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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ACARIDA Compact Arachnid - Rarely Isn't Dronish. Angela Brett
AMBERAncient Miniscule Bug's Encased Reliably Sean Lamb
ANT (2)A Nuisance Temporarily Jan Morgan -- uninvited picnic intruders
BEEBuzzes Everyone Everywhere Eric Bridgstock
BEE (2)Busy Entomological Entity Roger Williams
BLACK WIDOWBegins Lunch After Coitus, Killing With Instinct During Orgasmic Withdrawal Tony McCoy O'Grady, whose wife looks stunning in black and to whom he regularly refers as his "Black Widow"
BUG (2)Bitten User Grumbles Angela Brett
BUG (5)Bites Unfortunate Gentleman Angela Brett
BUG OFFBegone Unwanted Gnat - Oh Fly Fast TMcCO'G
BUGS (3)Bugs Usually Get Smashed Jan Morgan and Rifle Morgan
BUGS (4)Butterflies Usually Go Soaring Jan Morgan and Rifle Morgan
BUMBLEBEEBusy Useful Mobile Bee Leaves Earth, Big Exclusive Event Jan Morgan
BUTTERFLYBeautiful Unreal Thing That Erratically, Romantically Flutteringly Lightheartens You Tony McCoy O'Grady (Butterflies definitely 'lighthearten' everyone!)
GNATSGet Needlessly Aggressive, Then Strike Tony McCoy O'Grady
LICELittle Insects Crawl Everywhere Steve Keate
MAGGOTMany Anglers Get Grubs Outta Tins Izaac Walton
SPIDERSpins Pretty, Intricate Designs Entrapping Rations Tony McCoy O'Grady
TERMITESThese Entities Readily Munch It 'Til Everything's Sawdust Roger Williams
WASPWill Anaphylactic Shock Prevail? Angela Brett, thinking again of people who are allergic to wasp stings.
WASP (3)When Angered, Stings People Eric Bridgstock
WASP (4)Winged And Stinging Pest Roger Williams
WASPSWith A Sting, Pierce Skin Angela Brett
WASPS (2)When Allergies Strike, People Suffer Angela Brett
WASPS (3)Without Adrenaline, Some People Succumb Angela Brett, thinking of people allergic to wasp stings.