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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ARCHIBALD LEACHA Romantic Character Hiding In Bedrooms After Leaving Daughter; Look Everywhere And Catch Him Rico Leffanta (Archibald Leach is better known as Carey Grant)
BETTY PERSKEBetter Eat To Treat Yourself; Passion Entreats Romantic Stolen Kisses Endlessly Rico Leffanta (Betty Perske is better known as Lauren Bacall)
CAMILLE JAVALCan Any Man In Love Leave Early Just As Virgin Accepts Love? Rico Leffanta (Camille Javal is better known as Brigitte Bardot)
ISSUR DANIELOVITCHIt Seems So Useless Remembering Duty Almost Never Interrupts Enjoying Lots Of Virgins Itching To Collar Him Rico Leffanta (Issur Danielovitch is better known as Kirk Douglas)
IVO LEVIIf Virgin Offers, Let's Enjoy Venery Intimately Rico Leffanta (Ivo Levi is better known as Yves Montand)
JOHN RYANJuveniles On Hawaii Never Remember You're Always Near Rico Leffanta (John Ryan is better known as Jack Lord)
LEONARD SLYELikes Enemies On Nooses And Riding Damp Saddles Leaves You Exhausted Rico Leffanta (Leonard Slye is better known as Roy Rogers)
LESLEY HORNBYLet's Eat Sugar Ladies! Eat Yummy Helpings Or Repast Near By You! Rico Leffanta (Lesley Hornby is better known as Twiggy)
LUCILLE LE SUEURLuck Usually Connects Idiot Lovers Legs Entwined Lurching Everywhere Somehow Underestimating Ecstasy's Usual Response Rico Leffanta (Lucille Le Sueur is better known as Joan Crawford)
MARION MORRISONMan Always Rides In On Nag; Maid Often Rides Roughly In Saddle Or Noisily Rico Leffanta (Marion Morrison is better known as John Wayne)
NORMA BAKERNaughty Ostentatious Romantic Maiden Arranged Boobs And Kissed Especially Robustly Rico Leffanta (Norma Baker is better known as Marylin Monroe)
SAMILLE FIESSENSeduces Action Men In Lovely Layouts Especially Friends In Erotic Soapy Situations Electrifying Networks Rico Leffanta (Samille Fiessen is better known as Dyan Cannon)
VIRGINIA MCMATHVivacious Individual (Repetitiously Giggles) Invites Neighbours In And Masterfully Conducts Many Audacious Tahitian Hulas Rico Leffanta (Virginia McMath is better known as Ginger Rogers)