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Loose apronyms:
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100% ACRONYM CHECKERAngela's Cocoa Resource, Only Not Yet Made Complete. Has Extra Capabilites (Keenly Expected) Reserved Tony McCoy O'Grady (see
Words & Wordplay:Acronyms about Acronyms
100% ACRONYM CHECKER (2)Angela's Cocoa Resource (Obviously Not Yet Made Correctly) Helps Everyone Count & Keep Expansions Right Tony McCoy O'Grady - cheekily suggesting that he has minor quibbles with Angela's creation.
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100% HYPERCARDHighly Yoozerfriendly Programming Environment Requiring Clean And Rapid Development Angela Brett
100% KEYNOTEKept Easy... You've No Overhead To Exhibit Angela Brett -- With Keynote, you don't need an old-fashioned overhead projector and slides, so there is less overhead in setting up a presentation.
100% MATLABMathematical Algorithms Take Little Actual Brainpower. Angela Brett (MATLAB is a mathematics software package)
100% SIMPLETEXTSophistication Is Minimal, Pleasing Little Editor That Employs Xero's Talking. Angela Brett (Xero is one of the many Mac voices which SimpleText can use to talk.)