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100% CORIOLIS (2)Circularity Of Rotation Is Oppositional, Loading Is Slow TMcCO'G, after Patricia wondered if the Apronyms site is the slowest in the Southern Hemisphere, responded: It's the Coriolis effect. The site loads anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere and clockwise in the northern. Reverse the polarity of the plug on your computer and all will be as it should be :-)
100% MSBLASTERMy Server Began Losing All Speed... Those Evil Rascals! Angela Brett, though she doubts that the MSBlaster worm would be targetting the Apronyms site with its DOS attacks.
100% PLANETARY ALIGNMENT Pulling Language Across Network Employs Tidal Astroillogical Reinforcements... Your-Anus Lies In Gemini? Nothing Moves Electronically, No Traffic. Angela Brett (Planetary alignment is a more likely cause of the Apronyms site loading slowly than it sounds... the server which the site is hosted on is called Uranus, and is often the 'butt' of 'Your-Anus' jokes.)
100% SLUGGISH SPEEDSome Latitudes Undergo Great Glaciation. Internet Speed Has Slowed. Patti's Evidently Entering Dormancy TMcCO'G, after CORIOLIS (2), saying: But maybe, just maybe I'm wrong and It's all that ice and snow in Canada which is slowing things down... cold slows everything down as winter approaches... it's a throwback to hibernation.