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AARONAlways Aims Rifle On Needlepoint Rico Leffanta
ABELAdam's Boy, Eve's Lad Angela Brett
ABEL (2)A Briefly Experienced Life Tony McCoy O'Grady
AIDANAn Individual, Dandy Adult, Newlywed Jan Morgan
ALANA Leader, Able Navigator Jan Morgan
ALEXAble Lad Engages Xylophone Jan Morgan
ALEXANDERAble Lad Engages Xrays At New Domain, Enters Rear Jan Morgan -- Alexander has a new job in the xray area at the rear entrance of the building
ANARUA Naughty And Rambunctious Underling Steve Keate, acronymising his son.
ANDREWA Nice Dude Really Educated Well Tony McCoy O'Grady
ANDREW (2)Articulating New Dreams, Reaching Educational Whims Jan Morgan - someone I know
ANTHONYAffluent, Nostalgic Travelling Hippy - Old, Not Youthful. Mary Carr, describing her brother (with a little help from Angela Brett.)
ANTHONY (2)A Name, Therefore, Holds Only Notation, Yes? Angela Brett. (See the ADVENTUREs of MacGirl & KEYBOARD, EPISODE #1)
MacGirl & KeyBoard:(Wannabe) Superheroes
BARRYBest At Reading Rhyming Yarns Jan Morgan
BILL (2)Beast Is Lying Loser Jan Morgan - someone I knew
BLAINEBad Liver Affected Infant's Name, Evidently Angela Brett (the name Blaine comes from bla, a Gaelic word meaning "Yellow." I wonder how many babies were named Blaine because they were jaundiced.)
BRADLEYBoy, Really Active, Does Love Experiencing Youth Jan Morgan
BRIANBrings Reasonable Income Advantage, Naturally Jan Morgan
BRIAN (2)Brat, Really Is Antagonistic, Noxiously Jan Morgan - someone I know
BRUNOBrown - Rather Uninspiring Name Origin Angela Brett
BRYANBegins Reading Yarns At Noon Jan Morgan
BUBBABig Ugly Bible-Beatin' Ass a stereotypical description of anyone named Bubba in Georgia or Arkansas.
BYRONBecause You're Really Obviously Nice Jan Morgan
CALVINCan Achieve Little, Vision Is Nil Jan Morgan
CAMERONCaring Adult Manages Educating Rambunctous Observant Novices Jan Morgan
CARLOSCatch Australian's Real Life On Screen Angela Brett (Carlo was one of the housemates on the third series of Australian Big Brother.)
Names:Famous people
CHARLIE (5)Controls Handling, Authoritarian, Really Lives In Exertion Jan Morgan - someone I know. When he isn't controlling situations he loves adventurous activities.
CHRISChap Has Requested Individual 'Spansion Tony McCoy O'Grady
Education:University of Nottingham School of Community Health Sciences IT Subgroup
CHRISTOPHER (2)Carefully Has Reasons In Security, Takes Over Parents Home, Encouraging Reconcilation Jan Morgan - Someone I know
CLAUDE (2)Capable Lad Allows Ultimatum, Demands Efficiency Jan Morgan
DAMIENDevil's A Monstrous Infant - Evil & Nasty Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to the character in the movie 'The Omen'
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
DANIEL (2)Doesn't Appreciate Nuances In English Language TMcCO'G, after somebody on the Apronyms forums said that he needed an alliteration for Daniel.
Communication:Acronyms Forums
DAVEDid Astronaut View Eternity Tony McCoy O'Grady (The main human character in 2001 was called Dave)
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
DAVENDiscovered Apronyms Via Entering Name Angela Brett, after somebody posted on the Apronyms forums, 'It's Daven here I was searching google for your name and found this'
Communication:Acronyms Forums
DAVIDDid A Valiant 'Impossible' Deed Tony McCoy O'Grady
DAVID (3)Does All Vital Income Depart? Jan Morgan - Someone I know that struggles with income
DEANDoes Educating At Night Rico Leffanta
DOMINICDirty Old Man Is Needing Intense Cleaning Tony McCoy O'Grady
DONNYDelightful Orator Nicely Negotiates Yield Jan Morgan - gives forth his melodic voice to song
DYLANDied Young, Lump Attacked Neurons Angela Brett, referring to Steve's son.
DYLAN (2)Darling Youngster, Like Angela's Nephews? Angela Brett, who never actually met Dylan.
EDWIN'E Dwells Wealthily -- 'Is Name Jeff Anonymous (meaning of 'Edwin' = prosperous friend, according to
ERIKEnchanting Rich Individual's Karma Jan Morgan
EUGENEExemplary Unique Gentleman, Encourages Negotiations Energetically Jan Morgan
FAISALFellow Arabians, Intelligent, Smart And Loyal Faisal Yaqoob
FELIXFree Enterprising Lad Is Xenophobic Jan Morgan
FRANCESFriendship Reaches A New Class, Enter Safely Jan Morgan
FRANCESCOFreedom Rings, All Necessary Concerns Eventually Satisfied, Carefully Obtained Jan Morgan
FREDERICKFractured Relationship Endures Destruction, Eventually Rebounds In Careful Kindness Jan Morgan
GARRETTGaelic - Attention Riveted Regarding Everything That's There Angela Brett (the name Garrett comes from Gaelic and means 'To Watch')
GARYGuy's Always Reinterrogating You Tony McCoy O'Grady
GARY (2)Gets Alcohol Replenished Yonder Jan Morgan - someone I know
GERALDGets Enchanted, Reading A Little Drama Jan Morgan
GIUSEPPEGoes In Usual Steps, Eventually Pacing People's Enjoyment Jan Morgan
HAMISHHome's A Mountaintop In Scottish Highlands Tony McCoy OTartan
HAROLDHas Admiration, Reflecting Opportunities Lost, Dutiful Jan Morgan - someone I know who reflected on his opportunities
HORACEHolding On Romantically Antagonises Consorts Everytime Rico Leffanta
ISAAC (2)Is Sacrificed Adolescent, Actually Conserved Jan Morgan
JASONJust A Stupid Old Nutter Tony McCoy O'Grady
JASON (2)Joker At Several Occasions Noticed Jan Morgan
JAYJokes At You Jan Morgan
JEFF (2)Just Expect Friend Forever Jan Morgan -- A person I know
JEREMYJewish Equivalent Really Exhausts Mouth -- Yirmeyahu Angela Brett (Jeremy comes from a Hebrew name Yirmeyahu.)
JIMJames (In Miniature) Tony McCoy O'Grady
JIM (2)Just In Matters Jan Morgan - he is a lawyer
JIMMYJiving Individual Manages Music Yearly Jan Morgan
JONASJust Offers Natural Annoyance Seriously Jan Morgan
JONATHANJust One Name, Around Two Hundred Alternative Notations Angela Brett (there are several spellings of Jonathan, and seemingly hundreds of other names from the same root as John)
JOSEPHJob Of Someone Explaining Pharoah's Hallucinations Tony McCoy O'Grady
JOSHUA (3)Jovial Offspring, Son Has Unusual Attitude Jan Morgan - someone I know
JULIANJust Uses Lessons In Adventures Naturally Jan Morgan
JUSTINJolly Unusual Son, Teaches In North Jan Morgan
KENNETHKeen Extrovert Needs Nice Erudite Thinking Hedonist Mary Carr, on a Kenneth she knows.
LARRYLazy And Rather Rebellious Youth Tony McCoy O'Grady
LEWISLoves Extra Warmth, Involves Sun Jan Morgan
MARK (3)Must Act Really Kind Jan Morgan - someone I know
MARSHALLMost Active Resident, Saves His Adventures, Large List Jan Morgan
MARTINMake A Rival Town Into Necropolis! Angela Brett (Martin means 'warlike')
MATHIASMostly A True Happy Individual, Active Scout Jan Morgan -- Someone I know
Sports & Recreation:Scouts
MICHAELMaybe I'm Christ (Heavens Above!) Extreme Likeness Angela Brett (Michael means 'Like God')
MICHAEL (2)Migration Involved Cindy, Homed At Empathetic Listener Jan Morgan - someone I know
MIGUELMost Individuals Get Used Encyclopedias, Learning Jan Morgan
MIKEMan Installs Klutzy Electronics Tony McCoy O'Grady
MILESMerciful Individual - Likely Etymon's Slavonic. Angela Brett
MITCHELLMan Is Truly Confusing Has Extremist Lfestyle, Lamentable Jan Morgan -- someone I USED to know
MITCHELL (2)Man Is Truly Confusing, Has Extinguished Ladies' Light Jan Morgan -- someone I USED to know
MOABMan Of Authorised Bible Tony McCoy O'Grady
NATHANNegotiates All Talents, Having A Need Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
NATHAN (2)Negotiates Activities Tackling His Addiction Needs Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
NATHAN (3)Narcissistic Adolescent/Adult Takes Harsh Analysis Notes Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
NENNIESNascent Entities Now Navigating Inside Entire Space Eminence Grise, explaining: I'm a French Canadian and nennies is the plural of nenni which is the first name "Denis (day-nee)" in French of a good friend. There was a park in front of his house and his mother often yelled "Denis" for supper but due to distance and a lot of trees in between, we always heard "NENNI!". It stayed through the years and a bunch of friends (40 years of friendship) called themselves the Nennies and there's no nennying about it! Nennies are curious about everything and enjoy life as it comes.
Words & Wordplay:Made Up Words
NICHOLASNeeds Impressive Character, Having Own Lessons As School Jan Morgan
NICHOLAS (2)Negotiates In Caring Home Of Lawyer And Sister Jan Morgan - Someone I Know
NICK (2)Nefarious Individual - Clearly Kleptomaniacal Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Law & Order:Criminals
NICK (3)Niche Is Computer Knowledge Angela Brett, on a Mac-fixing Nick she knows.
NOAHNegotiated Original "Animal House" Roger Williams
PAULProbably An Undersized Lad Angela Brett, because according to, the name Paul means 'small'.
PAUL (2)Pathetic Adult Used Lust Jan Morgan - Someone I know
PHIL'Philip' Has Identifier Limited Tony McCoy O'Grady
PHIL (2)Praenomen Has Insufficent Letters Tony McCoy O'Grady
RANDALLRelishes Aviation Navigation, Dynamic Achiever Loves Life Jan Morgan -- someone I know
REGINALDResponsible Educator Gets In Nice Adventure, Learns Diversity Jan Morgan
REMINGTONRealist Emits Manifestations In Narrative, Graphic Truth On Notions Jan Morgan -- someone I know -- he really says it like he sees it.
REMINGTON (2)Rhythm Evokes Motion In Nonviolent Graphic Truth On Notions Jan Morgan -- someone I know -- Truth telling guy has rhythm.
RICHARD (2)Realized Increased Cravings Have A Real Disadvantage Jan Morgan
RICOReal Intense Coital Orgasm Rico Leffanta
RIFLE (3)Rediscovering Insects For Learning Experience Jan Morgan -- someone I know who loves bugs
RIFLE (4)Respectful Individual, Fun Loving Excitement Jan Morgan -- someone I know
RUSSELLRanks Usually Safe, Success Earns Lovely Life Jan Morgan
RUSTYRuthless User, Severs Ties, Yob Jan Morgan - a person I know
RUSTY (2)Ruthless User, Shameful Tactics Yesterday Jan Morgan - a person I know
SCOTTSecure Competent One Teaching Truth Jan Morgan -- middle name of someone I know
SCOTT (2)Sensitive Caring One, Tactfully Truthful Jan Morgan -- middle name of someone I know
SCOTT (3)Successful Company Owner Tackles Trade Jan Morgan -- someone I know
SEANSoy Enamorado A Novio Robert Anonymous. Written in Spanish. Translation: I'm enamored by (my) boyfriend. (Its hard to express what i wanted to express with SEAN in English. The expansion is almost grammatically correct, there should be a posessive adjective before Novio.)
SHANEStrange Hero Attempts New Existence TMcCO'G referring to a classic Western, called "Shane"
SHAUNSomebody Has An Unremarkable Name Angela Brett
STEPHENStride That Egglaying Poultry Has? Evidently Not! Angela Brett, thinking of Step-hen
STEVE (3)So The Erotic Virgin Escaped Rico Leffanta
STEVE (7)Saves Tact, Engages Vital Effort Jan Morgan
STEVENStupid Teen, Excessively Vicious-Even Nauseating Nevica the MAN
TONY (2)Talker Of Nonsensical Yammerings Tony McCoy O'Grady
TOM (2)Totally Observant Man Jan Morgan -- someone I know
TOMTwin, Often Male Angela Brett (Thomas means 'twin')
THOMASTotally Honest Observant Man, Ambitious Soul Jan Morgan -- someone I know
VINNYViolence Is Not Nice, Y'know Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to soccer's 'hard man' Vinny Jones, who has turned to acting in films and plays 'hard' roles
Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses
VIRLValiant Individual Reaches Learning Jan Morgan - someone I know
WAYNE (2)Wants A Yummy Nibble Eaten Jan Morgan
WENDELLWhen Everyone Needs Direction, Enters Lifes Lessons Jan Morgan
WESLEYWas Evangelists' Surname; Ladies Eponymised Young Angela Brett (according to, This was the surname of brothers John and Charles Wesley, 18th-century founders of Methodism, a Protestant Christian denomination. It was first used as a given name in their honor during their lifetimes.)
WILLIAMWas Insecure, Living Lies In Actual Memories Jan Morgan - someone I knew
WILLISWas Involved, Learning Lifes Inspired Salvation Jan Morgan - someone I know