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100% JOANNEJewel Of A Name Needs Expansion TMcCO'G
100% JODIJust One Disruptive/Disagreeable Individual Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% JOYJoke's On You Rico Leffanta
100% JUDEJoy Under Difficult Experiences Sue Johnson
100% JUDITHJewish Urban Destruction? I'm The Heroine Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% JUDYJust Un Dress Yourself! Rico Leffanta
100% JULIEJust Uses Love In Events Jan Morgan
100% JUSTINEJoin Us So Tourism Is Nice Event Jan Morgan
100% KARENKey Attribute Recreates Endurance Necessary Jan Morgan
100% KARINKatharos (Athenian) Rarely Impure Name Angela Brett (According to my dictionary, the name Karin and many similar names are 'of uncertain origin, later assimilated to katharos, pure.')
100% KATHERINEKeen Actress That Hepburn, Exuding Romantic Intensity & Naughty Eroticism Tony McCoy O'Grady
Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses
100% KATHRYNKnowlegeable Adult Truly Has Responsible Young Networked Jan Morgan -- someone I know
100% KATHYKeen Adventurer Tackles Hobbies, Yin Jan Morgan -- a person I know
100% KATRINAKnockout Advantage Truly Respects Individual's Necessary Attributes Jan Morgan
100% KATRINA (2)Kind And Truly Reasonable Individual Needs Alternatives Jan Morgan
86% KAYANAKismet Adolescent Yin Adoringly Named (for) Acquaintances Jan Morgan -- someone I know pronounced Kay-Anna (fate that this person was named after 2 friends)
100% KAYANA (2)Keen Artistic Youth, Adorable Narcissistic Adolescent Jan Morgan and Kayana Morgan I did Youth and adolescent Kayana picked out the other words
100% KENDRAKinfolk Expand Names, Don't Request Grumpy Old Man
100% KERRIEKnits Everything, Regenerating Regime Is Experimental Jan Morgan -- she creates her own KNITTING patterns with the old regime
100% KIRSTIKnowledge In Reading, Saves Teaching It Jan Morgan
83% KITTY (2)Kind Individual Tries Tricky Yo-yo Jan Morgan
100% KRISKinky Relationships In Seven Jan Morgan -- after 7 years she moved on to a new relationship
100% KRISTENKid's Religion Is Shown To Everyone Now Angela Brett (the name Kristen comes from Christiana or Christian.)
100% KRISTIKnows Reading Is Shared, Teaching Ideas Jan Morgan
100% KYLAKeep Your Legs Apart Angela Brett (deciding to do a Rico-like name expansion)
100% LADAWNLazy Adult Doesn't Act With Nobility Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% LAURALemurs Around Ugly Rat Assets Michael Seiler. I came up with it because there aren't enough suitable nonsense phrases that can expand off my girlfriend's (or my best friend's girlfriend...lotta Lauras, eh?) name. (Note: Unless Michael doesn't much like his girlfriend, this is not strictly an apronym. It has only been included to explain MICHAEL SEILER. See also LAURA (2) and LAURA (3))
100% LAURA (2)Line An Unpolished Rough Amethyst Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LAURA (3)Lovely, And Untarnished, Radiant Angel Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LAURENLooked Astounding, Utterly Ravishing Even Now Tony McCoy O'Bogart, referring to Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart's wife and frequent co-star
Names:Famous people:Actors & Actresses
100% LEONALady Endures Own Necessary Adventure Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% LIBBYLying Is Best By You! Rico Leffanta
100% LINDA (2)Lives In Nurturing Domain, Actually Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% LORRAINELonging Of Repentance, Reforming As It's Necessary, Effort Jan Morgan
100% LOUISELanguage Of Use Is Special, Embraced Jan Morgan
100% LOURDESLeaves Own Unhealthy Residence, Domain Entered Safely Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% LYDIALie You Down, I'm Aroused Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% LYNLearns Your Needs Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% LYNDALike Your Nicest Dearest Associate Susan S. wrote it about her friend
100% LYNNLearns Your Necessary Needs Jan Morgan
100% MARGIEMakes A Reasonable Guess, It's Exceptional Jan Morgan
100% MARIANNEMisguided Adult Really Is Antagonistic, Needs Navigation Ethics Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% MARIEMakes Any Romance Intimate, Eventually! Rico Leffanta
100% MARIE (2)Music Arts Really Is Entertaining Jan Morgan
100% MARJORIEMakes A Reasonable Judgment, Offering Reconciliation Is Extinguished Jan Morgan
80% MARYMarvelously Angelic, Religious and Youthful Mary Carr
100% MARY (2)Madam, Articulate Royal Yobbo. Mary Carr, describing herself.
100% MARY (4)Meets A Rich Yuppie Jan Morgan
100% MARY ANNMentor As Remembering Youth And Natural Nurturer Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% MARY BETHMeets A Rich Yuppie, But Examines Truth Heartily/Happily Jan Morgan
100% MARY JANEMatriarch As Referred, Yesterday's Journey's A Necessary Event Jan Morgan - someone I know
83% MEGANMmm-hmm, Everybody Gets A Name! Angela Brett, who wishes she had more information to expand the names which people search for.
100% MELANIE'Midnight-Eyed' Looks Are Noticable, Indeed Exceptional! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MELANIE (2)My Escapade Licking Animal Now Informs Eire! Tony McCoy O'Grady (One of Patricia's children was once discovered licking a slug)
100% MELINDAMay Eventually Live In Neighborhood, Designated Area Jan Morgan (when looking for a home the couple had a designated area to locate one in)
100% MELISSAMy Eponymic Legacy Is Sharp Smart Antics Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% MELISSA (2)Mother Evidently Likes Idiot Sister's Slug Antics Tony McCoy O'Grady (see MELANIE (2))
100% MELISSA (3)Makes Every Little Instant Seem So Amazing Omar
100% MERRILLManages Ego, Reacting Reprovingly In Life's Lessons Jan Morgan
100% MICHELLEMost Intellectual Coherent Handler Encourages Living Life Eagerly Jan Morgan
100% MOLLYMothers Offspring, Leads Lot Yearly Jan Morgan
100% MOLLY (2)Mothers Offspring, Loves Life, Yes Jan Morgan
100% MONAMeeting One's Naughty Associate Jan Morgan
100% MONICAMistress Of Nation - Intern Controlled America Angela Brett, referring to Monica LEWINSKY
Names:Famous people
88% MONIQUEMistress Of No-one -- Is Quietly Using Encyclopaedia. Angela Brett (Monique comes from the Greek monos, meaning solitary.)
100% MYRIAMMaybe Youth Recognizes Initiating A Motive Jan Morgan
100% NAOMINot An Obviously Monstrous Intellect Tony McCoy O'Grady - thinking of non one in particular :-)
100% NAOMI (2)No Admirer Of Men's Interests Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% NATALIENoble Adult Troubled, Acts Leave Its Entanglement Jan Morgan
100% NELLNever Ever Likes Listening! Rico Leffanta
100% NICOLANot Idle, Capable Of Living Adventures Jan Morgan
100% NICOLENot Idle, Capable Of Learned Enlightenment Jan Morgan
100% NOLANo Other Love, Anytime! Rico Leffanta
100% OLGAOh Leave Girls Alone! Rico Leffanta
100% PAIGEPart Angel, In Godless Episodes Angela Brett (Paige is a part-angel, part-witch character in the TV series 'Charmed'. I expect that the show would be labelled 'Godless' by some religious zealots because of the witches and other supernatural creatures in it, so it's interesting that it should have angels.)
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters
100% PAULAPlease Act Ultimately Like Adult Jan Morgan
100% PEGGYPretty Easy Girl Gets You! Rico Leffanta
100% PHYLLISPlease Have Your Love Life In Secret! Rico Leffanta
100% REBECCARaises Every Boy's Excitement, C-Cups Advertised Angela Brett
People & Relationships:Love & Lust
100% RENEERunning Extra Nights Earns Endurance Jan Morgan
100% RHIANNONReason Has Its Answers Nature Never Offers Nonsense Rico Leffanta
100% ROSE (2)Radically Opposite Soul Entices/Enchants Jan Morgan
100% RUTH (2)Rarely Uncovers The Hose Rico Leffanta
100% SALLY KAYSpunky Acquaintance Lively, Loyal Yin, Kind, Ambitious, Yes Jan Morgan -- a person I know
100% SANDRAShe Always Needs Dates Romantically Aroused Rico Leffanta
100% SARAHShe's Always Royal At Heart Angela Brett (Sarah means 'Princess')
100% SHARONShe Has A Reputation Of Naughtiness! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SHARON (2)Seems Hyphens Are Really (Occasionally) Necessary Hyphen McCoy O'Grady (presumably protesting about the purity tester on the acronym submission form's sensitivity to hyphens.)
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100% SHELBYShe Has Every Lyric By You Jan Morgan
100% SHELLEYShe Has Evoked Lusty Life, Entreats Yobs Jan Morgan
100% SHERIDANSchoolfriend Had Eminently Respected Irish Dramatist's Acclaimed Name Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SHERRISingle, Has Every Resolve Reasonably Implanted Jan Morgan
100% SOFIASo One Friend Initiates Adventures Jan Morgan
100% SONIASomeone Of Note, I Assume. Angela Brett
100% SONYASafe Of Naughty Young Adult Jan Morgan
100% SOPHIASo One Person Has Incredible Advice Jan Morgan (according to, Sophia and Sophie come from a Greek expression meaning Wisdom)
100% SOPHIESo One Person Has Incredible Enlightenment Jan Morgan and Angela Brett (according to, Sophia and Sophie come from a Greek expression meaning Wisdom)
100% STACYShe's Truly A Cute Youth Tony McCoy O'Grady - who doesn't usually expand names, but in this case makes an exception as he knows a Stacy (or maybe Stacie) who is a very foxy young woman!
100% STEPHANIESoftly Touches Emotional Person, Has A Natural Involvemet Exclusively Jan Morgan
100% SUSANShe's Utterly Sensual - And Nubile! Tony McCoy O'Grady
100% SUZANNESuper Unique Zany Adult Negotiates Needed Endurance Jan Morgan
100% SYLVIAShould You Love Virgins, I'm Available! Rico Leffanta
100% TIFFANYTreasure In Fabulous Friendly Attributes, Nurturing Yield Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% TANYATrying A New You, Actually Jan Morgan
100% VICKIVivacious Individual, Conducts Key Inspiration Jan Morgan
100% VICKYVivacious Individual Conducts Key Yearnings Jan Morgan - a person I know
100% VICTORIAVivacious Individual, Conducts Trade Of Refreshment In Alcohol Jan Morgan
100% VIRGINIAValued Individual Reaches Goals In Noted Inspirational Analysis Jan Morgan
100% VONDAVendetta Of Nymphs, Does Attack Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% YVONNEYoung Virgins Often Need New Excitement Rico Leffanta
100% TRUDYTruly Reliable Unusual Dear Yin Jan Morgan

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