Apronyms about the Cocoa frameworks for creating software for Mac OS X. See

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COCOAComplements Objective-C On Apples Angela Brett (Cocoa is a set of frameworks for making software in Objective-C for Mac OS X)
COCOA (2)Chasing Objective-C Objects Around Paul Marshall
COCOA (3)Creating Objective-C Often Amuses Tony McCoy O'Grady - After visiting Angela's site and downloading the Acronym Checker.
COCOA (4)Cream Of Crop - Obviously Apple's! Angela Brett
COCOA (5)Completely Offhand Creation Of Applications Angela Brett, who would rather spend twenty minutes writing a Cocoa application to do something than five minutes actually doing it, and often does just that.
COCOA (6)Can Only Compile On Apples Acronymous Anonymous
GODSGenerous Omni Developers Share Angela Brett, because the Omni Group ( makes some excellent products for Mac OS X, including frameworks for other Cocoa developers to use. Some might regard the Omni folk as GODS.
IDInitialized Dynamically Angela Brett (an 'id' can be assigned any kind of object)
ID (2)Introspection Dominates Angela Brett, because the type of an object in Objective-C/Cocoa is not bound at compile time (where all object pointers could be the generic 'id' if you like) but is discovered at run-time by introspection.