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AUTUMNArboreal Undergrowth Turns Unpleasantly Muddy Now Eric Bridgstock
MONTH SONDES FALL SEASON HAD SOFT PAST!Month Of Northern (Top) Hemisphere September/ October/ November/ December/ End (Season = Fall = Autumn) Look Look! Sun's Equinox Autumnal! Same Of Night Hours, As Day! Start Of Fall Time. Providentially: And Spring Time! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. refers to the Vernal Equinox 6 months prior. Even yesterday is just a "SOFT" memory. Also "SOFT" for memory: day = night twice annually.
SEASONSummer Example: Ante September October November Eric Bridgstock
SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDERSometimes Eating Another Slice Of Nourishment At Lunch Affects Feelings. For Each Christmas Time It's Very Evident Diagnosis Is Simply One Real Disorder, Eased Rarely Sean Lamb
Science:Biology:Healthcare:Ailments:Mental Illness
SPRINGSee Plants Resplendant In New Greenery Tony McCoy O'Grady
SPRING (2)Several Plants Rising In New Growth Eric Bridgstock
SUMMERSun Usually Makes More Epidermal Redness Eric Bridgstock
SUMMER VACATIONSpending Unspent Money, My Employment Recreation Varies Among Consumerism And Travelling In Other Nations Tony McCoy O'Grady
Sports & Recreation:Travel
WINTERWeather Inclement, Night Time Extends Rather Eric Bridgstock