enhance Abilities Now Allowing Champion Recover Original Notoriety. You May Look Over Newly Generated Extravaganza Regretting Thy Hasty Announcement. Now You're Overthrown, Unfortunately. Dearest Angela Fancied Fame Of Dethroning Irishman's Longest Spelt Acronym. Record Eventually Yours Evidently Lacked 'Legs' Oh Worthy Claimant! Alas! Regretfully Now Anthony Triumphs In One New Shootout And Restores Equilibrium. (What Height Is Tony's Everest?) It Looks Like Renewed Effort Could Land Angela Into Masterclass, Maybe - Yes? Laughing, Angela Unleashes Retaliatory Effort, Looking Searchingly Into Modern Thesaurus - Hopefully, Expectantly Challenging His Authority May Prove Impossible - Or Not A Lasting Record - It Goads Him Terribly. Having Easily Achieved The Heroic-Extent Record I Should Probably Unhurriedly Remain Patient - Length-Extending Is Vaguely Yawnful. I Suspect Getting Rico Energised Even Now Though Has Imperceptibly Started. I Suppose That He Envies Longest Ovation. Now Generating Eighty-Seven Term Acronym's Nearly Accomplished. Can Rico Offer Naughty Young Man's Supreme Best Effort Even Now? Tony McCoy O'Grady, a few weeks after Angela's 'BEHOLD, THE AMAZING ANGELA...'
99% STARLIGHT, STAR BRIGHT, THE FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT. I WISH I MAY, I WISH I MIGHT HAVE THIS WISH I WISH TONIGHT. Some Think A Real Love Is Given Hope Through Sayings That Are Recited By Reflective Individuals. Gloomy Humans Think That Hopeful Expressions Fail to Instill Real Security That Solider Tactics Allow. Rational Individuals Still Eternally Evade Those Oppressive Notions; Instead Giving Homage To Ideas Which If Studied Have Insufficient Manifested Antecedents. Yet Individuals Wantonly Insist Stars Have Incredible Magical Influence. Granted, Horoscopes, Too, Have Astrological Views. Embittered Troublemakers Have Insisted Stubbornly, When Inquired, Showing How Improbable Wishful Interpretations Succumb. However, Thousands Offer Narrations Interminably; Getting Hope Timelessly. Roger Williams