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92% BIG AND STRONGBoring Ignorant Galute Always Narcissisticly Displaying Sinew Tragically Ruined by Overdoing Normal Gymnastics Susan S.
Sports & Recreation
People & Relationships:Beauty & Hygiene
100% BYTE (3)Before Yesteryear's Text Editor Susan S. As a programmer of 30 years, I experienced pre Text Editor programming. It brings a whole new meaning to "plug and play".
100% CEOConfusion Exceeding Omniscience Susan S. In my line of work, I've gotten a lot of comments from my employees alluding to my phenomenal knowledge base -- "You know-it-all!" -- This to let them know that I'm just as confused as they, but as the head of the company I want to put my best foot forward. (CEO usually stands for Chief Executive Officer)
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
People & Relationships:The Workforce:Occupations
100% FORD (2)Fixed Often, Regularly Dead Susan S. I owned a Ford. It never gave me any grief, and it only cost me $1. I sold it for $10 after 5 years use. Not at all like this Apronym!
Transport:Car Makes & Models
100% LYNDALike Your Nicest Dearest Associate Susan S. wrote it about her friend
Names:First names:Female
100% QA (5)Questionable Authority Susan S.
Re-expansions of existing acronyms
83% QUESTQuintesential Undertaking Exhibiting Supreme True-heartedness Susan S.
Assorted Nouns
83% SPOCK (3)Serious Person Of [the] Curious Kind Susan S. This alludes to Spock's lack of emotion and extended curiosity.
Art & Literature:Fictional Characters:Star Trek
89% STARGATESpurious Technological Appellation Referring to Gigantic Apertures Transporting Explorers Susan S.
Entertainment:TV shows