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AMERICAN PIEAmazing McLean Epitaph Recounting Idols' Crashed Aeroplane Night. Perceptive, Intelligent, Evocative. Eric Bridgstock
ANTHEMA Nation's Tune Has Everyone Mouthing! Angela Brett, reflecting on the observation than in any sports event or other such occasion where people are required to sing the national anthem, most of the participants don't know all the words, so try their best at moving their mouths so they'll appear to be singing.
BARBARABeachBoys Anthem Recording 'Bout A Romantic Adolescence Tony McCoy O'Grady (who knows that the Beach Boys song was Barbara Ann)
Names:First names:Female
CHRISTMAS SONGSCarols Have Rhythm? I'm Supposed To Make Accented Syllables Syncopic & Overextend Nearly Gratuitous Syntax Angela Brett, noting that the rhythm in many Christmas carols is terrible... some unstressed syllables are ludicrously elongated while others are omitted. Even seasoned churchgoers hesitate at some lines, wondering just how to fit the words into the tune. As some words are replaced by more modern versions the rhythm is screwed up even more, and the difficulty is made worse by the fact that different parishes offer slightly different modernisations to fit into the same tune.
Time:Special Occasions:Christmas
COLLIDERComplaining Of Lover Locked Into Discovering/Dissecting Energetic Reactions Angela Brett, on the song by Les Horribles Cernettes (you can download it or read the lyrics at
COUNT YOUR BLESSINGSCalculations Of Using Natural Talents, Your Opinions, Uniquely Reasonable Because Lessons Encourage Satisfactory Successful Individuals. Necessary Gifts Saved Jan Morgan
COWGIRLCattle-Owning Women Gain Interesting Random Lyrics Rob Rix, while listening to Cowgirl by Underworld
DADDY'S LABDon't Analyse Decay Data, You Should Love A Boy. Angela Brett, on the song by Les Horribles Cernettes (you can download it or read the lyrics at
I NEED THEE EVERY HOURIndividual Negotiates Eternal Endurance Deemed To Him Even Every Evening Verifies Evident Reverence You're His Offspring, Ultimate Relief Jan Morgan -- song
LOVE AT HOMELessons Of Valuable Emotions Attention To Harmony Of My Experiences Jan Morgan
MACARTHURMagnificently Appaling 'Chant' - A Record That Had Unusual Refrain Tony McCoy O'Grady - referring to Macarthur Park, a 'song' from the 1970s featuring (I can't say "sung by") Richard Harris
OLD MACDONALDOctogenarian Likes Directing Many Animals: Cows, Dogs, Owls, Nannygoats And Loud Donkeys Patricia Rix
Art & Literature:Nursery Rhymes