Apronyms about the Cocoa frameworks for creating software for Mac OS X. See

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Loose apronyms:
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100% COCOAComplements Objective-C On Apples Angela Brett (Cocoa is a set of frameworks for making software in Objective-C for Mac OS X)
100% COCOA (2)Chasing Objective-C Objects Around Paul Marshall
100% COCOA (3)Creating Objective-C Often Amuses Tony McCoy O'Grady - After visiting Angela's site and downloading the Acronym Checker.
100% COCOA (4)Cream Of Crop - Obviously Apple's! Angela Brett
100% COCOA (5)Completely Offhand Creation Of Applications Angela Brett, who would rather spend twenty minutes writing a Cocoa application to do something than five minutes actually doing it, and often does just that.
100% COCOA (6)Can Only Compile On Apples Acronymous Anonymous
100% GODSGenerous Omni Developers Share Angela Brett, because the Omni Group ( makes some excellent products for Mac OS X, including frameworks for other Cocoa developers to use. Some might regard the Omni folk as GODS.
100% IDInitialized Dynamically Angela Brett (an 'id' can be assigned any kind of object)
100% ID (2)Introspection Dominates Angela Brett, because the type of an object in Objective-C/Cocoa is not bound at compile time (where all object pointers could be the generic 'id' if you like) but is discovered at run-time by introspection.