100% ICED COFFEEIcy-Cold Espresso, Delicious Cream Or Foam For Enhancing Experience Angela Brett, who is slightly obsessed with iced coffee. In fact, when the heap of spare parts later to be known as KeyBoard came up with that acronym in the first episode of The ADVENTUREs of MacGirl and KeyBoard, MacGirl replied, "Actually it's not just icy-cold espresso. A lot of people think that iced-coffee is just cold coffee with ice in it but it isn't... it has to be made with milk, and sugar, and cream on top, and sometimes icecream and vanilla essence. It's a treat, not just a cold drink.Ó Angela and Dustan will be starting up an iced coffee website some time soon, rating all of the iced coffees they've tried in the quest for the perfect one. If they can manage to get permission from the superhero herself, they might even quote MacGirl somewhere on the site.
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