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The expansions may describe people known to the apronymists, or something about the origins of the names. Many people search the site for first names, perhaps expecting an expansion describing themselves. Without knowing anything about the person we can't create a relevant expansion, and if we did the expansion would not mean much for somebody who did not know that person. Many of the first names we have expanded probably suffer from that lack of relevance, but as they are so often searched for we feel as though some kind of expansion for a name is better than nothing... perhaps, like horoscopes, they can be interpreted to suit anyone to some degree.

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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
100% CHRIS (2)Capable Helper Revels In Service Jan Morgan
100% DARYLDoes Act Really Young, Luckily Jan Morgan
100% JAIMEJust An Individual Making Enough Jan Morgan
100% JAMIEJostles Activities, More Impressive Everyday Jan Morgan
100% JESSIEJewel Enlists Safe Success In Endeavors Jan Morgan
100% KIM (2)Kept In Memory Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% KIM (3)Kind In Maneouvers Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% LINDSAYLazy In Nature, Dull, Snobbish Actually. Yuppie Jan Morgan -- combo of 2 people
100% MICHELEMost Individuals Cherish Harmony Especially Loving Examples Jan Morgan
100% OLIVE (2)Offers Love In Vital Endeavors Jan Morgan
100% REGGIERich Entrepreneur Gets Going In Employment Jan Morgan
100% RICKYRambunctious Is Child, Keen Yang Jan Morgan - child I know
100% RUDYRough Unusual Dude, Yob Jan Morgan - a person I know
100% SIDNEYSeeks Invitations, Dancing Nightly, Experiencing Youth Jan Morgan (looks for nightly dances to attend)
100% TRACY (3)Tackled Real Addiction Carefully Yesterday Jan Morgan - someone I know
100% TRACY (2)Treacherous Raunchy Adult Controls Yob Jan Morgan
100% TRACYTravels Rarely, Activities Ceased Yesterday Jan Morgan