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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ALOETTEA Lovely Objective, Essence To Try, Everyone Jan Morgan -- A home party Cosmetic Company made with Aloe Vera in it
ARBONNEA Real Botanical Objective, Nourishes Naturally Everyone Jan Morgan -- A home party Cosmetic company
BOTOXBrought On To Ongoing Xaminations Dennis Carr
COMBCleans Out Messy Bunches Rico Leffanta
CROWN TOPPER (2)Curls & Ringlets Obviously Withered, Now Tonsorial Operatives Proffer Perfectly Elegant Replacement TMcCO'G
DOUCHEDirt's Off Under Cascading Hot Effusion Patricia Rix
IMMACIncredible Moustache Moving Applicator & Creme Tony McCoy O'Grady, inspired while watching a TV advert for Immac hair remover.
IMPULSEIf Musky Perfume Urges, Let's Sensuously Embrace Tony McCoy O'Grady
LIPSTICK (2)Loves Inciting Peckers She Tattoos In Cold Kisses Rico Leffanta
SHAMPOOStops Hair Acquiring Mange. Pour Over Oneself. Eric Bridgstock
SOAPScrubbing Often Amends Pelt Tony McCoy O'Grady
SOFTWASHSome Oaf Found Their Water And Soap Hard? Angela Brett, on seeing some 'Softwash' soap, wondering just how hard other soaps are.
SOFTWASH (2)Soap Only Foams The Water, Antibacterial Sterilises Hands Angela Brett, after using some SOFTWASH liquid hand wash.
SPONGESmelly People Obviously Need Greater Exposure Tony McCoy O'Grady
TOOTHBRUSHTo Osculate Odourlessly, This Has Been Religiously Used. Scrub Hard! Angela Brett
XYLOSE SORBITOLXylitol... You'll Love Our Substitute. Everyday Sugar Often Rots But Its Taste Obviates Lesions. Angela Brett (xylose sorbitol, a.k.a. XYLITOL is used as a sweetener in dental products and low-calorie foods... so even though sugar is bad for our teeth, making products taste like it can encourage people to look after their teeth.)
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