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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% NSARRAYNSObjects Stored Are Retained/ Released Automatically - Yay! Angela Brett (see
100% NSARRAY (2)Numerically Sorted, Appropriate Records Readily Are Yours Angela Brett (see
100% NSDICTIONARYNest Several, Datasource! It's Convenient To Inform OutlineView Now, And Return Yarely. Angela Brett (see and
100% NSDICTIONARY (2)Name Strings Denote Instances. Collection Takes In Objects, Named And Readily Yours Rob Rix and Angela Brett (see
100% NSNOTIFICATIONNeed Several Nearby Objects To Indirectly Function In Coalition? Announce The Information On NSNotificationCenter. Angela Brett (see
100% NSSETNo Specific Start / End Things Angela Brett (see
100% NSSET (2)Never Stores Something Extra Times Angela Brett (see NSSET)
100% NSSET (3)Non-Singletons Shouldn't Exist There Angela Brett (see NSSET)
100% NSSET (4)Never Stores Same Element Twice Angela Brett (see NSSET)
100% NSSTRINGNeatly Stores Some Text - Remember, It's Nothing Graphical. Angela Brett (NSString is a Cocoa class for storing text strings, without any attributes such as font or size - see