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ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDERA Brief Stint Elsewhere... Now Curiously Everyone Misses And Keeps Enthusiastically Supporting Thee. Hurry Ever Homewards. Every Acquaintance Registers True Grief Remarking On Wanderer's Future. Oh, Nomad Desist Errantry - Return! Angela Brett and Tony McCoy O'Grady
A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSSA Rule Of Lichen Life Is No Genesis Somewhere That's, On Next Examination, Gone Another Turn. Humans Extract Ridiculous Symbolic Nuances Of Meaning Of Simple Science. Angela Brett
AS GOOD AS A MILEA Shot Goes Off Original Direction, A Stray Arrow's 'Miss Indicator' Lacks Exactness TMcCO'G - referring to the usually longer expression "A miss is as good as a mile" meaning that to be a half and inch out is as bad as being a mile out.
AS YOU SOW SO SHALL YOU REAPA Simple Yardstick One Uses Showing One's Weaknesses, Strengths Or Successes Has Always Lauded Labor. Yes, One's Undertakings Return Exactly As Predicted. Roger Williams
GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT, DON'T LET THE BEDBUGS BITEGot Over One Day. Now I'm Going Home To Slumber Leaving Encroaching Enemy Pests To Infect George's Half. They Disappear Once Night Time Leaves. Every Time They Have Eaten Bloody Evidence Develops - Being Unconscious, Guys Scratch Bothersome Itches To Excess Tony McCoy O'Grady and Patricia Rix
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GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENERGenerally Remoter Aspects Seem Superior, It's Said. Anything Local Will Appear Yucky & Stale. Going Raises Excited Expectations Never Eventually Realised TMcCO'G
HIT THE GROUND RUNNINGHelicopter Ingests Troops, Travels, Hastily Evacuates. Guys Running Out Under Nasty Deadly Riflefire, Usually Need No Incitement. Nearly Gallopping. TMcCO'G, who doubts that troops debarking from a helicopter, under fire, need to be told to "hit the ground running".
IT AIN'T OVER UNTIL IT'S OVERI'm Told Anything Is Not Terminated, Or Verifiably Ended Reliably, Unless No Tangible Indicators Linger. If This Seems Overly Verbose, Express Regret Tony McCoy O'Grady
SEEING IS BELIEVINGSuch Eye Enthusiasm Is Not Good - It Sometimes Blinds! Evidence Lies In Everything, Visibility Is Not Guaranteed. Angela Brett
SEEING IS BELIEVING (2)Such Eye Enthusiasm Is Not Good - It Sometimes Blinds! Eyes 'Lie' (Illusions Etc.) Vision Is No Guarantee. Angela Brett
STUBBORN AS A MULESticking To Unusual Beliefs By Openly Rejecting Newer And Surer Answers - Making Umpteen Lasting Enemies Tony McCoy O'Grady
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