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Loose apronyms:
Perfect Apronyms OnlyAll Apronyms
ACEROUSA Careful Extraction Revokes Only Unicorn's Significance Angela Brett
ELFEnergetic Little Fellow Tony McCoy O'Grady
FAIRYFanciful Aerobic Individual Raising Yawns Mary Carr
GOBLINGenerally Objectionable Bugger Lacking In Niceness TMcCO'G - who recalls that in any fairytale, the pixies were usually good, but goblins were always nasty
MONSTERSMay Often Not Seem To Exist... Rarely Seen. Angela Brett
MYTHICAL CREATUREMaybe You 'Think' He's Imaginary? Creative Antecedant's Liuterature Contained Really Exotic Animals - The Unicorn Remains Eminent Tony McCoy O'Grady
NYMPHNature: Young Maiden Personifies Her Tony McCoy O'Grady
ORPHEUSOrgan Recitals Present Heroic Efforts Under Stress Rico Leffanta
PEGASUSPony (Enchanted) Galloping Around Starlit Unicorn Stallions Rico Leffanta
VAMPIRES (2)Veins & Arteries Make Particularly Intimidating Repast, Eaten Sanguivorously. Angela Brett
WICKED WITCHWoman In Castle Knows Extremely Dangerous Wiccan Incantations To Create Havoc Gavin Lambert
WITCHWields Incantation To Certain Happiness Rico Leffanta