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100% DIFFERENT THOUGHT'Deep' Is Famed Family Elder, Reckoned Everything's Numeric Total. This Handier One Usually Graphically Helped Thinking. Angela Brett, explaining: I named my POWERBOOK 1400CS 'Different Thought' as I thought she might be a distant relative of 'Deep Thought' of 'Hitch-hikers' Guide to the Galaxy' fame, and also because of the Apple slogan, 'Think different.' Different Thought's web pages are at
100% IBOOK (7)It's Bought Out Of Kindness Angela Brett (see THANKS!)
100% IZACI'm Zealous About Compactness Angela Brett - iZac is my Newton MessagePad 110, which works surprisingly well since it's only the second model in a long-discontinued series. iZac's web page is at
100% KMACKlondike Makes Addicts Clickclickclickclick... Angela Brett, who explains: My first Mac, a PowerBook 145B, was named kMac late in its life because after I got my POWERBOOK 1400CS (named DIFFERENT THOUGHT) my mother played over 30,000 games of Klondike on the 145B. I can always tell when she's playing Klondike because of all the frenzied double-clicking. kMac's homepage is at
100% MYBOOKMany Yippees Born Out Of Kleptomania! Angela Brett - myBook was given to me by Steve WOZNIAK after DIFFERENT THOUGHT was sort of stolen - see also IBOOK (7). myBook's web pages are at
100% POWERBOOK 1400CSProud Owner Worried Extremely - Ransom! But Out Of Kindness, Computer's Succeeded. Angela Brett, referring to what happened to her PowerBook 1400cs - see or