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92% ALL ACRONYMSAlphabetical Lexicon Lists And Categorised Records [are] On Net... You Must've Seen! Angela Brett, guessing that whoever searched for 'all acronyms' on the Acronyms web site would have been interested in the alphabetical listings at and perhaps the category listings at
100% ANYTHING STARTING WITH AAah, Now You're Trying Hard... It's No Good Searching This, Apronym Retriever's Thinking Is Not Great. Website Index, Though, Has Answer. Angela Brett, after somebody searched the Apronyms website for that phrase. Clicking on the 'Alphabetical' link on the main page will get you to a list of apronyms beginning with A, however... at
100% BUTTONSBothered User Tries To Overcome Nonsensical Situation TMcCO'G - who would like to be able to press "Submit" without having to scroll the screen.
100% COME BACK SOONCheck Our Members Entries By Another Call - Keenly Seeking Out Our Novelties Tony McCoy O'Grady, encouraging people to search the Acronyms website ( again if they don't find anything the first time, because we strive to acronymise any unsuccessful search terms.
100% DON'T PANICDepress One's Natural Thoughts, Please. Angela's Nearly In Control Tony McCoy O'Grady, when Angela posted on the FORUMS to say that parts of the ACRONYMS website weren't working, but not to PANIC because she would be fixing it soon.
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89% FULL TEXTFound Under Lexicographic Listings... The Entire Xpansion Treasure-trove. Angela Brett, guessing that whoever was searching for 'full text' on the ACRONYMS website was probably after the alphabetical listings at
100% HALL OF FAMEHave A Laugh... Lots Of Fantastically Funny Acronyms Might Eventuate. Angela Brett (The Acronyms Hall of Fame is at
100% HYPHENHave You, Perhaps, Hyphen-Excess Neurosis Tony Hyphen O'Grady (see SHARON (2))
100% I APOLOGISE!It's A Pity, One Loathes Often Getting Internal Server Errors. Angela Brett, after the webserver being reconfigured caused some pages on the Acronyms web site to give internal server errors.
100% LIST OF ACRONYMSLook - Index.html's Sitemap Tells Of Full Alphabetical & Categorised Records. Obviously Now You've Merely Searched. Angela Brett, when someone searched the Acronyms website for 'list of acronyms'. The site map at links to full alphabetical listings and lists of acronyms by category.
100% MELISSA IS HOTMayhaps Exclaimer Lost It? Searching Such Ardorous Insanity Shirks Honor. Obviously Terrible. Jeff Anonymous, wondering if the person who searched for this on is a nutter or just someone who is zealously randy.
90% NOW WE KNOWNow Original Website Wellspring Explained: Knowledgelessness Nurtures Outlandish Word-construction! Gavin Lambert, in response to LAUGHING OUT LOUD
75% PHPPhasing-out HyperCard Pages Angela Brett, after Tony accused her of geek-speek when she mentioned that more of the formerly HyperCard-generated web pages had been switched to PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
100% PRIZESPayment Received Is Zero$ Each Submission. Angela Brett - does not offer prizes for acronyms as no money is made from the site... but you could still boast about being on the hall of fame ( or honours list (
100% PRIZES (2)Primary Reward Is Zealous Enjoyment / Stimulation Angela Brett (see PRIZES)
100% SEARCH FOR ACRONYMSSeeking Expansions? All Right, Come Here For Our Respected - And Cherished - Resource. Oh, Notify Your Mates Speedily Tony McCoy O'Grady, saying 'We need newcomers to spread the word! :-)' [Note from Angela: You can search for acronyms at, or in the stack by clicking on a word in the expansion or credit, or option-clicking a word in the acronym list]
100% SHARON (2)Seems Hyphens Are Really (Occasionally) Necessary Hyphen McCoy O'Grady (presumably protesting about the purity tester on the acronym submission form's sensitivity to hyphens.)
Names:First names:Female
93% TRANSIENT ERRORTried Reaching Acronym Network Site, Incurring Error Notice; Temporarily Excluding Rob Rix and Other 'Ronymisers Gavin Lambert (see SITE DOWN?)
100% TIPS (2)There Isn't Page Searching Angela Brett, thinking that perhaps the person who searched for 'tips' on the Acronyms website was looking for the acronymising tips at, but didn't find them because the search engine only searches in the acronyms, not the other pages.
100% THE APRONYM TIMESTargeting Humans Enjoying Apronyms: Publicly Revealing Original Nomenclature You May Think Is Mightily Effective - Semimonthly! Gavin Lambert, when the ACRONYMS website was renamed APRONYMS in order to be more specific, and THE ACRONYM TIMES needed a new name too.
100% THE APRONYMS TIMES (2)Tony Has Engineered 'A Propos' Reference Onto Name, Your Meaning Shouldn't Turn Into Muck Expansion->Skeleton Angela Brett
100% THE APRONYMS TIMESTony Has Engineered 'A Propos' Reference Onto Name, Your Meaning (Shorter) Thus Imitates Meaning (Expanded) Somehow. Angela Brett
100% TEST (2)This Expansion Submitter's Terrible! Angela Brett, testing the Acronym Submission form at - there were a few bugs but it's all fixed now! If you don't believe me, submit a whole lot of acronyms and see if it breaks.
95% UNSUCCESSFUL SEARCHESUsers Needing Something Unusual Can Create Expansions. Subsequent Searches Find User's Latest Selective Expansions And Re-expansions Can Help Ensuing Searchers. Sean Lamb (who has spent too long reading the Unsuccessful Searches page)
100% UPSIDE DOWNUnfortunately Partitioning Server Incurred Damage, Everything's Deleted Off Web Now. Angela Brett, after the Apronyms server was accidentally deleted and Roger said, 'I'm sure that thing about having to hang upside down on that part of the earth doesn't help either.'
100% WE'RE BACK!Welcome, Everybody! Relax! Enjoy! Backedup Apronyms Completely Kept! Roger Williams - Due to Angela's backed-up data, Apronyms were not lost when the hard drive took a vacation in Feb, 2004.
100% WHAT PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FORWill Hermann Attempt To Program Exploration Of Posts? Listing Every Acronym Reveals, Eventually, Location Of Our Konversations. It's Not Good For Other Reconnaissance. Angela Brett, when someone searched for that phrase on the Acronyms website. If Edwin made the forums searchable, I could integrate a search of the Acronyms Forums into the normal acronym search form, and then someone searching for that phrase would find the 'What people are looking for' threads on the forums. The current such thread is at, but I start a new thread of what people are looking for whenever one gets too long, so I would recommend going to and looking near the top of the thread list for a thread with 'What people are looking for' in the title.
100% TYPE THE ACRONYM HEREThank You, Please Enter Thy Handy Expansion. Anyone Can Relish Our Novel Yet Mirthful Hobby, Enter Regularly Everybody Tony McCoy O'Grady (who couldn't resist the proffered "acronym" on the submission form at