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AMERICAN IDOLA Melodious Enterprise, Rising Idols Chant Assorted Notes (I Don't Overtly Like) Robert Anonymous
BAYWATCHBoobs Are Yawning Whilst A Timex Changes Hours Rico Leffanta
BIG BROTHERBeing In 'Goldfish Bowl' Really Opens Their Hearts -- Extreme Recreation. Angela Brett, referring to the pandemic of TV series in which a group of people enter a compound full of TV cameras (compound eyes!) and are 'evicted' one by one until the last one gets a prize. Meanwhile they are made to do strange tasks (extreme recreation) and tend to find out a lot about themselves in the process (extreme re-creation.)
CHARMEDCan Have Anything Remotely Magical Enter Drama Angela Brett (The TV Show 'Charmed' is about three witches, but can involve things as diverse as leprechauns, mermaids, demons, gnomes, fairies, angels, nymphs, gods, unicorns, and the seven dwarves.)
COUNTDOWNCarol's On Unusual Numerical Tricks, Dick's On Wordy Natterings Tony McCoy O'Grady, referring to a UK television programme and its two hosts.
CSI - MIAMICaruso Squashing Injustice -- Magnifying Image As Mortifying Icon Richard Leppig (that's me) Enjoying CSI, the original, the Vegas version. Now with this Miami edition, it's not about solving crimes anymore, it's about how these gruesome crimes affect David Caruso. It's becoming pervasive; anything else I see now of a particularly savage nature, I wonder, how would David feel? He's a crime magnet. Everywhere something happens, there he is. It's getting tougher to see just what he's looking at. "David, will you step aside a little?" Well, thanks for letting me vent.
DIPSYDancing Is Pleasant - So Youthful! Angela Brett, whose nieces love the TELETUBBIES.
ENTERPRISEExploring New Territories / Extremely Remote Planets & Regions Is Starships Errand Bones McCoy O'Grady
FRASIERFairly Risible American Series Is Exceptionally Ridiculous Tony McCoy O'Grady
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
FRIENDSFractious Relatonships In Endless Newyork Drama Series. Tony McCoy O'Grady
GROUCHGarbagebin - Resident Oscar Usually Called Home Tony McCoy O'Grady
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
HARPERHappy Actress Regularly Played Eccentric Rhoda Tony McCoy O'Grady - Valerie Harper Played "Rhoda" in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and eventually got an eponymous spin-off show.
Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses
LOVE DEATHLots Of Violence, Explicitly Dramatised, Enhances A Television Horror Angela Brett, when someone searched for 'LOVE DEATH' on the Acronyms website.
People & Relationships:Death
REPORTS (3)Regular Evening Profiles On Regional Television Service Tony McCoy O'Grady
ROOTSReally One Outstanding Television Series Sean Lamb (who was but a child when "Roots" premiered on television)
SAVED BY THE BELLSituations At Vital Educational Domain Brings You To Higher Education, Balancing Every Life Lessons Jan Morgan - Situation Comedy about students in high school
SEINFELDSilly Eejit Is Not Funny, Even Looks Dorky Tony McCoy O'Grady
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SPORTSome 'Players' Only Require Television Angela Brett
Sports & Recreation
STAR TREKShows Typical Alien Reactions To Romantically Enterprising Kirk Rico Leffanta
TOUCHED BY AN ANGELThankful Of Unusual Cherubs Helping Everyones Dreams, Best Yearnings Actually Notices Accompaniment Nurturing Gets Endearing Lessons Jan Morgan -- A television show about angels who solve people's problems, answer prayers, accompany people and teach lessons
TIP TOP FASHIONThis Is Popular Television? Obviously Passe Fools Advise Silly Housewives In Obtaining "Novelty' Tony McCoy O'Grady, thinking of TV's many 'makeover' shows where people are advised on how to look good for little expense, and usually end up looking dreadful
People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene
TELEVISIONSThey Essentially Leave Each Viewer In Stupor... Intelligence Often Not Stimulated. Angela Brett
T-BAGThe Baddie; Annoys Girls Angela Brett, referring to the title character of an 80s/90s children's TV series. (See for more information on the series)
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
VOYAGERVulcans Often Yearn About Getting Ears Remodelled Bones McCoy O'Grady
WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIREWe Have Once Watched A Network Television Show That Once Boasted Everyone's Attention. Maybe It Lost Luster In One Night After Its Reruns Encored. Sean Lamb
WILL AND GRACEWorking In Law Ladyman And Nutty Designer Give Romance A Chance. Entertaining! Robert Anonymous
T-SHIRTThe Slave Had Infusions Ready - Teatime! Angela Brett (T-shirt was T-BAG's T-Caddy, whose duty was to keep her magical powers strong by making endless cups of tea from the leaves of her evil T-Plant.)
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
TVTime's Valuable! Angela Brett, since TV tends to waste a lot of time.