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100% COMPUTER PRESENTATIONCan Only Make Printouts Using This Expensive Rubbish? Projection's Really Easy, Shouldn't Everyone Nowadays Throw Away Transparencies? Ink's Old News! Angela Brett
90% FLOWCHARTFellows Look On When Company Hints At Re-organisation Theories Tony McCoy O'Grady
People & Relationships:The Workforce
100% KEYNOTEKept Easy... You've No Overhead To Exhibit Angela Brett -- With Keynote, you don't need an old-fashioned overhead projector and slides, so there is less overhead in setting up a presentation.
Computers:Macintosh & Newton:Software:Applications
100% OVERHEADOne's Viewers Engage & React, Having Eyeballed A Diagram Tony (Overhead projectors made presentations much easier to assimilate for the audience in a conference/school)
100% OVERHEAD (2)Obscured Visuals Effectively Reduce How Everyone Appreciates Diagram Tony (It only takes one person to stand and block out the presentation)
100% OVERHEAD (3)Optical Viewer's Expensive - Resources Have Entered A Deficit Tony (Overhead projectors don't often get as much use as imagined when they were being argued for)
91% POWERPOINTPresentations Once Were Educational. Redmond's Product Outrageously and Inimitably Negates That. Sean Lamb
100% PRESENTATIONSPlease Remember Electronic Slideshows Enhance Nothing That's Already Terrible Information. Only Note Success! Angela Brett