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100% I AM HEInfinity's Announcement Mean's He's Eternal Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRISTI Can Achieve Nothing Desiring Only A Lazy Life... Through Him I'm Near God, Shown The Harder Road Of Understanding God's Help Can Have Responsibilities... I Seize Them! Angela Brett
100% IMAGE!Interceding Man, Almighty God: Emmanuel! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Refers to Colossians 1:15 "Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:" (King James Version)
100% I NEED THEE EVERY HOURIndividual Negotiates Eternal Endurance Deemed To Him Even Every Evening Verifies Evident Reverence You're His Offspring, Ultimate Relief Jan Morgan -- song
100% INSPIREDInspired: Nurturing Spirit Presented Infinite's Redemption / Emmanuel’s Desire Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
People & Relationships:Thoughts
100% ISAAC (2)Is Sacrificed Adolescent, Actually Conserved Jan Morgan
Names:First names:Male
100% ISISIs She Immortally Superior? Rico Leffanta
100% IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPIDI Think State's Taxing Heavily, Even Employers Cannot Offer New Offices. Maybe You Simply Think Unemployment Punishes Impious Denominations. Angela Brett
100% JEEPERS CREEPERS'Jesus!' Euphemism; Expressing Perturbation Except Removing Sacrilegious Christ Reference. Everyone Except Pagans Exigently Respects Saviour. Angela Brett, thinking that the expression 'jeepers creepers' probably came about as a replacement for 'Jesus Christ!'
Assorted Phrases
100% JEHOVAH'S WITNESSESJamming Every Halldoor Or Vestibule Aperture, Heavy Session With Interminable Theology Nutcase. Eventually Successfully Slam Entry Shut. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JERICHOJewish Exercise Resounding Instruments Collapsing Hurdles Overall Rico Leffanta
Places:Towns & Cities
100% JESUSJewish Echo, "Save Us Sinners" Rico Leffanta
100% JOSEPH SMITHJudicious Obedient Servant Emerges Prophet Having Seen Messengers In Truth, Hallelujah Jan Morgan -- Judicious -- showing good judgment because he listened and was obedient
Names:Famous people
100% JUDITHJewish Urban Destruction? I'm The Heroine Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Female
100% JUJUJaded Unbelievers; Jinxes Unleashed! Roger Williams
100% KAABAKneelers Are All Beautifully Aligned Tony McCoy O'Grady
83% KARMAKill, And Revenge Mars (your) Afterlife! Angela Brett
88% KINGDOMKeystone In Never-ending Growth, During Our Moments Jan Morgan
100% LATTER DAY SAINTSLiving A Truly Teachable Existence Religiously, Do All Your Service At Instant Notice To Saints Jan Morgan - Part of the formal name of mormons complete formal name is the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (Instantly coming to ones aid ensures happiness)
100% 4 LEAF CLOVER40 Lucky Events Are Following, Country Lane Offers Very Enjoyable Ramble Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LENTLet's Eat Next Tuesday Rico Leffanta
Time:Special Occasions
94% LET'S VISIT HOLY APESLong Excursion To See Very Important Spiritualist's Incarnation, Though He's Only (Like You) A Primate (in Every Sense!) Angela Brett, after someone searched for that phrase on the website. I hadn't realised that primate could mean bishop before.
100% LIAHONALeads In Absolute Honorable Obedience, Nephite Adventures Jan Morgan -- Book of Mormon compass given to LEHI. Leads to Promised Land
83% LIMBOLasting Internment (if) Missed Baptism Occurs Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LIVELife Is Visually Evil Rico Leffanta
100% LOVE (20)Lion Omnipotent Victor Emmanuel! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Jesus Christ.
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% LUCIFERLust Unbridled Causes Infidelities For Evil Reasons Rico Leffanta
100% MADE FOR EACH OTHERMaybe Adam Dated Eve For Obvious Reason; Every Alternative Couldn't Have Offered Truly Human Effect, Rootwise. Angela Brett, as Adam and Eve were the only couple truly made for each other, but they didn't have much choice in the mat[t]er so it wasn't necessarily as romantic as is implied by that phrase nowadays.
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% MANTRAMutter Ad Nauseum 'Til Revelation's Apparent Angela Brett
100% MARY (5)Mother Adores Redeemer, Yore Jan Morgan -- Christ's mother
100% MARY (6)Mother Acquires Reverence, Yesterday Jan Morgan -- Christ's mother
80% MASSMany Assemble Solemnly (on) Sundays Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MECCAMuslims Everywhere Can Come Along. Angela Brett
100% MERCYMany Entreat Respected & Clement Yahweh Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:Personality Traits
100% MISSALMine Includes Sacramental Services And Liturgies TMcCO'G
Art & Literature:Book Titles
100% MISSIONMembers In Service, Savior Is Our News Jan Morgan -- truly what a mission is about and missionaries anxiously want to share it
100% MISSIONARYMembers In Service Sacrificing Identity Old New Anxiously Reach You Jan Morgan -- 2 young men or ladies or a married couple searching for themselves while serving the savior and delivering His message
100% MOABMan Of Authorised Bible Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:First names:Male
100% MOLLY MORMONMorally Obedient Led Life, Yearly. Modest Opinion Radiates Model Of Nobiity Jan Morgan -- name given to girls who don't waiver in their morals in the religion
100% MORMONMan On Religious Mission Offends Neighbourhood Tony McCoy O'Grady
88% MORMONSMan On Religious Mission Offering (k) Nowledge (&) Strength Jan Morgan - how the mormons offer salvation to all who want it
88% MORMONS (2)Men On Recruitment Mission Offering Never-ending Salvation Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MOTHER MARYMy Own 'Tree' Has Exact Relative & Moniker, Approximating Religious Yarn Angela Brett (whose mother is Mary) when somebody searched for Mother Mary on the acronyms website.
People & Relationships:Family
100% NEOPHYTE'S SERENDIPITYNewcomer's Exciting Occurrence Probably Has You Telling Everybody. Search Shows Extraneous Result - Extremely Novel Discovery Is Pleasant, I Tell You! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NIHILIST"Nothing" Is Hedonistic, Invitingly Loathsome, Inherently Suicidal, Truthful imposed
100% NIMBUS (2)Nothing Is More Beautiful - Undoubtedly Saintly! Patricia Rix
100% NOAHNegotiated Original "Animal House" Roger Williams
Names:First names:Male
89% NOAH'S ARKNovel Ocean-going Animal House. Safety Above Rigid Keel. Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% OMENObvious Memorable Event, Necromancy Jan Morgan
100% ORACLEObfuscation-Rich Announcements - Clarity's Lacking Everytime Tony McCoy O'Grady (Oracles never called a spade a spade, and their announcements were always open to misinterpretation)
100% ORGANISEOrganicvegans Realize God. Advance Neighbors. Innovatively Save Enemies! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
Food & Drink
100% PAGANSPray - And Get Afterlife's Necessities Secured Tony McCoy O'Grady (see SHOVE OFF)
Words & Wordplay:Rudeness:Rude Advertising Slogans
100% PAGANS (2)Please Accept God As New Saviour Angela Brett
100% PAGANS (3)Preaching Alternate Gods, All Naive Sinners Angela Brett
100% PALESTINEPlease, All... Let's End Schismatic Terrorism (Israel's No Exception!) Angela Brett
Military:War & Terrorism
100% PALMPeople Analyse Lines Mystically Angela Brett
100% PALM DATABASE (3)Predictions Are Logged, Making Divinations Available To All. Browse And Spot Errors. Angela Brett - Perhaps mystics keep records of all their predictions so they can check up on them later and see if they were right... or maybe just for examples to show learning palm readers.
100% PALM DATABASE (4)Predictions Are Like Men: Dumb And Tiresome - And Basically A Silly Exercise Tony McCoy O'Grady, after reading PALM DATABASE (3) and noting that Palmists are nearly always female.
People & Relationships:Genderalisations
100% PALMSPredict A Life, Mystics Say Angela Brett
100% PEARL OF GREAT PRICEPerceptive Eternal Answers, Rarely Learned Only For Good Reasons. Everlasting Accurate Truth Perfectly Recommended Is Carefully Exact Jan Morgan - LDS Important Reading
88% PENANCEPreacher Extends Needless And Narcissistic Clearance of Errors Jeff Anonymous
78% PENANCE (2)Pastors, Evangelists, and Nuns Advocate Nightly Confession of Errors Jeff Anonymous
100% PHILOSOPHERSPeople Here, In Life, On Some Opportune Planet... How Extremely Remarkable Sounding! Angela Brett
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
100% PHILOSOPHY AT WORKPerhaps He Is Looking On, Seeing Our Procrastination... "Heaven, You?! A Terrible Waste Of Resources, Klutz!" Angela Brett, although that expansion better describes theology at work.
People & Relationships:The Workforce
100% PISSED (2)Priests In Seminaries Shouldn't Ever Drink Angela Brett
Food & Drink:Drinks:Alcoholic
78% PLAGUESPass-over Loyal's Abodes... Goatsblood Used to Exempt Sons. Angela Brett, who isn't sure if she remembers correctly... but didn't God tell the Israelitees to put goatsblood somewhere outside their houses so their firstborn sons wouldn't be killed?
100% POWER (2)Peace/Prince = Omnipotent/Omniscient Wonderful Emmanuel Redeemer! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Jesus Christ!
100% PRAISE (2)People Raise Arms In Singing Exaltation Grace Francis
100% PRAYERPrivate Reverence Answers Yearnings Eventually Received Jan Morgan - communication with God who does answer our prayers in HIS own time
100% PROPAGANDAPope's Religious Office Puts About Gospel Against Native Deities & Altars Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% PSALMS (2)Poems Sung At Length, Makes Solace Jan Morgan
100% PURGATORYPunishment Until Residual Guilt Atoned, Then Openly Regard Yahweh Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% QABALAHQuite Arcane. Biblical Appreciation Lurking Among Hebrews Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% QUADQuotes Usually Are Divine/Divided Jan Morgan - 4 sets of scriptures bound together
100% QUAKERSQuiet, Unagressive, Agrarian Kinfolk; Extremely Religious Souls. Roger Williams
100% QUO VADIS?Question Uttered On Via Appia, Disciple Is Surprised Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% RA (2)Really Ancient Jeff Anonymous (In reference to the ancient Egyptian sun god)
100% RADIORanting About Deity Is Omnipresent Angela Brett, while on a long car trip when her brother pointed out that the only radio station you can rely on getting just about everywhere in the country is a religious station.
100% READ!Reality Envelops Announcing Death! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Reality (God) Envelops (Omnipresent) Announcing (in Bible) Death (to Jesus for our sins & to all who do not accept his atonement)!
100% RED HATReverend Eminence's Designatory Headpeace - A 'Titfer' Tony McCoy O'Grady - A Roman-Catholic Cardinal gets a 'red hat' as a symbol of his status. "Titfer" is rhyming slang for hat (tit for tat).
Household Objects:Clothing
100% RELIEF SOCIETYRighteous Earnest Ladies, Individuals Engaged Faithfully, Sacrifice/Service Of Caring Interchange, Enduring Together Yearly Jan Morgan -- LDS women's Organization
100% RELIGIONReaches Every Life, If God Is Or Not Angela Brett
88% SABBATHSeventh-days Are Biblically Beheld As Totally Holy Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SABBATICALSeventh's A Biblical Blessing - Apparently The Israelites Cancelled All Liabilities Tony
91% SABBATICAL (2)Seventh-year Agricultural Bounty - Brought About To Insure Charity Amongst Landless Tony
91% SABBATICAL (5)Semitic Arrangement 'Bout Breaking Agricultural Toil, Improving Cultivation Across the Land Tony
100% SABBATICAL (6)Semitic Arrangement (Biblical) Brought Abeyance To Israel's Cultivated & Arable Land Tony
100% SACRAMENTSymbols Are Carefully Revered And Memorial Events Noted Today Jan Morgan - we remember what Christ did for us by taking the sacrament
100% SACRAMENTSSome Actions Constituting Religion - Activists May Enter New Theological State Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SACREDSweet Adoration, Choice Reverence, Evident Divinity Jan Morgan
100% SALE: BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!Sin/Slave Almighty/Atoning Love Examine/Embrace. Buy Unlimited Your One Need. Enjoy God Emmanuel, Trusting Omnipotent. Now Experience Freedom, Real Empathy Eternally! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr. Isaiah 55:1: Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. The KJV Strong's Version Jesus made this possible. Buy Unlimited Your One Need. God.
100% SALOMEShe Always Loved Old Misers Enthusiastically Rico Leffanta (Salome is the dancer "John-the-Baptist" lost his head over)
100% SATANSnake And The Apple Nonsense Rico Leffanta
100% SCIENTIFIC METHODSome Creationists Insist Even Now That Investigating Fossils Is Chicanery/Conspiracy. Ministers Explain The Heresy Of Dinosaurs. Angela Brett
100% SEMINARYScriptures Examined, Massive Investigations, Necessary Analysis Researched Yearly Jan Morgan
100% SIN (2)Satan Is Near. Roger Williams
People & Relationships
100% SIN (3)Sacrifice It's Not! Roger Williams
People & Relationships
100% SNAKESlimy Nipper Abolishing Kissing Everywhere Rico Leffanta
100% SOULSeat Of Unending Life Tony McCoy O'Afterlife
100% SPIRIT (3)Sacred Person In Righteous Intuitive Truth Jan Morgan
100% SPIRITUALSacred Perception In Righteous Intuitive Truth Usually Adds Light Jan Morgan
100% SPIRITUAL GUIDESacred Perception In Righteous Intuitive Truth Usually Adds Light. Giving "U" Individual Direction Essentially Jan Morgan
94% SPREADING GOD'S WORDSome People Relish 'Educating' Anyone Distantly Interested (or Not.) Goodness Gracious, One Daren't Slacken With One's Religious Duties. Angela Brett
100% STAKE CONFERENCESeriously Teaches Actual Knowledge Encouragingly. Covers Our Needs For Eternity, Reports Effect Noteworthy Concerns, Endeavors Jan Morgan (see STAKE PRESIDENT)
99% STARLIGHT, STAR BRIGHT, THE FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT. I WISH I MAY, I WISH I MIGHT HAVE THIS WISH I WISH TONIGHT. Some Think A Real Love Is Given Hope Through Sayings That Are Recited By Reflective Individuals. Gloomy Humans Think That Hopeful Expressions Fail to Instill Real Security That Solider Tactics Allow. Rational Individuals Still Eternally Evade Those Oppressive Notions; Instead Giving Homage To Ideas Which If Studied Have Insufficient Manifested Antecedents. Yet Individuals Wantonly Insist Stars Have Incredible Magical Influence. Granted, Horoscopes, Too, Have Astrological Views. Embittered Troublemakers Have Insisted Stubbornly, When Inquired, Showing How Improbable Wishful Interpretations Succumb. However, Thousands Offer Narrations Interminably; Getting Hope Timelessly. Roger Williams
Words & Wordplay:Ridiculously long apronyms
100% STONER (2)"Sinless? Throw One Now", Exclaimed Redeemer Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SUNDAY SCHOOLScholars Understanding Now, Does Answer Yearnings, Seriously Chooses Heaven Of Own Learning Jan Morgan
100% SUPERSTITIONSilly Unfounded Propositions - Evidently Registering Simple Truisms - I'm Told Indicative Of Naivety Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% TOUCHED BY AN ANGELThankful Of Unusual Cherubs Helping Everyones Dreams, Best Yearnings Actually Notices Accompaniment Nurturing Gets Endearing Lessons Jan Morgan -- A television show about angels who solve people's problems, answer prayers, accompany people and teach lessons
Entertainment:TV shows
88% TITHINGTenth Income To Him, Initiates Never-ending Good Jan Morgan - the act to tithe for the Lords Kingdom
100% TITHETenth Income To Him Eternal Jan Morgan - blessings coming when this is submitted to the Lord
100% THE NEW ERATruths Heard Emerges News, Enriches With Eagerness Reaching Adolescents Jan Morgan -- magazine for LDS Teens
100% THEISTTrusts Heaven-Eternal Is Surely There Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% THE FRIENDTruths Heard Engaged For Reading In, Enriching News Daily Jan Morgan - Magazine for LDS children
100% THE ENSIGNTruths Here Emerges, Enriching Nourishment Surely Is Good News Jan Morgan -- Magazine for LDS adults
100% THE BIBLE (2)Truly Heaven's Exit, Because In Book, Lies Evident Angela Brett, to go with THE BIBLE
Art & Literature:Book Titles
100% THE BIBLETruly Heaven Exists, Because In Book Lies Evidence Angela Brett
Art & Literature:Book Titles
100% TESTIMONYTrue Emotional Strong Testimony, In My Own Notions, Yearning Jan Morgan - our feelings of what we know and believe to be true in our own eyes and the hope of it
100% TEMPLETruths Enlightened, Marriages Promise Love Eternal Jan Morgan - a beautiful sacred building dedicated to learning eternal truths
People & Relationships:Love & Lust:Marriage & Divorce
100% TAROT (2)They're A Roguish Operator's Tools TMcCO'G
100% TAROTTheir Accuracy's Rotten - Or Treacherous TMcCO'G
100% VISION (2)View Introduces Savior, Is Of News Jan Morgan - Sacred visitation News to those that believe in Savior and want what He Revealed
100% WARDWorship At Reach, Drove Jan Morgan (see WARD CONFERENCE) drove = throng or group
100% WARD CONFERENCEWanting A Real Determination Covers Our Needs For Eternity Reports Effect Noteworthy Concerns, Endeavors Jan Morgan -- a ward conference is a meeting one step below a STAKE CONFERENCE
100% WARD CONFERENCE (2)Wanting Accurate Reasonable Detail, Covers Our Needs For Eternity Reports Effect Noteworthy Concerns, Endeavors Jan Morgan -- a ward conference is a meeting one step below a STAKE CONFERENCE
100% WESLEYWas Evangelists' Surname; Ladies Eponymised Young Angela Brett (according to, This was the surname of brothers John and Charles Wesley, 18th-century founders of Methodism, a Protestant Christian denomination. It was first used as a given name in their honor during their lifetimes.)
Names:First names:Male
100% WICCAWitches In Coven Conjure Antichrist Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% WITCHWields Incantation To Certain Happiness Rico Leffanta
Art & Literature:Myths & Legends:Mythical Creatures
100% WON A TRIP! Way/Wonderful Omnipresence! Naturally Atones! Trust Redeemer/Reward = > Interceding Prince/Peace! Charles H. Montgomery, Jr.
100% WORD OF WISDOMWith Our Respect, Do Obey Facts, What Is Safe, Determines Our Morals Jan Morgan - the word of wisdom is a recommendation of what we should avoid for our health Abstaining from them helps with better values that keep us out of trouble
100% WORSHIPWe Offer Redeemer Strength, Honour In Praise. Grace Francis
100% YIN/YANGYour Influential Nature - You Avoid Net Gains Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying: Together they add up to a set 'total'. If you lose three 'points' of yin, then you gain three 'points' of yang, as far as I can interpret it.
100% YOUTH GROUP (CHURCH)You're Only Used To Hearing God's Rage Or Unanswered Prayers? Come Here, Understand Real Christian Happiness. Angela Brett
100% ZIONZone Is On Nation Jan Morgan
100% ZWINGLIZealous Worker In New Gospel Literary Interpretations Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people
100% TRUTH (2)Teach Religious/Reasonable Understanding To Humanity Jan Morgan

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