100% ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, I THINK I'VE MADE AN ACRONYM LONGER THAN YOU. DAFFODILS ARE YELLOW, CARNATIONS ARE WHITE, I'LL RECLAIM MY LAURELS, I'M THE CHAMPION ALRIGHT! HEATHER IS PURPLE, IVY IS GREEN, THIS IS THE LONGEST AN ACRONYM'S BEEN!Really! One Should Expect - Sometimes - Anthony's Reaction. Experts Rarely Eschew 'Dares' Very Intense - Often Late Evening - Thinking Sessions Are Required. Electrified Brain Lights Up. Encouraged - I Try Harder! I Now Know It's Very Easy Making Acronyms. Dictionaries Enhance Abilities Now Allowing Champion Recover Original Notoriety. You May Look Over Newly Generated Extravaganza Regretting Thy Hasty Announcement. Now You're Overthrown, Unfortunately. Dearest Angela Fancied Fame Of Dethroning Irishman's Longest Spelt Acronym. Record Eventually Yours Evidently Lacked 'Legs' Oh Worthy Claimant! Alas! Regretfully Now Anthony Triumphs In One New Shootout And Restores Equilibrium. (What Height Is Tony's Everest?) It Looks Like Renewed Effort Could Land Angela Into Masterclass, Maybe - Yes? Laughing, Angela Unleashes Retaliatory Effort, Looking Searchingly Into Modern Thesaurus - Hopefully, Expectantly Challenging His Authority May Prove Impossible - Or Not A Lasting Record - It Goads Him Terribly. Having Easily Achieved The Heroic-Extent Record I Should Probably Unhurriedly Remain Patient - Length-Extending Is Vaguely Yawnful. I Suspect Getting Rico Energised Even Now Though Has Imperceptibly Started. I Suppose That He Envies Longest Ovation. Now Generating Eighty-Seven Term Acronym's Nearly Accomplished. Can Rico Offer Naughty Young Man's Supreme Best Effort Even Now? Tony McCoy O'Grady, a few weeks after Angela's 'BEHOLD, THE AMAZING ANGELA...'
Words & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms